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Beauty Made Affordable by The Art and Science of Skintology Aesthetics Clinic

Motherhood sometimes takes its toll on me, doing everything I can for my kids and sometimes my finances are just focus on what they need. But there are times that I also wanted to spend some time for me but keep putting it off because I know that it would entail expenses. For every cent I spent I had to make sure that it’s worth it. I recently was invited by a friend for some pampering time and the only reason that I agree it that; she’s the one handling the bill.

I really much need a facial, cause I feel my face has been suffering from dirt’s and need some freshen up. The facial that they I experience was outstanding, never had I experience it in other facial center because I went thru 6 stages of treatment. While other are just doing the basic facial and others have diamond feel or mask treatment. All of this I got with my beauty facial. I was actually fallen asleep during the treatment.  It took about 45 minutes to 1 hour and I got the greatest surprise when I found out that my friend only paid One Thousand Two Hundred Pesos for the treatment. Compared to other facial center, a mere diamond feel would cost you around P 1,500 already but at Skintology Aesthetic; I could afford to shell out a budget for myself since they are affordable. I also found out that their fat busting treatment only cost P 3,600 compared to P 5,000 fee of other skin clinic. Being a mother who wants some time for herself, Skintology Aesthetic is the heaven place.

Merry #MerrySMChristmas. to One and All

Everyone has a different opinion as to what Christmas means - Jesus, giving, receiving, blessings, all sorts of things pop up. I do believe in what they call “the true meaning of Christmas”, don't get me wrong, but I have a more personal insight on the season.

Time flies so fast, my babies are one by one growing up into these wonderful beings. Early in their childhood, it was easy to celebrate Christmas. We'd go to their godmothers and godfathers, eat Noche Buena, and in the morning go to this old photo studio nearby, and have our annual family portrait. But now that they're realizing their individual personalities, it becomes a pain to group up during the holidays.

Making Christmas Celebration Joyful and Prosperous

The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Every Pinoy finds time, no matter where they are, or what they are doing, to come together as a family. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and share with our loved ones the blessings we have worked for and received throughout the year.

 Is Feng Shui practice compatible with Christmas? Psychic and Feng Shui expert, Master Hanz Cua says, “Absolutely!” Feng Shui is all about bringing good chi (cosmic energy) into our life. Christmas is a perfect time to invite prosperity into our homes. As we make our plans to get together with our families to make merry, we can also put some Feng Shui touches into our holiday.

Master Hanz’ Year of the Wood Sheep 2015 Forecast

Here is the 2nd part of my feng shui 2015. This is just a guide and hope it would help you with your 2015

TheFlying Stars MethodofFengShui is one of the oldest and most accuratesystem in FengShui practice. According to the Flying Star technique you can divide your home’s floor planinto nine energy “sectors”. Each sector, depending on which direction it is located,contains a different type of energy that is eithervery good, good, moderate, bad or very bad. By figuring out where the “good” and “bad” sectors of your home lie, you can see which room or part of the house contains the most auspicious energy.

8 Ways to Invite Abundance for the New Year 2015

We are at the last 15 days of 2014, and everyone is busy preparing the coming of 2015. Here are som ways imparted by Master Hanz in preparation to 2015 if we want to invite abundance in our homes.

Jollibee Presents Jolly Jolly Joy Joy Christmas Special With Sarah Geronimo

Last Sunday, We choose to go north for our mall adventure.  Dandrew was full of joy seeing all the Christmas decorations at Trinoma. His delight was even double when we saw that there’s going to be a grand musical event by Jollibee at the Trinoma Activity Center. 

Delicious Moments brought to you by Mondelez Philippines for Your Most Joyful Christmas

When the holidays come around there is that one moment we look forward to. It doesn’t come during a particular day or time, or even a location. It’s when you look around and finally see the delicious joy that abounds. That moment you are able to first see, smell and most especially taste the wonder of the season. That’s when you feel the magic.

Speaking of flavors, there’s actually one Company that creates these special moments of the Holidays. That’s Mondelez Philippines, a Company you’ve known for its delicious snack products that bring joyful flavors.

When you think about it, no Holiday season is complete without Mondelez Philippines’ delicious products. Look around your table and you’ll come to realize that your Holiday moments have been special these past years with the help of Mondelez Philippines’ brands. The Company, formerly named Kraft Foods, has in fact been making your favorites for the past 51 years, since it began manufacturing in the country.

A change of name, yes but the Company provides you the same brands you’ve loved, creating your daily moments of joy. Especially during Christmas.  

Create some joy this Holiday season by cooking with your favorite Mondelez Philippines products! Visit to see the recipes for (Clockwise) No Bake Fudge Brownies with Toblerone and Chips Ahoy!, Apple Grape Delight with Miracle Whip, and Mac and Cheesy Chorizo with Eden Cheese.   

Generation 3 flagship stores simultaneously in Manila and Cagayan de Oro by Globe Telecom

Before the year 2014 end, Globe Telecom set a new global standard in retail experience, Globe Telecom unveiled yesterday, Dec. 15, 2015 ; its Generation 3 Stores simultaneously in SM North EDSA, Quezon City, Manila and in Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro.


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