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Ultimate Make Over Contest by Real Living Magazine is BACK

It's been eight (8) months since I won the UltimateMake Over Contest by Real Living Magazine and I found that they are doing it again. For those who seen the make over they did at my home, I know you also to experience that kind of excitement.. Here is your chance

If you have a copy of the April issue, flip over to page 30 for the complete mechanics for the ULTIMATE MAKEOVER Contest.

Deadline of Submission of Entries is on May 30,2014

I won the Ultimate Make Over last year and was feature for the issue Sept. 2013

I got a new dining table plus all the table accessories that compliment the whole set up.

Serve up superstar meals every day with Hunt’s Sauces

A mom is not just a mom, we are jugglers of different things, we wore so many hats and we are practical. We choose wisely when it comes to things that we know would affect our daily routine. But however busy we are, we make it a point to cook; to have the time to serve sumptuous meal for our family. We make hard recipe, look easy because we have a partner  in the kitchen.  Our kitchen superstar is not new in the market, it just keep evolving itself for our benefit.  When it comes to tomato and spaghetti sauce, Hunt’s is our kitchen superstar partner; we can rely on. Just like how superstar a mom is, Hunt’s is also a juggler when it comes to being versatile, innovative and practical to use.

Moms everywhere can easily serve superstar meals for the whole family to enjoy with Hunt’s Tomato and Spaghetti Sauces
Tomato and spaghetti sauces brand Hunt’s has taken home-cooking to new heights for many Filipino moms. Modern moms’ use of the trusted brand can spell the difference between standard and supreme when it comes to serving heartwarming meals. 

GREENWICH TAKES ON A NEW SPIN: Greenwich Pizzeria’s Fresh, Modern and Mid-Century Feel and the Greenwich Lasagna Supreme

The 1st Greenwich kiosk was in 1971 located at Greenhills Commercial Center and form that time on, it has evolve and now known to be the Philippine’s favorite pizza chain. Greenwich transform everyday dining into a shared delightful moments with friends, and they did not just stop there because Greenwich completes experiences by way of impeccable taste and by completely transporting not only our taste buds, but also everything about us  to a whole new level: into a world of only the best. With Greenwich’s newest concept store and their popular Lasagna Supreme, what better reason could one think of than to rush into your nearest branch to enjoy this experience yourself?


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