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Rue Bourbon Pub and Restaurant Eastwood: Good for the Young and Young Once

I could say I’m one of the first frequent visitor of Eastwood, way back in year 2000 when building and condominium started sprouting like mushroom. I saw how the whole Eastwood evolves and became one of the favourite tamabayan of the people. It also became the spot for BPO offices because of its accessible site.
I was able to become familiar with the entire restaurant and hang out places with my kids, since it’s the nearest place to go from our residence. As the kids started growing, it also means that I’m closing to my midlife crisis (crisis talaga). Well as I age, I choose the places to go to and I usually stay away from pub and bars since I’m not an alcohol drinker. I usually associated pub and bar place with noise and smoke and dark lights and stools
And then Rue Bourbon comes along,   a New Orleans inspired pub and restaurant located at the EastWood City Walk; you cannot miss this 2 storey.  I found out that this is the 3rd branch own by Maya (Jodi Sta Maria) of Be Careful with My Heart and I definitely love her character and I want to get to know her insights with regards to Rue Bourbon. The place has a Mardi Grass feel, with cosy couches and lovely chandeliers. 

Hepamin OD: Silymarin in Action

Last week, a post in Fb made me cry. A batch mate of mine die because of liver cirrhosis and she’s only 44 and with kids that are still young. A week after that Mark Gil also was reported died because of liver cirrhosis, that’s two strikes in a row. Ordinary person or a celebrity can be both victims of liver cirrhosis and the sad part is, this disease is reversible if diagnose at its early stage. The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body and performs many vital functions to keep the body from toxins and harmful substances. It is a vital organ that supports nearly every organ in the body in some facet.  Without a healthy liver, a person cannot survive.
Last September 4 at 6 p.m., I was invited by Trianon International in a health forum with guest speaker, Dra. Katherine Arupo-Reyes, an occupational medicine specialist, which as broaden my awareness for NAFLD and liver care.

Stores Specialists Inc. and Ayala Land, Inc. Unveil a New Department Store That's Well Worth the Experience

Stores Specialists, Inc. and Ayala Land, Inc., two of the country’s leading names in lifestyle retail, joined forces to open an exciting new retail destination that is well worth everyone’s shopping trip. Wellworth department store is the maiden venture of SIAL Specialty Retailers, Inc., a subsidiary of Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI), and Varejo Corp., a subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI).

Wellworth, a value-based, mid-market department store chain, aims to tap into the country’s growing market of aspirational yet price-conscious shoppers.  It is distinguished by state-of-the-art store design, helpful and engaging customer service, a wide range of international, local, and exclusive brands and affordable prices.  Featuring 15,000 square meters of selling space, the store carries a wide range of children's, men's, ladies', cosmetics, and home selections geared for modern Filipino families.  Each floor has a distinct shopping experience that brings new excitement to basics and lifestyle shopping.

State of the Art Store Design

Wellworth features a modern yet warm shopping ambience that is reminiscent of shopping abroad. Designed by Blocher Blocher Partners, an internationally renowned and award winning architectural and design firm, in collaboration with SSOA (Sonia Santiago-Olivares & Associates) as the local interior designer, the store brings new life and energy to the typical department store shopping experience.  A wide array of merchandise is housed across four levels, with each floor evoking a different shopping feeling and experience. 

The lower ground floor features the children's section where light colors and wood create a calm and serene atmosphere.  Abstracted images of clouds and trees give a dreamy atmosphere to this wonderland for children. 

The upper ground floor features the cosmetics section where bright and natural colors make shopping for beauty an inspiring endeavor.  On the same floor is the men's section, which has a distinctly masculine and rugged feel.

The second level features the ladies' and teens' section.  The ladies' section is characterized by a relaxed environment that encourages exploration and discovery.  Highlight walls, LED backlit images and unexpected elements provide additional excitement to the standard displays.  The teens' section features an appealing combination of "rough" and "cool" materials, such as a concrete or brick wall combined with aged elements to create a rough vintage world; an environment that caters to youthful sensibilities.  

Finally, the third level features the home section in which various themed areas create a store-within-a-store concept. Each themed area has its own color palette and design element, which creates that feeling of shopping several shops under one, free-flowing environment. 

For natural skin care : Dial Coconut Water soap

Guys, do you remember Dial, it’s a soap brand . That was before because they now have a new product that will be our answer  for having dry skin because your soap or body wash was just too strong for your skin? Or have you ever felt icky and sticky after putting on lotion just to get your skin moisturized?
Having too much chemicals on your skin may not be the right way to take care of it. Being the most visible organ of the body, you need to take extra care of it. So, whether you have skin that is as tough as leather, or as sensitive as a baby’s, the proper care on your skin is important since it is always exposed to harmful elements that may damage and spell illness to your skin.

Bath soaps and body washes are essential to clean your skin from all the dirt and grime you get from your daily activities. However, some soaps and body washes can actually strip off essential oils from the skin that could lead to dryness. One way to address this dilemma is to go natural! This is the perfect way to have your skin clean and nourished for that healthy aura people will notice.

Filipinos are not new to cleansing using natural ingredients. Among others, oats and salts are used for exfoliation, honey for skin rejuvenation, milk for moisture, jasmine for its soothing properties, and flower petals for fragrance and indulgence. What could be new to Filipinos, however, is the use of coconut water in caring for the skin.

For many years, coconuts have been used in so many ways, be it for nutrition, in the household, or in other commercial industries. It is only now that coconut water is being used as an ingredient for body care. One of America’s most trusted body care brands, Dial, came up with the innovative idea of infusing coconut water into our daily body care products like soap and body wash.


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