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Thank you:  a simple words to say and yet it means a millions to us. A polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment.

Just what can a simple word do to make you smile and make things and situation easier?

AirAsia launch a campaign recently that gives value to the word “thank you”. A simple word that embodies a whole lot more than what we can imagine. And it made me realized just how thankful I should be in my roller coaster life

Life was not a bed of roses. Just when you think that I have that fairy tale story of my life; a sudden turn happens and it becomes the darkest day of my life

How to Commute to St. Nicholas Catering

Filipino Bloggers Network and Metrobuzz Bloggers will be joining together for the yearly Christmas party.

With 40 bloggers expecting to join, with the help of ACI Bornea we were able to hold it at St. Nicholas Catering

St. Nicholas Catering & Restaurant is located at Fatima Street Mandaluyong
Here are some reminders:

The location is near Mandaluyong City Hall

It is walkable unless you are riding in a cab

Why Sleep is Important

How many hours should a person sleep? Did you know the that sleep is the most underestimated activity. Most of us see sleep only as a means to rest and would easily give up sleep in order to stretch our day.  In fact sleep is vital in achieving good health. Sleep your way to good health

Understanding the importance of sleep, LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness introduces its signature Sleep Analysis and Consultation. The analysis and consultation is geared towards helping individuals sleep their way to good health.

"Most of us take sleep for granted and don't fully realize how sleep impacts our well-being," says Dr. Denise Lavilles of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. "Beyond getting our body to rest and regain physical strength, quality sleep supports mental and physical health, and affects quality of life. How we feel and perform throughout the day is affected by how well we slept. It is during sleep when our body is working to support vital functions of the brain and organs. Sleep also helps our cells regenerate," added Lavilles.

Why Women are Attracted with Men with Facial Hair

Scientific fact: Women are more attracted to men with facial hair. Is this true, are we attracted to men with facial hair. Science says it. Men with facial hair are more attractive. A study in the 70s and two more recent ones conducted by Neave and Shields in 2008 and Dixson and Brooks in 2013 all came up with the same conclusion:

Most women find men with a stubble or a five-o’clock shadow very, very attractive. Although the women’s perception of male attractiveness changed according to the amount and length of men’s facial hair, most women in the study found men with a moderate amount of facial hair to be the most attractive. Some women did prefer men with no facial hair, but to the majority, men with no facial hair were not very attractive and seemed the least likely romantic partners. Women perceived full bearded men to be aggressive, more mature and a bit too much to handle.
Baby face? Achieve the perfect rugged look via MAXiM’s Beard and Facial Hair Transplantation. Allan Maiate , a Brazilian model, wanted to change his hairline and went to MAXiM to achieve his goal. Men also go to MAXiM to get the perfect effect with facial hair.

NANKID My Kid's First Benz promo Winners

Nestle NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR gave an early holiday present to the 8 out of 20 lucky winners of the NANKID My Kid's First Benz promo during an intimate gathering held last December 16 (Friday) at the Capiz Room in Shangri-La at the Fort. Each of them were able to take home a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Children's Roadster for their kids! 

With a purchase of the limited edition pack of NANKID OPTIPRO and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR, the parents were not only able to provide optimum nutrition for their kids but they were also able to give them the ride of their lives.
Proud parents pose with the Mercedes Benz SLS-AMG Children’s Roadster alongside the representatives from Nestlé during the awarding ceremony of the NANKID My Kid’s First Benz promo.

Tips to Age Gracefully

Secrets to ageing gracefully

8 tips to feel young as you age

They say you can not stop aging but then again, you can age gracefully.

Wrinkled skin, a hunched back and a slow stride—this is the sad picture that comes to mind when you think about growing old.  While ageing is inevitable, you can grow old gracefully even without having exceptional genes.  Most mere mortals can live through old age gracefully and healthily, by opting for these simple lifestyle changes.

1. Stay positive
Staying positive is one tip that most people take for granted. Negative vibes can cause stress and in turn can disrupt the body’s processes, opening risks to lifestyle-produced diseases. Staying positive is a way to train your body to manage the stress.  In fact, research shows that positive thinking can increase your life span.

