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Rexona Confidence Women all set for the Rexona Confidence Project

It was a day to remember for Iya and Anya, whose friendship made them got a chance to be richer by half a million pesos. After weeks of searching, Rexona has now found the two most promising young women who best embody the Rexona confidence.

The winners of the Rexona Confidence Project are two former cheerleaders who have been best friends since their college days. They are Iya Acuña, a 21-year-old headhunter, and Anya Ong, a 22-year-old producer.

Ariel : Proud Keeper of the Philippine Colors

Last Sunday, a lot of people made their way to the Music Hall of SM Moa not to hang around but to be part of the Philippine Flag to be presented at the London Olympics Games 2012. As how they done that, well they just give a piece of their shirt with colors white, yellow, red and blue. In exchange of fifty pesos, they were able to get limited patches that will be iron in the hole of your shirt. 

This video will show you how it was done

The early participants of the event, so happy and proud to be part of the advocacy

Well if you miss the event last Sunday , no need to worry for the event will run till July 2

Visit the following Metropole branches

Antipolo: Sumulong , Cogeo
Cainta : Marcos Hiway
Makati : Legaspi Village, Benavidez, Dela Costa
Mandaluyong : Wack Wack , Wack Wack Road ADB
Manila: Sta Mesa, Malate
Paranague: Aquirre, Teoville, Edison
Woodsville Marcelo
Pasay Antel, Seaview
Pasig: Valle Verde, Raymundo, Rosario, Meralco

for more information, visit their fanpage :

Athletes in Action and Fila for School Run for School Rooms Fund Raising

Some do thing for a reason.  Any actions have a certain result. Those are the things that I always remember when I do join endeavors. I recently attended a presscon together with other bloggers with regards to Athletes in Action.

Titled “Schools Run for School Rooms”, the run led by Athletes in Action (AIA) will be participated by students runners from major universities in Metro Manila, groups from government agencies, private corporations and churches and advocacy runners will be joining.
The run will held at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Assembly of the participants is at 4 am and the run will start at 5am
Proceed will be used by the AIA to rehabilitate classrooms in Iligan City. Iligan City is among the worst hit place in Mindanao by Typhoon Sendong in December 2100

"There has always been a lack of classrooms all over the country and this situation worsened after Typhoon Sendong", said by Jose Andes

SRSR is co presented by leading sportswear brand Fila. Other sponsors include Sony, Gardenia, Cherifer, Oracare, Pocari, Treelizer and Air Conserve.

for more information regarding the event : check their facebook fanpage:

AXA Philippines expands, opens new branch in Cagayan de Oro City

THE OPENING OF THE NEW AXA PHILIPPINES branch in Cagayan de Oro City brings the world’s number one insurance brand (Interbrand Report, 2011) to Cagayanons and allows them to avail of the best-fit instruments that will support them to secure their financial future.

“With the opening of our Cagayan de Oro City branch, AXA Philippines is continuing its expansion in Mindanao and throughout the country.  Our new branch is here to give customers what they need.  Now, Cagayanons will have access to customized financial solutions that AXA offers,” said Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines chief agency officer.

“In AXA, we say we redefine standards.  And when we redefine standards, we do things for the better to make our services more available, our approach more attentive and the delivery more reliable,” says Rien Hermans, AXA Philippines president and chief executive officer.  

Essence of Chicken:Beat back-to-school exam stress and anxiety in a breeze

As a mom, I’m often worried with all the stress that my children goes thru because of school activities particularly during exam week. Just imagine my eldest daughter being deprived of sleeping just because she got to finished all her plate (drawing) for submission and reviews shed had to go thru.

Those long hours of practice for recital and shows together with the homework’s that they have to finish have been a nightmare for my ballerina daughters.

Even my grade 6 student is not spare from the stress of everyday routine the school had given.
Exam top the list of the things that give them stress and

To make it easier for them to face any type of exam, or even those reviewing for their board exams, here are some tips that could help us relieve exam stress and anxiety:

Everything you know is already inside your head. Given that you actively participated in your classes, you just need to unlock or refresh the knowledge you have inside your brain.

