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Following the success of the first season, Bonakid Pre-School’s Ready Set Laban is back with an even bigger action-packed game show for moms and kids.

After hitting the airwaves and receiving the prestigious Anak TV Seal Award, GMA and Bonakid Pre-School have renewed their partnership, with the addition of Drew Arellano as the host of the much-anticipated TV show.

“Drew is one of the most sought after hosts under GMA 7. He’s very energetic and enthusiastic, which is perfect for a fun and lively game show like Ready Set Laban,” says Claudine Serrano, Product Manager of Bonakid Pre-School.

Arellano also expressed his excitement for the show. “A lot of people have asked me what’s on my wish list. I always say I want to host a show with kids!” The energetic actor is finally having his wish fulfilled as he steps in to host the second season of Bonakid Pre-School’s Ready Set Laban. “I enjoy the company of kids because they have so much energy! In fact, I’m also like a kid!” he adds.

The challenges, based on popular Filipino games, will challenge kids’ strength, energy, and resilience, to bring out the “Batang May Laban” in them.

Joining Drew to host the 8-episode-season are celebrity mommies: Julia Clarete, Ruby Rodriguez, Nina Ricci Alagao, and Donita Rose. “The moms on the show have a very significant role. I’m excited to be sharing my hosting duties with these four lovely moms,” Adds Drew.

Ready, Set, Laban season 2 airs every Sunday at 10:45 am after iBilib, only on GMA Network.


Bonakid Pre-School is a powdered milk drink specially formulated to help support the nutritional needs of children 4 years and older. It is high in calcium and a source of protein which build bones and muscles. It has iron and B-complex vitamins that provide energy and has high levels of Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc that help support the immune system. Help your child stay healthy and happy with a Triple Boost in growth, energy and immunity from Bonakid Pre-School!

For more information about Bonakid Preschool and Ready Set Laban Season 2, please visit or

Swaddle Design now Manila for the Stylish Moms

It is truly a blessing for a woman to become a mother.  I could say that, the true essence of being a woman is when you become a MOM. There’s no book or seminar that could prepare us to mother hood but it could help. Just like the books and seminars, there are accessories that would definitely help us go through the early stages of being a MOM.  Every mom needs help in some way; because being a mom is 24/7 job and it could squeeze all the energy and beauty galore of a woman.  Becoming a mom now a day’s doesn’t mean that that you will become a haggard looking woman. A new accessory is making waves in the motherhood community and that is Swaddle Designs.

ATAT MC Rule 2014 Philippine Superbikes Championship,

When you heard the term Superbikes, what comes on your mind? To tell you honestly, Superbike means prestige and power and pogi points on top of it. When you see a rider on a superbike, talagang mapapalingon ka. We knew some celebrities own a Superbike like Dingdong Dantes and Richard Gomez to name a few and at the back of our mind Superbike owners are big time in terms of power and money.

With this thing that comes to the owner of Superbike, everyone will think that they are ma-angas and mayabang.  From the outside, that was the impression that I and everyone has in mind, but we are dead wrong. 

We meet a group of ATAT rider, a group of motorcycle riders that uses Italian Superbike like DUCATI and APRILLIA (well, it just a coincidence although they use Japanese brand before but opt to switch to a more reliable quality). ATAT Riders passion for riding is the start that binds the group.  ATAT Riders embodied a silent code and that is responsible riding and the value of family.  ATAT Riders are not just a mere group of riders but a group that treat each one as part of their own family.

And you know what, this powerful people that we saw are the most down to earth guys that you can chat with. Don’t be intimidate with their hunky looks or high position on their company or society that they belong because, the bottom line is; they are human whom you can talk with everything under the sun.

See and Hear the BIG “O”wesome October at Zoomanity Parks

O as in October is not only for Halloween parties and theme, it’s also the time for Zoomanity group to show off how it is to “O”wesome in the Zoomanity Parks.
Group shot with photo boomer, (hahahah)

Visiting Zoobic Safari enlighten your truly what Zoobic Safari stands for. Zoobic Safari stands for Education, because there were a lot a lot thing to be learn when it come to it's place and it’s habitat; the animal. It’s also  stand for Entertainment because of the unique show that was  included in the tour. There are other thing that Zoobic Safari stands for, like their care for the aetas and the nature.

Cristopher Cross Live in Manila Dinner Party in Misono Restaurant

Newly opened Japanese Restaurant, Misono Teppanyaki will host an exclusive dinner party for the World Famous Singer CHRISTOPHER CROSS on October 28, 2014, Tuesday, Before he serenades us with his greatest hits like Think of Laura, Sailing and Swept Away in his Manila Concert on October 29 in PICC and October 30 in Resorts World, this International singer will also try the greatest food offers of Japanese cuisine.

Recently, Misono Teppanyaki also hosted a dine-and-treat party for International Music Stars like STEPHEN BISHOP,   VILLAGE PEOPLE and ABBAMANIA. They enjoyed a new wave of exquisite and authentic Japanese food and savored very sumptuous Japanese dishes that will surely capture your palettes’ craving.


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