What Zenfone 3 Deluxe is Capable of Doing

I just got my Zenfone 3 Deluxe the other day and was so excited to try it out. There were a lot of thing that I don’t know about this  phone which is why I try to research what it can do.
And I came across an article about  Jason Magbanua  who shoot a Wedding Prenup Video Using ASUS' Flagship Smartphone the new Zenfone 3 Deluxe.

Home Tips : Life hacks for Modern Homemakers

Modern homemakers face a big challenge in balancing work and making sure that their family gets the best care at home. Difficult as it may seem, taking care of the family while keeping a full-time job can be made easier with efficient and reliable help. 
Samsung Digital Appliances provides super moms and dads with the perfect partners in life through its innovative products.

With the right tools and tricks, homemakers can prepare fresh and healthy meals, accomplish the week’s laundry, and spare enough time to bond with the kids. Samsung shares a list of ‘life hacks’ in the kitchen and laundry room to make daily tasks simple, enjoyable, and time-efficient with the help of the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator and AddWash Washing Machine.

Crayola Supersized Coloring Book Launch

ABS-CBN Publishing Inc., (API) has successfully launched “Crayola Supersized Coloring Book” last November 27 in Ogalala, Level 4, East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza.

It was an event where kids learned how to draw from Mr. Elbert Or. He’s a notable comic book creator, illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher. He’s the creator of the award winning graphic novel anthology, Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang and the best selling The More the Manyer Series.

The Viu app Changes the way for K Drama Fanatics

Are you crazy about Korean drama, movie, and series and spend time downloading it just to watch it. Fret no more because a new online has given us the access to watch it anytime we want.

PCCW Media, a key global player in the entertainment industry in Asia, announced the launch of its video Over-the-top (OTT) service Viu in the Philippines, offering viewers in Philippines FREE, CONVENIENT AND THE FASTEST access to the latest authorized premium Korean content as fast as 8 hours after telecast in Korea. With the top four Korean broadcasters, SBS, KBS, MBC and CJ E&M, as content partners and strongly localized content and functions, Viu is widely regarded as the preferred video platform, offering the latest popular Korean dramas, variety shows and other Asian premium content with exclusive content windowing across Asia.   The Hallyu or Korean ‘wave’ has long since swept the Philippines and Viu aims to be the go service to satisfy Korean drama fans with the largest authorized Korean content library in Philippines.

Korean entertainment at your fingertips. Watching on web and mobile anytime anywhere.

SM City East Ortigas : Now Open

The newest destination in the East was open to the public last Dec. 2, 2016. SM City East Ortigas is now ready to cater to the people from Cainta and nearby area. SM City East Ortigas is the 60th SM Supermall in the country. It houses diverse tenant anchored by the SM Store, SM Supermarket, SM Appliances Center, Ace Hardware and Watsons. And to keep the merchandising mix fresh and exciting, SM City Ortigas opens its door to new concepts, and first to market shops and dining options to complement trusted brands ensuring that mall goers will always have something to look forward to each visit.

Come with me as I tour the SM City East Ortigas on its opening day.

Why Do We Need Sports in our Child's Life?

Did you remember the first day that you enroll your child to sports clinic or program?
Do you remember why you enrolled them in that sports program?

The reason I am asking this is because sports plays a big part in our child’s life development. Sports program are sometimes part of the school curriculum as well.

Sometimes, we lost track of why we did enroll our child in sports program. Yes, I know that it’s a proud parent moment when our child’s team won during the game but we are so wrapped up in the winning moments that we lose sight of the real reason why we enroll them in sports in the first place.
There are two sides of the coin, one is to win and one is to loss, but did you know that they loss in the games, there is also thing that you could accomplish as a parent and you should be proud of.
Sports build character, that’s one goal of the sports program but how you can test the character of your child if he never felt the defeat. Besides the teamwork, cooperation. Self-discipline, work ethics and leadership, your child also need to cope with disappointment. Life is not all about winning, sports teach our child to how to react when life throws a bad ball into them. I am not promoting losing but it a fact that we should face as parents. We should also asses the mental and emotional strength of our child and be there whether they win or loss.


