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Life is a Challenge :Why You Need to Plan Your Future?

When I was young, I told myself that I want to have my next generation to have a better life than me.

To be able to accomplish that goal, I had to start with planning my future because it has to start somewhere and that somewhere is me.

And that promise was 35 years ago.
I am now 47 years old, I have my own home and my children are studying or graduated from the top universities in the country ( UST, UP Diliman, La Salle Saint Benilde and Ateneo).  I can choose to work or not to work since I have a passive income coming from my 8 door apartment business.  I resign from my corporate work because I decided to start travelling while I still can because you need the energy to enjoy that adventure.
In total, I could say that I have fulfill my dreams,  it may not be 100 percent because I choose not to purchase a car for myself but that’s my decision.  I can now start enjoying and splurge a little bit since four of my children are earning on their own and can help with the youngest on with regards to other expenses.

Shopping Haven in Metro Walk Ortigas : Mall of Korea

Fashion haven are located in place like Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea, maybe that is why we love to visit these countries during our out of the country trips

But now, we can go to fashion haven Korea every day of the week because Mall of Korea recently opened its door to the public

From stylish clothes,cosmetics, accessories, and other fabulously interesting finds, Mall of Korea has it all for you.

Mall of Korea is located  at the 2nd floor of Metro walk Complex in Ortigas


Get a Chance to Win a free trip to Japan Promo by Calbee

I meet Calbee last year and from then on we become friends especially during out of town trip and field trips of my younger ones.

This year, Calbee, surprises me with another good news

There’s Play to Learn at Hope Christian High School‘s Pre-School Program

We tend to think of pre-school education as nothing more than supervised play, but  pre-school education has lasting effects. According to research done by W. Steven Barnett, Ph.D. at the National Institute for Early Education Research Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in  2008: “Well-designed preschool education programs produce long-term improvements in school success, including higher achievement test scores, lower rates of grade repetition and special education, and higher educational attainment.”

At Hope Christian High School’s Preschool, it’s more accurate to call it intelligent play.  Children learn cognitive skills and concepts through play activities.  Young children develop their big muscles and gross motor skills through indoor and outdoor play. Play experiences also allow children to learn cooperative play, sharing, taking turns, and to follow rules and instructions among others. Math and Science concepts are learned through manipulative materials, self-discovery and exploration of their environment.
Be a Radiant of Hope


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