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Why Sleep is Important

How many hours should a person sleep? Did you know the that sleep is the most underestimated activity. Most of us see sleep only as a means to rest and would easily give up sleep in order to stretch our day.  In fact sleep is vital in achieving good health. Sleep your way to good health

Understanding the importance of sleep, LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness introduces its signature Sleep Analysis and Consultation. The analysis and consultation is geared towards helping individuals sleep their way to good health.

"Most of us take sleep for granted and don't fully realize how sleep impacts our well-being," says Dr. Denise Lavilles of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. "Beyond getting our body to rest and regain physical strength, quality sleep supports mental and physical health, and affects quality of life. How we feel and perform throughout the day is affected by how well we slept. It is during sleep when our body is working to support vital functions of the brain and organs. Sleep also helps our cells regenerate," added Lavilles.

Why Women are Attracted with Men with Facial Hair

Scientific fact: Women are more attracted to men with facial hair. Is this true, are we attracted to men with facial hair. Science says it. Men with facial hair are more attractive. A study in the 70s and two more recent ones conducted by Neave and Shields in 2008 and Dixson and Brooks in 2013 all came up with the same conclusion:

Most women find men with a stubble or a five-o’clock shadow very, very attractive. Although the women’s perception of male attractiveness changed according to the amount and length of men’s facial hair, most women in the study found men with a moderate amount of facial hair to be the most attractive. Some women did prefer men with no facial hair, but to the majority, men with no facial hair were not very attractive and seemed the least likely romantic partners. Women perceived full bearded men to be aggressive, more mature and a bit too much to handle.
Baby face? Achieve the perfect rugged look via MAXiM’s Beard and Facial Hair Transplantation. Allan Maiate , a Brazilian model, wanted to change his hairline and went to MAXiM to achieve his goal. Men also go to MAXiM to get the perfect effect with facial hair.

NANKID My Kid's First Benz promo Winners

Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR gave an early holiday present to the 8 out of 20 lucky winners of the NANKID My Kid's First Benz promo during an intimate gathering held last December 16 (Friday) at the Capiz Room in Shangri-La at the Fort. Each of them were able to take home a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Children's Roadster for their kids! 

With a purchase of the limited edition pack of NANKID OPTIPRO and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR, the parents were not only able to provide optimum nutrition for their kids but they were also able to give them the ride of their lives.
Proud parents pose with the Mercedes Benz SLS-AMG Children’s Roadster alongside the representatives from Nestlé during the awarding ceremony of the NANKID My Kid’s First Benz promo.

Tips to Age Gracefully

Secrets to ageing gracefully

8 tips to feel young as you age

They say you can not stop aging but then again, you can age gracefully.

Wrinkled skin, a hunched back and a slow stride—this is the sad picture that comes to mind when you think about growing old.  While ageing is inevitable, you can grow old gracefully even without having exceptional genes.  Most mere mortals can live through old age gracefully and healthily, by opting for these simple lifestyle changes.

1. Stay positive
Staying positive is one tip that most people take for granted. Negative vibes can cause stress and in turn can disrupt the body’s processes, opening risks to lifestyle-produced diseases. Staying positive is a way to train your body to manage the stress.  In fact, research shows that positive thinking can increase your life span.

What Zenfone 3 Deluxe is Capable of Doing

I just got my Zenfone 3 Deluxe the other day and was so excited to try it out. There were a lot of thing that I don’t know about this  phone which is why I try to research what it can do.
And I came across an article about  Jason Magbanua  who shoot a Wedding Prenup Video Using ASUS' Flagship Smartphone the new Zenfone 3 Deluxe.


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