I care about my family and they are the most important people in  my life and that is why I make sure that I protect them in everyway I can. I am one of the Wellness Moms who joined the movement to rally for a better and healthier lifestyle  for my family

Wellnes Moms Movement was officially launch at Marco Polo Manila last Nov. 24, 2016 and together with other moms we joined forces to make sure the wellness of our family is .guaranteed

You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Safety and Freshness with Ready-to-Cook Meat Products

Don’t Need to Sacrifice Safety and Freshness with Ready-to-Cook Meat Products

Times are indeed changing. Unlike in the last decade where mothers lavishly prepare the family dinner, today’s trend has changed cooking habits to simple and easy. The fast changing times have curved our dietary habits to the convenient and instant. The pre-prep food industry has gained traction over the years and is playing a crucial rule in the day to day dietary habits of Filipino families.

Canned food, fast foods, frozen and packed meat, have evolved to replace the freshly cooked meals that families enjoy at dinner time for the simple reason that it is easy and convenient. However, we must also remember that food quality must never be sacrified for convenience.
RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. (RDFFLFI) assures consumers of fresh and safe meat products that includes fresh, marinated, ready to cook and processed meat products with their Fresh Options Meat Shop.

Science Circus at Mind Museum

Ladies and gentlemen, has come to town!

Be ready to #EnterTheScienceCircus!

Science Circus: Step Right Up! is the 5th traveling exhibition of The Mind Museum,  supported in part by Mastercard, Limkaco Industries, Uratex, and Thompson Hardware and Lighting Center. 

Practicing Food Safety for your family

Ensuring Family Nutrition by Practicing Food Safety

The strong foundations of developing healthy choices begin at home. This is why it is important for parents to set a good standard in healthy eating, food preparation and storage that the little ones can pick-up on.

One of the most basic things that kids can learn from their parents are their habits when shopping for day-to-day necessities, and their practice when cooking and storing food in the house.
By observing proper purchasing, handling, cooking and storing, parents ensure that the family consumes safe and healthy food, and at the same time, they also teach their kids how to practice food safety that they’ll carry and pass on in the future.

So here are 7 food safety tips for every household:

Why do you need to download Insular Life Finance Manager app

Carry your dreams in your pocket with Insular Life Finance Manager app

I had a dream but it seems I can’t make my dream come true because of some financial hindrances. But that was yesterday, because now, I have a new way to make my dreams become a reality

Make your dream absolute—this is the challenge offered by finance experts to those hoping to better manage their wealth and future.

Question and Answer During the Launch of Insular Finance Manager App

During the Insular Life Table of Absolute Dreamers event, an audience coming from diverse backgrounds were treated to candid discussions on setting personal targets, missing them, and recoiling from their goals.

What to Give this Christmas Season: #Beimaginative

Do you have the nice list all ready for Christmas?
Do you know what to give?

Well, just in case that that you still don’t have any idea what to give to your love ones, then I suggest that you come out with something creative and sweet.

Toblerone recently launched their limited edition Christmas sleeves at White Space, Makati 

Be imaginative in what you want to give, so that the person that will received it will be feel special

Music Run Racekit Give Away

As a way of ending the day, I would like to give away 4 race kit to my co-blogger

The mechanics is so simple if you really know me well

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you win

Shopkins Invade SM City Marikina

Just what is Shopkins, what are they, what are they supposed to do and the kids are so going crazy about them. , Shopkins is line of tiny plastic toys, about the size of your thumb or smaller but kids think huge of them

Shopkins are suitable for kids of all ages and they are undeniably cute and maybe that is why SM City Marikina recently host an event about Shopkins

My Little Pony of Pineville: Meet and Greet at SM City Taytay

A Magical Holiday with My Little Pony happened last Nov. 5, 2016 at SM CITY TAYTAY.  Shopper was able to meet the colorful ponies, Flutter shy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie at the Sugar cube Corner of Pineville.

