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Baskin Robbins Celebrate 70th year with BR 31 Smile Project

A double celebration for Baskin Robbins, they are not just celebrating their 70th year of giving creamy ice cream but giving 31 children a reason to smile. The celebration happens last Sept 30, 2015 at Greenbelt 5 Atrium where in guest and media are present to witness the presentation of the 31 smiling children who benefited from the project.

Baskin-Robbins (BR), the world’s most beloved ice cream brand, marks two significant milestones as it celebrates its first year in the Philippines and simultaneously 70 years since its birth in California in 1945. These major events inspired the launch of the BR 31 Smiles Project – a CSR campaign providing free cleft lip reconstructive surgery to 31 children in partnership with the renowned charitable foundation, Operation Smile.

Lesley Mobo to defy the expectations for the Red Charity Gala 2015

A spectacular celebration of fashion and camaraderie for a cause is about to dazzle Manila once again as the Red Charity Gala, organized by society icon Tessa Prieto-Valdes and philanthropist Kaye Tinga, is set to happen on October 16 at the Makati Shangri-La.

The gathering aims to raise bigger funds for the Philippine Red Cross and Assumption High School Batch 1981 Foundation. “It is amazing how this vision that came to fruition several years ago is still burning with flames. We are very happy to partner with creative and world-class talents, feature their works, and give back to the community all at the same time,” said Tessa.
Highly acclaimed London-based designer
Lesley Mobo
Known for featuring a league of world-renowned Filipino designers, such as Rajo Laurel, Dennis Lustico, Furne One, Michael Cinco, Cary Santiago, Ezra Santos, Jojie Lloren, the Red Charity Gala has indeed showcased a variety of design philosophies—from edgy and futuristic, to swarovskis and flowy cloths, to collection inspired by paintings and many more. And now, the spotlight focuses on the works of highly acclaimed London-based designer Lesley Mobo.

Worlds Biggest Coin Mosaic Made by Western Union

Western Union brings 25 public schools to the digital age with the world’s biggest coin mosaic


Flotsam, a film by Jay Abello is showing November 4 in cinemas nationwide. I was lucky to be invited to part of the press con where the stars of the movie where presented and a jamming session was also held to the delight of the media and guest.

Solenn Heussaff and Rocco Nacino’s rom-com in surf town, La Union

With charm, wit, and clever twists, not to mention a terrific pair of leads, Flotsam is this year’s maindie love anthology—8 (interweaving) love stories, offering something relatable for everyone.

One Post-surf, Beach Jam Session..........................

 A film named after a quaint artist beach hotel in San Juan, La Union, the story unfolds when a work-obsessed overachiever Kai (Solenn Heussaff) arrives in an Elysian Surf Town to run away from a volatile relationship. Kai hides at Flotsam where she meets Tisoy (Rocco Nacino), a very mysterious local bartender who became her summer fling and perfect antidote to restiveness. It contains about a dozen more characters who are in love – that’s however an approximate figure because some of them fall out of love while others double up or change partners. Each interleaving with the other in a grid of foreshadowing and disquiet.

The poetic keynote to the film comes from one of the child actors’ examination about that ‘goddamn love’ the adults are talking about, to which Tisoy explained, “Ang love, walang libro diyan… Kailangan subukan.”

With Flotsam, filmmaker and writer Jay Abello establishes himself as one of the most exciting and distinctive directors around. His new film contains sweeping visual style, while the dialogues deliver a jolt to your consciousness. While most of its mainstream counterparts would go for just gloss and shine, Abello gunned for simple and heartwarming attack.

In a charming, little place located in San Juan, La Union, emerging musicians and music legends alike gather to play their original compositions. Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hotel’s Kubo Jam Session became their common ground to showcase their talent and musicality. One of their regular guests is the famed guitarist of the band Eraserheads and composer of electronic music, Surfernando Marcus Adoro.

In 2008, after the Eraserheads parted ways, Adoro released the debut album of his band, called Markus Highway, gaining critical acclaim. A fine artist, his works were also featured in art exhibitions in Singapore. He has since moved on and is now having one’s home in the surfingtown of La Union.

