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Thank you:  a simple words to say and yet it means a millions to us. A polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment.

Just what can a simple word do to make you smile and make things and situation easier?

AirAsia launch a campaign recently that gives value to the word “thank you”. A simple word that embodies a whole lot more than what we can imagine. And it made me realized just how thankful I should be in my roller coaster life

Life was not a bed of roses. Just when you think that I have that fairy tale story of my life; a sudden turn happens and it becomes the darkest day of my life

How to Commute to St. Nicholas Catering

Filipino Bloggers Network and Metrobuzz Bloggers will be joining together for the yearly Christmas party.

With 40 bloggers expecting to join, with the help of ACI Bornea we were able to hold it at St. Nicholas Catering

St. Nicholas Catering & Restaurant is located at Fatima Street Mandaluyong
Here are some reminders:

The location is near Mandaluyong City Hall

It is walkable unless you are riding in a cab


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