Video Coverage of the Little Pony Event


Join us in celebrating Christmas with a different kind of musical. This is theater that challenges, questions and provides hope in this life and beyond.

In 1986, a group of Christians passionate about theater saw the impact it can make to an  audience by inspiring change and transforming lives through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, 30 years later, Chancel Repertory Theatre continues to share the Good News through theater arts one production at a time. On its 30th anniversary, Chancel Rep presents a dramatic Christmas musical, “FIRE OF HOPE”, written by Doug Holck with script adaptation and direction by the esteemed Jaime Del Mundo.
The officers behind Chancel Repertory Theatre

Why Milk and Checking the Label is Important to us Mommies

When it’s come to our kids, we are all protective

We make sure that everything is in order, everything is right and we give the best to make sure that they grow up healthy and strong.

That is why we always check what we give to our children

Please don’t tell that I am wrong, I could bet a glass of milk if anyone one of you mommies will tell me that I am wrong; hahahahha

I am a mom of five kids and what I am telling you is not an exaggerated illusion. When my younger was in his early years, I was so concern with his height and built because I felt that he is small for his age compare to his classmate in school and that is why milk has played an important role in his growing up days

But the question is how sure am I with the kind of milk that I am giving to my son.  Well, the goods for you mommies is that today; checking the label was given importance by Nido

In line with the introduction of the new and improved NIDO® PROTECTUS® 3+, a get together by mommies was held to fully understand the importance of checking the label of the milk that we offer to our children

Video Coverage of the NIDO® PROTECTUS® 3+ Launch

Meeting the New Line Up of Tuppperware Experience

You know why I love to attend events, it’s because I learn new things and I got to spend time with co parent, co-bloggers, friends and the list goes on and on.

I was invited recently to attend the Tupperware Brand Bloggers meet up. The event was held at their main office at 5 E-commerce, Mall of Asia complex.

Viral elderly gets livelihood support through Jollibee’s Grand Thank You project

Jollibee, the Philippines’ leading fast-food chain, is known for its unparalleled support for Filipino family values. Following the viral advertisement #KwentongJollibee “Kahera”, the brand released yet another heartwarming online video, “Handog Kay Lola Maria”, that featured the exemplary proof of the selflessness, support, and love of grandparents.

The video featured a 74-year-old Badjao grandmother named Lola Maria Tequillo who, despite her old age, dove for coins thrown by tourists at a nearby pier in Lucena, Quezon Province to support her family, most especially her four grandchildren. Lola Maria was discovered through a viral feature of broadcasting network GMA’s documentary program, Front Row.
Lola Maria’s dream come true by granting her a sari-sari store.

Pacific Millennials Work Survey by Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition At Work Survey Reveals Filipino Millennials Desire Healthy, Active Workplace Environment

While the survey conducted reveals that more Filipino millennials are engaging in regular physical activities outside work, they find it difficult to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in the modern workplace.

SM Southmall presents The Tale of the Winter Forest

Just what it is with Christmas that everyone is so busy preparing to bring joy to the kids and to the kids at heart. Never once SM disappoint customers like me to bring the best when it comes to Christmas preparation.

This Christmas, witness the magical tale of the joy of giving as SM Southmall, premier mall of the South metro, presents The Tale of the Winter Forest. The launch fetures the unveiling of the mall's first Christmas centerpiece with a play production by Stages and a full performance of the Manila Stright Machine.

SM Southmall presents The Tale of the Winter Forest 

Enjoy exciting Pokemon battles with your Jolly Kiddie Meal

The young or even the young at heart now has an added reason to get excited with the latest Jolly Kiddie Meal offering – the Pokemon Battle Gear!

Why I love Halloween Events

Halloween events has always been close to my heart. I really spend time and effort preparing for the Halloween events/party.

