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Why Safe Drinking Water is Important to Us and to our Children

Today we learn about the importance of water, it’s beyond the 8 glass a day topic.  In connection with the Circle of Trust campaign of Wilkins, select group of mothers from the media was invited to share with them why water is essential to every mom and why it is necessary for children to drink only clean water.

Arnel Cabungcal, ASEAN Quality, Environment & Safety Director of The Coca-Cola Company, says distillation involves boiling water until it becomes vapor before condensing it back into water. This ensures that what you get is 100% clean and pure water.

“But unlike other distilled water processes, Wilkins Distilled undergoes an extra purifying step called reverse osmosis. This takes Wilkins Distilled water to another level of safety and quality. Reverse osmosis dissolves inorganic solids, like salts, and removes impurities and contaminates from the water,” he adds.

Marian Rivera is Still the Face of Hana Shampoo

With five girls in the family, you could just imagine the tons of bottle of shampoo that our household needs. Hair is my girls crown and glory, they blow dry it, curl it, color it and transform this in many style that they want. Our hair has gone through a lot and it’s only proper that we use the shampoo that would care for every strand of our hair after what it gone through.

At the end of the day, we need to take care our hair, for it to stay healthy and beautiful and that means choosing the right shampoo.

As they say, if you want something that’s effective; so the natural way.
The Hana shampoo line has three variants – Soft and Silky, Anti-Hair Fall, and Anti-Dandruff.
Hana Soft and Silky shampoo has R-Essential or Arginine, an amino acid found in the scalp that has the ability to hold moisture naturally.
Hana Anti-Hair Fall variant contains Sophora Root Extract, a natural ingredient that helps extend the hair’s natural growth cycle as it also improves blood circulation in the scalp to maintain healthy hair.
Hana Anti-Dandruff shampoo cleans the scalp to help remove pollutants, dandruff flakes and irritation caused by UV rays, bacteria, and dryness.
All shampoo variants contain 100% natural cleansing ingredients, suitable for all hair types, good for any weather condition, and focus on scalp care to ensure your hair will grow healthy and strong.
To complement the shampoo Hana provides added care with its Smooth and Soft conditioner that helps sustain the hair’s natural beauty with its all-natural moisturizing ingredients.

Baskin-Robbins, Operation Smile bring scoops of smiles to 31 kids

If you have kids and they are eating a scoop of ice cream and just keep on smiling; wont your heart melt. As a mother the smile of my children are the most important thing to me; that smile could take away all the fatigue and stress that comes in a day’s work.

Lucky are my children that they could smile whenever they want; but sad to say there are children who choose to hide their smile because of physical defects.

Recently a partnership was form to give chance to children to smile without any hesitation.
The ice cream company that brings scoops of smiles to the world, Baskin-Robbins, has forged a fitting partnership with Operation Smile Philippines to transform the lives of 31 children through its “Baskin Robbins 31 Smiles Project.” 

How to invest your money wisely: Own a home at Ponticelli

Investment are not just stocks....................
Investment should not be complicated.......................

As I have said, I would help you on how you can invest your hard earned money. One of thing that I learned is that; you will never go wrong with real estate investment. And with that in mind, I want to introduce to you Ponticelli

Ponticelli is located in Cavite and if you want to have that Italian inspired community; then Ponticelli is what you are looking for. Let’s just say I want you to hit 2 birds in one stone. With Ponticelli you are investing and enjoying the benefits at the same time.

Philcare Launch On Line Shopping of Healthcare Services

Today marks a new beginning for Philcare as they introduce online shopping for their healthcare services. We know now days how fast our everyday routine has been that we embrace online shopping for our needs. With this in mind, Philcare introduce to us the Philcare website that would make our access for healthcare need in just one click of a button (well actually, 3 clicks will do it).

I for one am happy with this new, an online shopping for my healthcare needs. With my busy schedule; the online shopping is now my new best friend. With on line shopping, I could easily purchase our family’s need and if I could shop for shoes then why not shop for our medical needs as well

The launch was held at Chateau 1771, Greenbelt 5. Together with other mother who value the health of their family and themselves as well; we were introduce to a new first online healthcare shopping by Philcare.
We at Philcare knows that time plays a vital role to both the business and especially to the consumers. For the consumers, they will save up more time during the transactions. This is ideal for parents who generally decide for their family members, to small and medium enterprises, and also to freelancers who are always on the go: Philcare Senior Vice president and chief marketing officer Patty Henson

Sofitel Manila Half Marathong 2015: Run for the Benefit of Verlanie Foundation

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila cultivates a lifestyle of wellness as it holds the 2015 Sofitel Manila Half Marathon. First held in August 2014 in partnership between the only 5star luxury resort hotel and premier running event organizer, Runrio led by Coach Rio de la Cruz, the Sofitel Manila Half Marathon is a hub for runners and wellness enthusiast uniting in an effort to support the children of Virlanie Foundation.

Sofitel Manila Half Marathon hope to create a bigger platform and be among the world’s most popular running events attracting amateur and professional runners. This marathon is dedicated to the children of Verlanie foundation which Sofitel Manila has been supporting since 2007

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila and Run Rio invite you to be part of the movement. Online registration commences on June 23, 2015


Yes, I will part of this………………

Just like you, I was also wondering how far can I go to light up someone else’s life? For the expected 2015 runners like me of Energizer Night Race Manila, all it takes is a step further on the road.

On June 27, 2015, witness how the road of Filinvest City, Alabang beams up as 3,000 runners dash their way to help the children of Bantay Bata 163.


It was years ago when I first get a glimpse of the Marriot Manila Ballroom; this one is located at the main hotel.  For the grand ballroom was a reflection of one magnificent work of art. Everything that was there are fabulous and superb. Every inch was given importance and meaning and was incorporated as part of the whole. I thought that was it for Marriot Manila but I was wrong because I was recently invited to get a glimpse of the newly constructed Marriot Manila Grand Ballroom, the building is adjacent to the main Marriot Manila Hotel

How to Invest your Money Wisely: Make your Home at Valenza

What attract me most when I first step at Valenza is the vast park space and lot of greenscape that sets Valenza apart from the rest. Lots of space for jogging, picnic, space to play on, that is what we need in a community that we should live in. I recommend that you check you out Valenza if you are looking for a new investment. And why did I say investment, because from the moment that you purchase a unit at Valenza, a sure increase in it’s value for your money is what you are getting. There are lot of expansion going on around Valenza that it make your purchase more than just purchasing a home but having an investment as well.

Zalora Pop Up Store: Now Open to Serve You Till Sept 15 , 2015 only

Shopping on line seems to be the new ways now days, but there are still some doubts about the products involve. Zalora understand what we are going through and that is why they are giving us a chance to get a glimpse of almost all of the products that they are offering on line.

ZALORA Philippines opens the very first digital pop-up store in the country at Edsa Shangri-la Mall and this will be made available for a limited time only from June to September. The ZALORA Pop-Up Store is a part of the company’s omnichannel approach to reach new customers.

Asia’s leading online fashion destination, ZALORA Philippines, officially opened the doors of its ZALORA Pop-Up Store today at EDSA Shangri-la Mall. Recognized as the very first digital pop-up store in the Philippines, it represents the company’s latest efforts in continuing to build E-Commerce in the country using an omnichannel approach

Adobo Food Fair : Support the #AdoboMovement

In line with the  Adobo Movement where in a campaign is ongoing to make Adobo as our national dish, Datu Puti  host an adobo food fair last June 11, 2015 at Eastwood Central Plaza. 


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