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Make every cent count this season of giving

We are entering the threshold of the most awaited season. The shopping jibe may just be too strong, what with all the mall displays that make us want to part with our cash soonest. Whatever you decide to buy, make every cent of your hard earned money count!

The need for budgeting is the reason why reading the news about the third consecutive monthly decline in electricity rates have us home managers heaving a sigh of relief. Meralco announced the third consecutive monthly decline in electricity rates in October. Overall electricity rates for a typical household went down this October by 12 centavos per kilowatt hour (kWh), bringing the rates down to Php 8.34 per kWh.

New Jollibee Chickenjoy TVC brings joy back to the Pinoy table

Today, with the wave of exciting technological innovations and new apps, people are becoming more preoccupied with their gadgets. Whether it means replying to important work emails, keeping attuned to the latest updates on social media, or fighting off and catching virtual monsters, this new normal of being glued to our screens has kept us from experiencing important and joyous face-to-face moments with family members and loved ones.

Bringing joy to the table

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast food brand, recognizes this new reality and is encouraging Filipino families to bring joy back to their tables with the best-tasting crispylicious, juicylicious, and gravylicious Chickenjoy through a new TV commercial entitled “Bunso.”

McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day

Get ready for a terrific trick-or-treat with McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day 

Kids and the whole family look forward to Halloween year on year because of playful trick-or-treats, creative costumes, and fun activities.


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