Yearly art sale and charity drive for kids with congenital heart ailments by Rotary Club of Makati West

ART WITH A HEART.  Art can save lives and this has been proven by the Rotary Club of Makati West (RCMW) as it launches its annual charity art sale on November 11-13, 2016 at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5 in Makati City. Now going on its ninth year, Alay Sining is run under the auspices of the Gift of Life International which arranges funding for the treatment of children with congenital heart ailments. It has brought aid to over 18,000 children of indigent families in 71 emerging countries. Alay Sining is a noteworthy example of partnership between the artists who have supported the drive, and RCMW that has successfully benefited children and help them lead normal lives. Among the artists whose works will be on exhibit and sale in this year’s Alay Sining 9 are Abel Agubang, Jinggoy Buensuceso, Glenn Kagandahan, Kenneth Cobonpue, Jojit Nagamos, Jaime Nepomuceno and other leading and up-and-coming artists. Two of Alay Sining’s beneficiares, Maranathalie Balitaon and Rogin de Pedro (2nd and 3rd from left), grace the art exhibit sale launch with Alay Sining president Paolo Delgado, RCMW past president Lou del Rosario,  and participating artists Nepomuceno and Sam Penaso.

The Rotary Club of Makati West (RCMW) is again holding its annual Alay Sining, an exhibit and sale of the works of the country’s leading and up-and-coming artists to benefit the treatment of indigent children afflicted with congenital heart disease (CHD).

Cheers to life. Cheers to everyday

Today, my 3rd daughter graduated with a Degree on Diplomatic Affairs from  College of Saint Benilde La Salle. The event was held at the PICC Convention Center. After the graduation rites, I hug her and  took a photo for souvenir .

Now I am here sitting in the living room, staring at the ceiling and couldn’t  thank enough the Lord for whatever happen to my life.
Life is not easy
But it if i had to go through it again
I would never change a single thing

For it made me the strong woman I am today

It was thirteen years ago when my marriage collapse, I was financially drain and no work, on top of that plus the bank is sequestering my home. It was a domes day, but as they say, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel just as long as your faith is strong.

With all what’s happening to my life,  I was able to get up and stand and the secret behind all of this are my children. Whenever I feel that I was about to give up, I  just look at my children and I find the strength to go on. Whenever I feel that I was tired, I look at my children and I feel refresh. They are my wing, so that I could soar up high and face all the challenges and have the courage to face the day.

Having five kids is not an easy task but I would not trade it even if it means working 8 to 5 in the corporate world and doing another trade in the evening, sleeping at 1 am and waking up at 5 am because the kids are going to school

After all what happen, I could say cheers to life because now everything has been settled. Cheer to everyday because now I see the fruits of what we had gone through.

Every moment I spent with my children are memories that are unforgettable, to see them who they are now was a precious momento that would be engrave forever in my heart

I am now smiling remembering the days when I need to prepare for their recital.  A one woman show where you need to organize everything; the venue, the photographer; videographer, flyers, souvenir programs and the food refreshment.

Speaking of food, it was a good thing that I always rely on trusted brand of tissue paper and other disposable products . I have cheers to help during this event,  from plastic utensil  to table napkins to wipe up some food in the mouth; to jumbo kitchen towels to clean up the dirt in the table, the trash bag for the clean up after the event. For 8 years;  they are with me in every event.


As of now, I am happy to update my life
1st daughter: UST: Bachelor in Architecture
2nd daughter : UST : Bachelor in Music ( cum laude)
3rd daughter: La Salle St. Benilde : Diplomatic Affairs
4th daughter: UP : 3rd year , Major in Dance ( College of Music) University Scholar
5th child : ATENEO de Manila : Grade 10

Never thought that I could see this day and say, we have survive

Every smile, every dance, every song, every moment that we could be together was a cherish moment. So, cheers to life, cheers to everyday that you could still have a moment with our children



I-SHINE Talent Camp 5: Ready to Accept your Application

Time matters: Maximize the crucial window of talent development and nurture your child’s gifts to excellence

Now on its fifth year, I-SHINE Talent Camp continues to enable parents to develop, celebrate, and support their child’s talents, while inspiring other parents to do the same.

