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Learn to Save a life through Hands-only CPR

As a mom, we are always on the lookout for things that trainings that we think would be beneficial to our family and love ones. Recently, I attended an event at the same time learn how it is to save a life through hands only CPR.

How to Join Prime Mom Club and become a kitchen-savvy homemaker

I was never a good cook, yup; you heard it right

My children always makes fun of how I cook my dishes.

Do you wanna know how to overcome this same problem of mine and  learn how to become a kitchen-savvy mom capable of whipping up healthy, delicious dishes that your family will love?

If so, then it’s time to sign up for the Prime Mom Club, an online community that will allow you to level up your knowledge and skills in, especially in cooking up great meals to delight your family and loved ones.

Prime Mom Club is especially created by Mega Prime, manufacturer of high-quality canned vegetables, and is dedicated to helping moms, especially the new ones, to enhance their skills by providing relevant, handy and valuable aid in the kitchen and beyond. 

5 things every mom should know about flu

Moms are the true jacks of all trade. On top of the many roles they fulfill, they also need to be the go-to first-aider of the family. This job includes knowing the truths from the myths about common illnesses that are often taken for granted.

Now that it is once again high time for flu, the recent Expo Mom 2018 held in Glorietta, Makati invited moms from all over Metro Manila to be further empowered with crucial information about keeping their families safe and healthy. The #Mompowerment campaign creates a community of moms who share personal and relatable stories on how to deal with the ups and downs of motherhood including dreaded contagious illnesses for both children and adults.

The Secrets of Successful Parenting

 Parenting, a 24/7 job.

Taking care of children is one of the best life experiences one can ever have. For mothers and fathers, it becomes even self-fulfilling when they see their sons and daughters grow up to become better and successful persons through their own way of bringing them up. But if you are a parent, do you know how to properly shape the character of your children according to your ideals? How would you know if your style of raising kids is right or enough?

In case you are wondering, then it's time to read one of the best self-help books on parenting: MOTIVATE! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting.

Why Be an Adamsonian... Why Not?

My parent used to say, Education is best legacy that we could you give you. Education can’t take away by any  man nor can disappear.

Now that I become a parent, this too has been my philosophy. WE parents give and do all that we can to be able to make sure that our children will have the best education there is.

I may say, that I am lucky enough that my children were able to be enrolled in the top universities in the country because of their talent and academic excellence but not all parents are blessed as I am.

I am saying this because, I am now starting all over again with my foster child who someday will get a college degree as well

As a parent there, there are thing that I need to consider when helping my child to discover which university best suits her need.

Recently, I was able to go back to the university that once in my time is my aim college university to go to; Adamson University.

When I graduated in high school, Adamson University was one of the two university that I wanted to be enrolled in and now I am happy to be able to visit it again.

A brief history about Adamson
Adamson University was founded on June 20, 1932, by t George Lucas Adamson as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry. On February 5, 1941, the school was granted university status by the Department of Education, and on December 4, 1964, the university was turned over to the Vincentian Fathers of the Congregation of the Mission and was incorporated into the Adamson-Ozanam Education Institutions, Inc. Adamson University

My Top  Points About Adamson

Adamson University is located in San Marcelino Street, Ermita in Manila. Adamson University has seven buildings occupying 10.7 hectares of land. The university is accessible by private and public vehicles, bus and LRT if you are coming from the North or South. The area is safe since there are enough security roaming the area. Dormitories are close or nearby if in case , a student is living far from home. There are also dorms available for their athletes , a convenient space after their rehearsals and all activities


Universities are always proud on what they stand for, with Adamson University; they are proud with their Engineering courses like Chemistry and their new course . One of their newest course is B.S. Petroleum Engineering. AdU is offering one of the highest paid salary job and most demand not only locally but internationally. Since they are limited graduates from this course, finding work after college is guaranteed. AdU is 1 of only 3 universities offering this course. They are also with their graduates who passed various board exams which only shows that they are competent on their field.

AdU also offers the following courses on

  • College of Engineering
  • COllege of Law
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Science
  • College of Architecture
  • College of Business Administration
  • College of Education and Liberal Arts
  • Graduate School
  • St. Vincent School of Theology

Adamson University also pride themselves with their  Global achievement in Education

  • AdU has ASEAN engineers as Engineering faculty members- Being an ASEAN engineer allows you to work in/with any country within the ASEAN network.
  • The engineering faculty’s vision is for AdU students to become trained and honed for the international market.
  • MOA signing between AdU and Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) in May 2018 to further AdU’s B.S. Petroleum Engineering program.  UTP is the only private, non-research university to receive a 6-star rating in the Malaysia Research Assessment (MyRA) for Excellence in Research and Development & Commercialization. 
  • AdU offers dual-degree programs through partnerships with several universities: Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Taiwan (2013 November); Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science.Some programs involved in the dual-degree program are Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering.  
  • AdU is one of the few engineering universities that uses the Electrical Power System Analysis and Operating Software (ETAP software) for Electrical Engineering. 
  • AdU has 48 licensed software, while other universities only have 10. The ETAP software allows you to compute the current/voltage requirements of a structure/building. 
  • Most of AdU’s engineering programs are accredited by the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) under the terms of the Washington Accord. In other countries, students will be recognized as engineers, not just technicians.


Adamson is proud that they are have the facilities that would have help their students achieve their best potential.


I was able to visit the Adamson University

The library offers different services for the different courses with their wide selection of reference of books, e journal, e books and other materials.

The library is equipped to assists students with their thesis and other reports that needed to be done to make their studying better


With different championship on their belt, Adamson University is proud with their gym in which their athletes could practice

Chemistry Laboratory

Adamson University has the biggest Chemistry Laboratory the Metro where in it can cater to 1000 students all at the same time. Adamson Chemistry Laboratory are keeping themselves updated with equipment so that even students even from other universities can use their facility.


Immediate assistance is available in case of emergency in the campus, there are reliable doctors/ nurses on standby and partner hospital.


If  you want to know everything and anything about Adamson University, their museum is open to the public.


Financial Assistance/Tuition Fee

Adamson University could be considered a parents partner in education  with their low rate tuition fees. Students can also apply for student assistance position for them to avail of financial assistance. There is also scholarship for athletes and other program that could help the student finish their degree


The Adamson Management based on the interview that I manage to get from the faculty are 100 percent supportive in whatever endeavor their students needs. Including research and other resources that they need to make sure that they are ready for the outside world.

As of now, my foster child is training for baseball which is one of the sports in Adamson University that offers scholarship. AdU is  the champion for sports like baseball and cheering dance competition as well.  

We parents should be part of the decision of our child's future. I hope that I have enlighten other parents like me why they should consider their children to be an Adamsonian. Let us bring the best out the best in our children and guide them to make the right decisions including their future educations.

For more information about Adamson, do check their website at www.


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