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Who is your Unsung Hero?

I am Lariza Garcia, a mother of five great kids. I was able to send my kids to reputable school and I own some property and was able to invest a few stocks here and there. I am not saying this to brag about my possession but to look back and appreciate on what I have.

Whenever I perceive what I have; I always thank God for the blessing that I received. They say that God use ways and means for Him to be able to take care and guide us. In my case, He sends my Mom as my guardian angel and not just a parent.  I am saying this because; there are a lot of parents out there that were given a chance to take care of their children but abuse that position.
Being a parent is not easy, there are lot of sacrifices and now that I am a mother as well; I now truly understand what it means.

Skin Station SM Southmall : Now Open

SkinStation opens its 24th branch at SM Southmall today (July 16, 2015). SkinStation is a skin care company that utilizes science to give you the best value in skin and body solutions. SkinStation is the Number 1 clinic in painless Diode Laser, the Gold Standard in hair removal service, backed by over 30 Diode lasers in all its branches nationwide, with over 25,000 diode patients treated.  The latest in cutting-edge technology are available at SkinStation and  discerning clientele get to enjoy the latest in skin care innovations through their treatment procedures, from slimming to anti-aging, whitening and firming, to the highly popular diode laser hair removal treatment, all at affordable prices and with guaranteed results.

Prestigio Mobile Phone Now in the Philippines

Prestigio, a leading European manufacturer of affordable luxury mobile devices, consumer electronics, and accessories, makes its way to the booming smartphone industry. Known for providing high-quality products with cutting-edge technology at prices within reach, Prestigio has announced its official entry in the Philippines with the launch of a range of smartphone models. Prestigio was officially launch last July 15, 2015. The event was held at the Society Lounge, Makati Atrium and was witness by tech/lifestyle bloggers, media and other guest.

Prestigio is taking the first step to enter this fast-growing and competitive smartphone market. The Philippines is the  first official distributor in Asia, demonstrating Prestigio Global’s confidence that they will be able to extend their  global reach into the Filipino mobile market. After seeing Prestigio gain strong traction in several markets as a credible alternative to established brands at extremely competitive prices, Prestigio Global  now look forward to replicating this success in the Philippines.

Essilor Vision Foundation supports Philippine delegates to Special Olympics Social Impact Summit 2015

Essilor Vision Foundation, in support of the World Games Special Olympics 2015, emphasizes the importance of healthy vision in sports and in helping intellectually challenged individuals work towards making critical social changes, fighting discrimination and intolerance; and generating acceptance in the community. 

Online flash sales leader Ensogo launches new Android app

Just what is the common app that all my girls have. Ensogo, you got it right that is Ensogo; this is the app that I found installed in the phone of my daughter. If your asking why is there an Ensogo on their phone; well its because Ensogo Philippines  release  their newly developed mobile app for Android, ensuring that users can now have quick access to the best deals in the market for a more convenient mobile shopping experience. 

Beautiful Moments in the Rain with my Mom

While others are sad that Typhoon Falcon is here and it’s raining cats and dog; here I am singing. Yes, I’m singing because rainy season is something that brings back happy thoughts, this happy thought is my beautiful moments with my mom. Rainy season is the time when my bond with my mom is most precious. 

I live in Divisoria, literally and figuratively.  My mom is a street vendor and my father is a construction worker. Tatay lives where his project is located while we lived in the make-up house in the middle of the street.  Since we do trading day in and day out; it is much easier for us to live at our small stall as well.
I am not ashamed to tell everyone that I am a street vendor during my younger years (all the people who know me, know about that part of my life). I am the eldest child and it is just normal that I helped my mother in any way I can. Rain or shine, we sell and we don’t let one another down. Rain comes in different stages. There is time when the rain was not to heavy that we will just cover our stall and sleep inside while it’s raining and I could hear every drop and just sleep through it. There are times when it really rain so hard that we will go to nearby building for shelter.  My mom would always say that everything will be alright and the rain will eventually stop.


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