Open to kids above three years old, I-SHINE Talent Camp 5 has three camps – Stage Camp, which includes both singing and dancing, Music Camp, and Art Camp.

The official launch was attended by mentor, media and former Ishine kids

Make every cent count this season of giving

We are entering the threshold of the most awaited season. The shopping jibe may just be too strong, what with all the mall displays that make us want to part with our cash soonest. Whatever you decide to buy, make every cent of your hard earned money count!

The need for budgeting is the reason why reading the news about the third consecutive monthly decline in electricity rates have us home managers heaving a sigh of relief. Meralco announced the third consecutive monthly decline in electricity rates in October. Overall electricity rates for a typical household went down this October by 12 centavos per kilowatt hour (kWh), bringing the rates down to Php 8.34 per kWh.

New Jollibee Chickenjoy TVC brings joy back to the Pinoy table

Today, with the wave of exciting technological innovations and new apps, people are becoming more preoccupied with their gadgets. Whether it means replying to important work emails, keeping attuned to the latest updates on social media, or fighting off and catching virtual monsters, this new normal of being glued to our screens has kept us from experiencing important and joyous face-to-face moments with family members and loved ones.

Bringing joy to the table

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast food brand, recognizes this new reality and is encouraging Filipino families to bring joy back to their tables with the best-tasting crispylicious, juicylicious, and gravylicious Chickenjoy through a new TV commercial entitled “Bunso.”

McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day

Get ready for a terrific trick-or-treat with McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day 

Kids and the whole family look forward to Halloween year on year because of playful trick-or-treats, creative costumes, and fun activities.

Enjoy exciting Pokemon battles with your Jolly Kiddie Meal

 Enjoy exciting Pokemon battles with your Jolly Kiddie Meal Jollibee offers Pokemon fans an added reason to get excited with its latest Jolly Kiddie Meal offering – the Pokemon Battle Gear! Featuring your favorite and rare Pokemon characters - Pikachu, Tepig and Oshawott, kids of all ages can enjoy playing with these loveable pocket monsters, along with their favorite Jollibee meals.

Unleash the powers of Pikachu Electro Launcher by attaching the electroball on its tail. Push it down to release Pikachu’s high voltage ball of lightning! You can also catch rare Pokemons Tepig Fireball Blaster and Oshawott Water Cannon.

Get your Baskin-Robbins Scoop for only P31 per junior Scoop: Available on Oct 1 only

Baskin-Robbins, the world’s most beloved ice cream brand, spreads happiness to shoppers and promenaders as it opens its 14th store at B8, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig.
Join in the fun and festivities of the launch of this brand new location and come visit the latest addition to Baskin-Robbins’ growing chain.


McDonald's gives Chicken McDo to thousands of magkapangalan customers nationwide
For FREE? Yes, for FREE!

McDonald’s held an in-store celebration of its best tasting chicken as it gave away FREE 1PC Chicken McDo to customers with the same name or similar sounding names during the #PaChickenMcDo para sa mga Magkapangalan event held earlier today.
Excited for their turn to dine-in!

Beware of Fake Cetaphil

Mommies, this is alarming since we all use cetaphil.Beware of fake skincare products that may harm your skin especially the skin of our babies. We need to be more vigilant when buying skincare products after news of alleged counterfeit of a popular skincare product have reportedly entered the local market.

Galderma Philippines, the authorized distributor of Cetaphil, a brand recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin, received initial reports that counterfeit beauty bars and moisturizers bearing the brand’s name are being sold in the Philippines. These counterfeits place consumers at risk of potential skin harm and severe health issues in the long run. In particular, these include Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, Cetaphil Cleansing Antibacterial Bar, Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Body Moisturizer and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion 591mL.