Start early. Your brain won’t absorb all the information you need to answer the exam just by having a tiring all-nighter review session. Give it time, a few weeks before the exam, to remember all the topics and everything else will follow.

Organize your review schedule. Prepare an outline of what you’re going to review every day. It would be very helpful to determine the topics for review ahead of time, compared to jumping from one topic to the other. This can avoid more confusion and stress while exam week nears.

Get help. There is nothing to be ashamed of and it would be easier for you to understand topics that are giving you a hard time by getting help from someone who really knows. Go ask your instructor or a classmate.
Get the right amount of sleep, food and exercise. Your brain is still part of your body and still needs proper nutrition to function well. Lack of these three factors may impede your performance.

Speaking of food—brain food, that is—it’s good to nourish your brain with true brain food like BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken, a food supplement that naturally has ProBeptigen™, an amazing peptide that can help boost the level of serotonin in the brain, known to fight stress, fatigue, and help improve concentration and motivation.

Relax before exam day and stay calm. Putting your brain to so much stress could only hamper your performance in the exam. When our mind is stressed it clouds our judgment; but when it is calm, we see things clearer.
Reward yourself. Cut yourself some slack and feel free to indulge yourself with other activities after the exam.

You are sure to improve your performance in school and in work, too, plus with proper diet, rest, and regular exercise—of course with once-a-day regular consumption of BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken,  made from fine-quality chicken without any additives, fats and cholesterol, to help keep the brain healthy.

Facing exams may be frightening, but with enough preparation, a clearer mindset and of course, a focused disposition towards school, all the anxiety and unnecessary stress will stop bothering you once you’re back to school to make your school life and exam performance stress and anxiety-free.

Available in 42-gram and 70-gram bottles, with suggested retail prices of P68 and P108, respectively, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is sold at Mercury Drug stores in Metro Manila. For more details, visit

Gardo at Theo, maghaharap sa pagtatapos ng Valiente

Mas tumitinding rebelasyon, mapangahas na eksena at paglantad ng katotohanan ang babalot sa huling linggo ng Valiente sa TV5. Sa rurok ng mga kaganapan sa San Rafael, isa pang rebelasyon ang magpapaigting sa buhay ng mga pamilyang Braganza at Valiente. Saksihan ang muling lumalalim na ugnayan sa pagitan nina Gardo Valiente (JC De Vera) at Maila Braganza (Nadine Samonte) na muling masusubok dulot ng pagtuligsa ni Mila Regalado-Arden (Lorna Tolentino). Ano kaya ang katotohanan sa likod ng pagkatao nina Maila at Mila Regalado-Arden. Ano ang kanilang lihim na istorya?
Samantala, manaig pa kaya ang kapatawaran sa mag-amang Damian Valiente (Michael De Mesa) at Gardo at sa mag-inang Donya Trining Braganza (Jaclyn Jose) at Theo (Oyo Sotto)? Paano kaya nila tatalikuran ang mga nakalipas na panahon? Abangan din ang pagbabalik ni Leona Braganza (Nina Jose) pati na ang mga gagawin niya alang-alang sa pag-ibig niya kay Gardo. Hanggang saan ang kayang isakripisyo ng isang taong nagmamahal ng lubusan?
Huwag palalampasin ang pagiging tuso ni Donya Trining na siyang magbabadya ng napipintong paghaharap nina Gardo at Theo. Sa kasaysayan ng galit at paghihiganti sa pagitan ng dalawa, isang bala ang magtutuldok sa lahat. Sino kaya ang mananatiling matibay? Ano ang kahahantungan ni Gardo Valiente? Ito na ba ang katapusan ni Donya Trining Braganza?
Abangan ang mas umiinit na tagpo at ang pinakaaabangang paghaharap nina Gardo Valiente at Theo Braganza sa huling linggo ng Valiente, pagkatapos ng Wil Time BigTime sa TV5.

