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I had the honor to be part of the guest list of the recent celebration of PICC for its 40th Anniversary and Awards Night last Sept 5, 2016

Four decades after its formal inauguration on Sept. 5, 1976, the PICC has stood the test of time to establish itself as one of the premier event venues in Southeast Asia. Witnessing the greatest moments of the past generations and hosting the most important events in the Philippines history, The PICC has become more than just a national landmark, but a shining gem for arts and culture, history and entertainment

My video coverage of the event

Why Trust HP Original Inks

Every print matters that is why you should get HP Original Inks, ink that outperforms

Whether for work reports and school projects, or important photos and letters, reliable and accurate printing is a must to ensure the professional quality of important documents. When it comes to getting more value out of prints, those in the know trust only HP Original Ink.

HP Original Ink proves that every print matters in a series of YouTube videos called Reinventing Ink with Rob and Thom, starring HP Head of Marketing and Design Rob Le Bras-Brown and Chief Inkologist Thom Brown. Equal parts funny and informative, the series highlights how HP continuously innovates its products, making sure that they get the job done right the first time, every time

#KwentongJollibee "Kahera" : Going Viral

 Latest #KwentongJollibee "Kahera" tugs at the heartstrings of Pinoys, just like me when I saw the commercial.

Just like the previous commercial which I had the priveledge to attend the launch, Jollibee premieres yet another episode to its heart-warming series for Grandparent’s Day

This is really so cute, ang daming question bakit masungit si lola and yet sa dulo, she's just there to guide her apo.

The latest from Kenwood and De'Longhi Group Partnership

Kenwood Appliances are well known for their quality and craftsmanship

Last July 21, a line of Kenwood cooking equipment was officially at the British Ambassadors House in Cambridge Circle North Forbes Park
VIP Guest media was present to grace the event.  Food, wine, and lot of prizes await each and every one. Top Culinary School was given kitchen equipment for their perusal.

Special demonstration of their latest model were also the highlight of the evening

Kenwood has revolutionized home cooking and pioneered kitchen automation since 1947. It was founded by Kenneth Wood and  in 2,000 Kenwood joined De'Longhi Group which opened up a new era of expansion. Kenwood is present in over 40 countries and produces over 200 different models. Kenwood has only one mission , that is for their customer be satisfied and make their equipment worthy of its cost

Celebrity Pastry Chef Edward Mateo, on how good kitchen equipment helps create delicious desserts

It is said that no matter what your status in life is, as long as you have passion, you can achieve almost anything. This is true of Chef Edward Mateo, who is the man behind the highly successful La Royale Kitchen Studio & Royal Patisserie. His delectable cake and pastry creations have made him popular, with orders coming in from big gaming centers as Resorts World Manila, members of Manila’s 400, and entertainment celebrities.

However, the success did not come easy for Chef Edward. In fact, he worked hard for it. When he started training under Chef Babes Austria, who was executive chef in Malacañang, he had never received any form of culinary schooling. Although he earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Centro Escolar University, he had never before stepped inside a kitchen. But this did not deter him from his dream of following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a professional chef. In fact, it was during his stint at Edsa Shangri-la Manila that he discovered his love for baking.
“I’m happy with my work as a pastry chef,” he shares. “This is my life. I am happy that people appreciate what I do.” : Chef Edward 


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