Especially for people with sensitive skin, the formulation of the counterfeit products may cause mild skin irritation to serious flare-ups. Moreover, consumer may face the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

RFM’s Selecta Milk with Tetra Pak HeliCap™ : Now Available in Supermarket

RFM’s Selecta Milk is the ‘first’ to produce ready-to-drink milk in Tetra Pak’s one-step resealable cap to make opening, pouring, and storing made more convenient

As the number of discerning consumers in the Philippines continue to grow, forward-thinking companies are adopting new and innovative solutions to meet modern lifestyles. One such company is RFM Corporation, a home-grown food & beverage leader who becomes the first in the country to produce ready-to-drink milk in HeliCap™. Now all of RFM’s Selecta Milk products in 1 Litre packaging come with an easy-to-use, twist-open and resealable cap developed by Tetra Pak.

Mothers who wish there was an easier and faster way to serve their kids’ favourite Selecta Milk will find the new cap an upgrade from the previous pull-tab. In just one quick twist, the cap cuts through an inner protective foil without the need to physically remove a separate seal, saving eager children some waiting time at the breakfast table. The wide opening of Tetra Pak HeliCap™ also allows consistently smooth pouring. If storage space is always a concern, the resealable cap makes it possible to lie an opened carton sideways with no spillage.

Health Tips: Tips to boost your brain and mental health

A healthy mind is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. It affects how you perceive the world and how you react to your environment and the people around you. In order to function normally and accomplish your daily tasks and goals in life, it’s important to keep your brain and mental well-being healthy.

“Healthy brain and mental functioning can be cultivated. In the same way that eating nutritious food and exercising can make your body stronger and more fit, certain habits and activities can also boost your brain power and mental well-being,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, president and CEO of MediCard Philippines.

To improve brain and mental health, Dr. Montoya offers some tips:

How to Win a Mercedes Benz for your Kid : My kid's First Benz Promo


Do you want to win a brand new Mercedes Benz Electric Toy Car for your kid- a  sized electric version of the  Mercedes Benz SLs AMG Roadster, an early Christmas gift or birthday gift for them

It’s so easy to win; all you have to do is purchase a limited edition pack of NANKId OPTIPRO FOUR and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR. The limited edition pack comes with a special code inside. Simply send the code to 2600 and your child could be on his way to driving his very own Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster electric toy car.

 The September 15 to November 15,2016, you get a chance to win one of these 20 luxury dream cars for your child.  So what are you waiting for, here is your chance to win a Mercedes Benz Electric Toy worth 50,000 pesos

Visit www. for more information about NANKID – My Kid’s First Benz Promo

Appreciation Night Event for the Teacher : Gabay Guro’s 9th Teacher’s Tribute day

Do you still remember your teacher in grade school or in high school?
Do your remember the good memories that they does to you to make sure that you excel in class or that you can keep up with your studies

I could say that our teachers are the ones who mold us to and guide us to be what we are besides our parents. They are the one mentoring us to be a greater version of ourselves.
Alumni in my high school make sure that every year, we make it a point to do thing to show our appreciation to our beloved teachers and we are not alone in this advocacy.
Last week, I attended an event that focuses on giving back to the teachers what they deserve. They honor teacher because of what they contribute to the society and to the children of the nation because of their unending sacrifice in teaching. A presscon was held in preparation for the upcoming Gabay Guro’s 9th Teacher’s Tribute day.

Video Coverage

How Do I Choose my Child's Vitamin: Let me count the Way

Question: How do you choose your child’s vitamins?
Are you someone that stares blank at shelves after shelves of vitamins and just pick the one you think that is best for your kid and pay for it?
Or, are you someone who believes in ads or opinion of friends and families or just because your pedia told you so to purchase it
There are so many way and I am as guilty as you are when it come in choosing my children’s vitamins
Imagine that I got five kids and yet there are hit and miss on that situation
It was only lately that I understand that there’s a lot to think about when we choose the vitamins of our kids

Di pwede ung dahil matangkad ang endorser, bilin ko na kasi may CGF; eh panu kung pamilya talaga sila ng matangkad
Need ba na separate bumili ng vitamin na may vitamin C
Panu kaya kung ung nabili ko eh di pala akma sa age ng anak ko
So now, here are my ways to find out the right vitamins for my child

Trivia Time: Coca-Cola Philippines inspires companies on inclusive business


Company and its bottling partners meet 2020 water replenishment goal 5 years early; intend to maintain water stewardship performance as business continues to grow 

The Coca-Cola Company and its global bottling partners (the Coca-Cola system) today announced they have met their goal to replenish, or in other words balance, the equivalent amount of water used in their global sales volume back to nature and communities. Based on this achievement, Coca-Cola is the first Fortune 500 Company to publicly claim achieving such an aggressive water replenishment target1.

