Lazada Philippines

Confession of a Tiger Mom

Today, as I see what my children have accomplish; I ask myself if I had done the right thing in the past.

Just like any other mom, I love my children and would do anything just to make sure that I could provide a bright future for them. There’s no book that could teach us how to be a perfect mother and how to prepare ourselves to be a good mother.
I was thinking back then, that the reason I want to finish college and have a good job is so that; I could give my children a life they deserve. A life that is different from mine. I want my children to have a roof in their head, a comfortable bed when they sleep and eat meals on the right time and be able to have a decent lifestyle.
But, I question myself; does providing everything my children needs can prepare them for the future.

This is my life story as a mom, a tiger mom.


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