BUM Hoodie Bag

It’s back to school and for a mom like me I always make sure to be practical. It nice to purchase items and got to get freebies as well. It so happened that my kids need new pants and BUM was nice to offer a free bag for every purchase worth Five Hundred Pesos. It’s not only pants that you could purchase but any items on their store. The promo will run till June 30 and I hope you can avail of the good deal they have.


Good Housekeeping Food Demo

Today together with other moms who love to cook, we took part in Good Housekeeping Baon & Breakfast in a Breeze. Held at SM Hypermart Pasig, we learn a lot from the Food Editor Roselle and other Chefs as they prepare easy baon recipe for our children.

Daniel Padilla : He sing his way to my Heart at the Princess and I Set

I knew Daniel Padilla was at the location site of Princess and I when girl started to shout.  I was so hot that day but still the fans of Kathniel stand on their grounds for their idol. How they envy when I got hug and got a picture of the two of us. As I was talking to Daniel, I manage to request a verse or two from one of his favorite song. I could say Daniel is the typical Padilla, rough and yet gentle to his love one (I even caught him calling his mom during break)

So love this boy Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. How lucky his mom for his a good lad.

Here's a video when he rendered a request song for the bloggers
Gino (Daniel Padilla), a boy described to be swaggering with arrogance, coming from a rich and influential family.

Catch Gino de la Rosa ( Daniel Padilla) from Monday to Friday at Princess and I

Love ko to ....................

On my daily routine as a blogger, oftentimes i would pass by Magallanes. A crowded place for commuters wherein every step tells a destination bounded by time.  i would always catch up from the demands of my work yet at this point in time...i decided to stop! simply stop and feel the time flowing natural as i stand in front of this huge print out . A print out that was there not only for the passerby to look at but to help the environment with regards to pollution. Just imagine a how it helps to clear the exhaust of so many vehicles daily.  The artist indeed created and responded on our pollution problem through air filtration with the use of paint for everyone to appreciate.

Murals on Magallanes,  As much as i would love to  stop but i guess the world spins not just for me but to each and every individual passing through magallanes each day; here is what I can say..
Love ko to.....

suddenly ....a photo memory flourished in my mind of how i miss my childhood days.  Those days when you’re just so care free and everything is so big and overwhelming.

here is what I can say Love ko to..
Cuddling a big stuff toy once again was an experience that I want to cherish again. Enjoying every detail was a momentous event for me as i rush to the nearest shopping mall; I finally met the Lion King of which every child would come to know and whose wisdom was known throughout his kingdom, a wisdom that could guide every human through his journey to life. What can I say during that moment ...Love ko to.

With that in mind, I said to myself… “despite all those longings i still am a proud mom to my son”

Dotting a son was never my style, but I could not help it, so I bought something that I know my son would go crazy. A sumptuous meal that would answer our craving for food as well as spending quality time with my beloved son. What can I say to this moment, Love ko to, 

After going through my day, i could feel the warmth of my best friend. Who, despite her busy schedule would find bigger ways to surprise me in ways no one else has been. angel who would guide me and in response I found ways, big ways to tell her how much I value her presence.

Only you my friend could  stand the test of time; that’s what all I can say. Nothing beats the kind of friendship that we have and I do hope we stay the same way thru out the years. Sabi ko na sa iba dyan, Love ko to

A time spent in solitude, a quality time with my son, an overwhelming moment with my best friend was enough to call it a big day. Nothing beats the kind of day that has all the longings and cravings answered accordingly.  
Lastly as I look  at my photos , I realized ...........................THIS I SEE AS A BIG MOMENT FOR ME WITH MY BELOVED SON....., A BIGGER REALIZATION, .............. A BIGGER CHANGE IN HOW I VIEW LIFE.....A BIGGER MOMENT THAT WOULD INSPIRE ME TO MOVE ALONG WITH LIFE.........WITH A BIGGER PLANS AHEAD OF ME.........................................LOVE KO TO"

Getting  hungry after this so better call 8MCDO, or better check the facebook page at


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