How to Earn More Points for Mabuhay Miles

PAL Mabuhay Miles seals partnership with Holiday Inn & Suites Makati
Good news to PAL Mabuhay Miles members, there is now a new to earn points beside booking a flight with Philippine Airlines.]
PAL Mabuhay Miles seals partnership with Holiday Inn

Wattpad and Jollibee Redefined Storytelling

Do you own a pocket during your high school days?
Well , as for me; the anwer is yes
Naubos ko na ata lahat ng pocket book na pwede iborrow sa library , to the point na pati dun sa loob pinapasok na ko para mahanap pa ung ibang editon ng nancy drew and hardy boys.

Well those were by day, dapat may library card ka para may maborrow ka books to read
But now a day, iba na ang way to read;  basta aslong ata na may android phone ka, you can read all you want na ang peg ng mga kabataan ngayon.
There were a lot of ways and channel that is now available and one of them is Wattpad
Wattpad is an online storytelling community where users post written works such as articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems, either through the website or the mobile app. The user-generated content is submitted by writers of all levels who are given an equal chance to write popular works. Users are able to comment and like stories or join groups associated with the website. Around half of the users are US based; other users come from the UK, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, Russia, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates and other countries

 Wattpad, the global multiplatform entertainment company for original stories, through its digital advertising partner AdSpark; has partnered with the country’s number one fast food chain to come up with heartwarming stories and to take Filipino culture and storytelling to a global audience. The partnership takes off from the successful and well-received Kwentong Jollibee digital campaign that was launched early this year and has since tugged at the heartstrings of many Filipinos.

How to Bring Out the Swag in You : Stylex Styling Gel

I was invited to attend an event that would launch a new styling gel and I can’t but smile and remember my high school days when my classmates used to own a whole bunch of styling gel for their everyday “porma”.  Boys would show off their best hair style and make pa pogi to the girls and it was such a hit then and now, an interesting thing happen. I would not say gel ever leaves at all, it’s just that it was not given a proper limelight and endorsement so to speak and now here come Stylex Styling Gel.

My video coverage during the event


I had the honor to be part of the guest list of the recent celebration of PICC for its 40th Anniversary and Awards Night last Sept 5, 2016

Four decades after its formal inauguration on Sept. 5, 1976, the PICC has stood the test of time to establish itself as one of the premier event venues in Southeast Asia. Witnessing the greatest moments of the past generations and hosting the most important events in the Philippines history, The PICC has become more than just a national landmark, but a shining gem for arts and culture, history and entertainment

My video coverage of the event

Why Trust HP Original Inks

Every print matters that is why you should get HP Original Inks, ink that outperforms

Whether for work reports and school projects, or important photos and letters, reliable and accurate printing is a must to ensure the professional quality of important documents. When it comes to getting more value out of prints, those in the know trust only HP Original Ink.

HP Original Ink proves that every print matters in a series of YouTube videos called Reinventing Ink with Rob and Thom, starring HP Head of Marketing and Design Rob Le Bras-Brown and Chief Inkologist Thom Brown. Equal parts funny and informative, the series highlights how HP continuously innovates its products, making sure that they get the job done right the first time, every time

#KwentongJollibee "Kahera" : Going Viral

 Latest #KwentongJollibee "Kahera" tugs at the heartstrings of Pinoys, just like me when I saw the commercial.

Just like the previous commercial which I had the priveledge to attend the launch, Jollibee premieres yet another episode to its heart-warming series for Grandparent’s Day

This is really so cute, ang daming question bakit masungit si lola and yet sa dulo, she's just there to guide her apo.


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