Today, Surfernando Marcus Adoro again wows by crafting distinctive songs for the maindie movie Flotsam, directed by Jay Abello, and stars Solenn Heussaff and Rocco Nacino. As a matter of fact, he contributed three out of ten original songs used in the film. His sound, according to him, is a character – just him and a guitar to a ‘big full band with horns section and all.’ Adoro’s original surfer track ‘Dubi’ was recorded live on set backed by the magnificent horn section of Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas in a Mark Laccay & Papa Francis De Veyra studio session for Flotsam the Movie.

Director Jay Abello admits that writing in music within the film was crucial because music is the soul of the film and is a big part of the whole Flotsam experience. Way before filming, there was already an original soundtrack, courtesy of Surfernando Marcus Adoro.

Artists Mia Sebastian, Kiddo Cosio, and Joncy Sumulong are ‘the musical brains’ of Flotsam wrote most of the original compositions, such as  “Change of Heart”, “Our Love”, “Small Town Roads”, “Sliding”, “Colonial Mentality,” and “Don’t Tell Me Someday.” They form the Flotsam Folk Yeah! Family Band.

The cast also lends their musical talents to further complement the funksexy deephouse grooves and alternative music of the film. Kjwan’s vocalist, Marc Abaya, is not just an intense actor but a real musician as well. Solenn Heussaff first indicated she has a set of nice pipes when she recorded the song “Seagulls” live in just one take, providing a striking reminder, that actually she’s really good and ultra-talented. Carla Humphries and Franco Daza not just only performed but owned the songs, using their characters to interpret the music and making it a very wonderful jamming session to watch on screen.

The uber romantic movie Flotsam has an equally uber passionate soundtrack to match, collecting sassy and empowering tunes. The film itself is its music. And, the music is the film.

1 surftown. 8 love stories. 10 original compositions. Which one is yours?

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Wacoal Sports Bra for Active Women


Today’s women are active breed who regularly engage in various sports activities and physical workouts to keep them in tip-top shape as they go about the hectic week work. In addition, they face the challenging rigors of fast-paced urban living which keep them always on the move.

There is good to this special breed of women as Philippine Wacoal Corporation, one of the country’s top intimate apparel firms, launches its Sports Bra Collection.

#iWILL: STI’s Commitment to Positive Change

Together with other media and guest, we happy to be included in STI celebration anniversary.

In celebration of its 32nd Anniversary, STI continues to inspire and empower students to become responsible members of society. With this year’s theme #iWill (hashtag I Will), STIers are challenged to show their willpower and be involved in building the nation by initiating action and taking the lead towards positive change.

Amachan to start airing on TV5 this October 5

One of Japan’s highest-rating dramas, Amachan, will soon warm the hearts of Filipinos as TV5 starts airing the program beginning October 5, Monday-Friday, 11am.

The Philippine distribution of Amachan was made possible following an affiliation agreement between TV5 and Japan Broadcasting Corporation, NHK.

Amachan is an upbeat drama with moments of comedy about the journey of high-schooler Aki, played by popular Japanese actress Rena Nōnen, in pursuing her dreams of becoming an “ama”, a Japanese traditional free-diver of seafood, particularly of sea urchins in the series, and a pop idol. The series is set in the Tohoku region of Japan, which endured the biggest blow of the devastating tsunami disaster in 2011.

‘From the Heart (Galing sa Puso)’ premiers in the Philippines

I was invited by Resorts World Manila to be part of the media to watch the premier of “From the Heart”. To be honest, I thought that it was just an ordinary movie just like the rest but I was wrong.” From the Heart “ in not your normal movie because it was a documentary that shows just how much a mother’s love to her daughter and granting her last wish that made impact to the children worldwide.

Resorts World Manila (RWM), Marriott Hotel Manila, and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, together with Philippine Airlines and Garuda Foods today hosted a free screening of ‘From the Heart (Galing Sa Puso)’ at Cinema 2 of Newport Cinemas.

All New HONDA Zoomer X

When you think about motorcycle, there is always a brand that would immediately come into your mind and that’s……. Honda

The brand recently host an event where in motorcycle enthusiast where only too happy to attend and this event involve a new line from them.

Leading motorcycle manufacturer Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) has launched Generation S, a new breed of smart, responsible riders who choose and value Honda scooters for their revolutionary technology, innovative features and practicality.


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