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Baste is the new endorser of NeuBake Super Slice by Gardenia

So cute, so bubbly,so energetic, that's Baste

As Gardenia introduces the newest Neubake Super Slice, it’s no surprise that Bae-by Baste, a super child star now, and his Mom Sheila have been tapped to be the brand’s endorsers with the latest Neubake Super Slice TVC.

Singaporean Math: Do it the S.A.M Way

Let me tell you something about myself. I am a mom who believes that I have the answer for all my children’s need. Yup, I am not joking; I research far and wide as they say so that I could give the best to my children but then again ; we have our short comings as well
Hahahahha, I know that I have limitations especially when it comes to tutoring my kids. The education of today’s generation is so far different of what I am use too; not to mentions that subjects that they have.

For example, Math; just the word Math makes me sweat.

I just to share to you this scenario when my son came home from his first day in school. EJ was grade 6 then and he is studying in ATENEO.  He told me that they will now study Singaporean Math.

What is Singaporean Math, I had a hard time with Math alone and now here comes Singaporean Math

To cut the story short, I search for a tutorial center that could give lessons about Singaporean Math. We did find one, but it was not equip with the proper curriculum that I seek.

My son is now in Grade 11, we did manage to pass the subject but not with flying colors. I know that parents like me are looking as well for the perfect tutorial center for their children for this Singaporean Math.

I was able to meet the people behind S.A.M

Meditate Towards Lasting Happiness

Think of the human mind as a hard drive where all your life experiences are stored like pictures. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “I just can’t shake that picture out of my mind”, and this is also true in the metaphorical sense. We just can’t let go of certain experiences, and this affects how we go about the world. Often, this holds us back from achieving our true potential self because we are bogged down by the emotions and memories that our minds have held on to for so long.

We tend to look outside ourselves for the answers to life’s pressing problems, but to practitioners of meditation the answer always lies within ourselves.  Makati Meditation and Ortigas Meditation are two groups in the Philippines that encourage the practice of subtraction meditation as a method towards lasting happiness.

Mr Muscle Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away Promo : Still on going

I was so excited to share to you the winners of the Mr Muscle Clean Less, Live More Family Fly Away Promo

The reason for this excitement is that 5 of those people are my friends

I can't wait to find out who the grand winners are

There's still time to join, here are the mechanics


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