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Donut-Coffee Business Venture by Do Nuts Donuts and Highlands Coffee

Donut, coffee and a reputable company; this is the combination of a successful business. Go Nuts Donut and Highland Coffee recently announced their partnership in giving a new kind of combination. The partnership of Go Nuts Donuts and Highlands Coffee sees a highlight in both companies utilizing the classic combination of donuts and coffee. Go Nuts Donuts, with its 26 sores spread across the country, will serve Highlands Coffee products including its Vietnamese signature coffees and iced blended “Freeze”. At the same time, Highland Coffee will be stocking up a range of irresistible donuts by Go Nuts Donuts.

THE BAG WITH A TASK : BagsGo Reusable Bags

Wherever you go shopping , have you noticed that every mall is using an ecobag, with different design sizes to suit their whimp to advertise something.  Every eco bag has a purpose but the bottom line, they are there to help in the environment. 

Let’s face it: we’re all scared of losing the only planet we have. Slowly, we are becoming more eco-aware, and we’re doing whatever small thing we can to save the Earth. This is exactly what this new, revolutionary reusable bag is trying to do: HELP YOU HELP SAVE THE EARTH.

The bag with a task, that’s BagsGo. Created with lightweight RIPSTOP fabric used to make parachutes, tear and water resistant, completely washable and durable, and most importantly, 100% REUSABLE: BagsGo Reusable bags are the perfect alternative to plastic bags, and can be used in various ways. And for every BagsGo sold, a percentage goes to a foundation that supports ethical stewardship of the environment. So not only are you helping to save the Earth, you are also funding an organization to continue doing the same.

So the next time you use one of BagsGo reusable bags, you become part of the mission. You are the person with a task, and you make it happen with your bag. Grab one now at the nearest Fully Booked outlet, Sesou Nature stores, or order online at

My Extraordinary Vacation Home at Asilo Tagaytay

A vacation is what WE take when we can no longer take what we’re taking. The question lies in what should we do during our vacation. I realized that traveling to a near by town is good thing to do, seeing sights along the way would be an added attraction and experience life in an exciting different way.
Finding an opportunity to disconnect from our regular life, to figure out things we don’t understand. With the crazy schedules, work and school, going out of town once in a while give us to time to recharge and feel invigorated. Going on vacation is a very good stress remover and that’s why Avida Land, the affordable housing arm of Ayala Land is offering its first vacation home development –Asilo Tagaytay. Asilo is derived from the Tagalog word “silong which mean to take shelter.  And a shelter is what we need; a shelter to the stress of everyday city life.

What’s fascinating about Asilo Tagaytay is; it’s a mixed-used residential development that offers a second home or vacation home for buyers like me who want to enjoy picturesque views overlooking the majestic Taal Lake and Volcano not to mention the cool, refreshing climate that Tagaytay is famous for.

Antistax: The secret to healthy legs is out

Varicose veins have always been a problem for women. Seeing that worm like vein in a women’s leg is a sore sight to men. Women find ways and means to make sure that they evade this problem. Whatever means is welcome, others opt for operation but there’s and easier way.

Filipinas now have a natural way to prevent many of the commonplace leg problems as Boehringer Ingelheim (Phil.) Inc. brings Antistax®, one of the world’s leading anti-varicose supplements, to the Philippines.

Antistax®, the first and only anti-varicose supplement in the local market, is the perfect synergy of nature and science in leg health management. It is proven safe and effective in helping strengthen and protect women’s legs from the inside out. It also helps restore and regenerate women’s natural mobility by preventing leg vein problems such as pain, heaviness (ngalay), swelling, and varicose veins.
“We are very pleased to introduce Antistax® to Filipinas who, like many women all over the world, value their legs not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their functional value. We know that healthy legs are important in order for them to live an active and quality life and we’re certain that Antistax can help them with that,” says Mely Guerrero, Group Brand Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim’s Consumer Healthcare Division.

TANG Brings Out the Hero in Every Kid Advocacy

As a mom, my natural instinct is to protect my children from things and events that I thought would be to big to handle by their mind. I try to protect them from the world of negativity not knowing that at their early age they have the capacity to face the reality of life. A bed of roses is not what they need but guidance to the right path of what they think is right and what they can do even at the early stage of their life. Age does not define what one can do or accomplish and we should believe that our children can do anything when they put their hearth and mind into it.
Arkin Magalona

OFW's Special delivery Thru Xpress Money

Just what can we do to express our love to our family. Being in a far away land will never be a hindrance to us for we will definitely find a way to contact our family. Being an OFW doesn’t mean there would be a limitation as to what to do, for there are ways and companies that’s willing to help.

Family members of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) miss their loved ones all-year round, and many have to wait for several years before they are reunited. To remind them that they are not forgotten, Xpress Money surprised several unknowing customers who remitted from two agent locations in Manila and Las Piñas with a chance to reconnect with their family.

After receiving their remittance money, these Xpress Money customers were serenaded by a group of children dressed as angels singing the timeless classic “Endless Love”. They also received a rose, a box of chocolates and a greeting card. The highlight of the surprise though was a phone call with their loved one abroad, courtesy of Xpress Money.
“I miss my mom, so I’m really glad I was able to speak with her… I didn’t expect it,” said Mary-Ann Pagulayan, a surprised customer who was able to speak with her mother working in the UAE. Similarly, Leah Pagosante who has not seen her husband working in Kuwait for three years appreciated the gesture. “Even though I’m apart from my husband, I’m still really happy because angels sang to me,” she said of the surprise.
Xpress Money, one of the world’s leading money transfer brands, understands their customers’ needs and provides them convenient means of sending money home through its extensive global network. Aside from the fast and reliable service, Xpress Money helps OFWs and their families save P125 per transaction since there are no backend charges.
Bridging the physical distance between loved ones, Xpress Money aims to connect and bring OFWs closer to their families through simple, fast and safe transactions.
About Xpress Money

Xpress Money is a global money transfer brand with a thriving presence in more than 150 countries in 5 continents across 170,000 agent locations across the world. Working towards the goal of Bringing Home Closer to millions of migrants residing away from their homes, Xpress Money has come to be known as the most dependable international money transfer brand. Xpress Money provides its customers a simple, fast & safe way to transfer money anywhere in the world through innovative technology, superior customer service and its extensive worldwide network. For more information, visit


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