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Here's How to Meet and Greet HI5 Philippines

It was wonderful day for my Dandrew as he got to meet and greet and take a photo with the HI5 Philippines cast as we visit them to their studio and got to see them perform their song and dance number.

#PullitOff with Acer this School Year!

It’s back-to-school season again! Ready for long study notes, endless reviews, challenging projects? Global tech titan, Acer got you covered! #PullitOff this school year with Aspire Switch 12, Aspire Switch 11 and Aspire Switch 10 E! 

Acer Aspire Switch 12 is an intuitive and immersive 5-in-1 device that can be used as a laptop, tablet with keyboard or not, or even as a desktop PC through its 5 modes—notebook, pad, display, tent and desktop.

CDC Holdings: Building Communities for Filipinos

Any place that has warmth can be called home and CDC Holdings, Inc., one of the leading real estate companies in the Philippines, continues to extend its strong foothold in the country as it launched a new brand campaign, announced upcoming projects, and forged valued partnerships.

The company, which has made its mark in building quality homes for Filipinos here and abroad for almost 30 years, unveiled a new branding campaign that captures its corporate objectives: “At home with CDC Holdings.”

Do you want to be Financially Independent?

I consider myself as a future planner type of person. I always think about the future and plans on what I need to accomplice in given set of time  I know that others  would not understand my goal for you cannot predict what will happen to you tomorrow or even at the next hour of your life.  My plans are not just for myself but for the sake of the people who I love and care. I wanted to make sure that they are prepared emotionally and financially in life even when I’m not around. My plans are for myself for I want to live life to the fullest, I want to enjoy life and I cannot do that if I don’t plan and start right away.

Having said that, I was just happy to attend a digicon recently that emphasizes on June being the Financial Independent Month. Sun Life of Canada( Philippines), Inc., the country’s longest standing life insurance company, urges Filipinos to prioritize financial preparedness for their health needs and employ more appropriate ways of preparing financially for their other needs.

Essilor Sight Center: now Open

Without proper vision, our work limited and so are other aspects of our life. There are so many thing that we cannot accomplish if we have poor vision or we are in need of visual correction. Essilor understand this situation and in line with its public awareness campaign recently opened its first Sigh Center in the Philippines.

Today, in partnership with Manila Central University College of Optometry, the first Essilor Sigh Center was opened and it would provide optometry students access to the most advance and updated technology in optical studies and vision solutions.

RCBC host a Life and Style Weekend

 I have a RCBC depositor since 201 and I also opened an account for my son Ej.  RCBC is my bank when it comes to paying bills and payment for my SSS loans pass thru them as well. It was convenient for me since there are actually two branch of RCBC in our area. The staff and employees of RCBC are accommodating and easy to chat with that is why I was happy to attend their recent event

Our Jungle Safari themed Adventure at Friso Fun Raiders Event

I really miss it and to be able to experience again bonding with kids, I brought two of my anak anak to the recent Friso Funraiders event at the Podium last Saturday June 6, 2015. It a day of fun and surprises as to be able to join the treasure hunt for knowledge and gain new skills in arts, music and sports.

The smiling face are priceless, don't you think

National Dish of the Philippines: Make it Adobo

Adobo, adobo, you can make it anywhere, anytime and anyway you prepare it. I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t know what adobo is.  Even other nationalities know out famous adobo and now it’s time to make it official

Most nations around the world have their own national dish and it is time for the Filipino to take pride in what is uniquely our own. Ours is not the first effort to make adobo the national dish of the Philippines. In 2014, House Bill 3926 (led by Hone Rene Relampagos from first district of Bohol) was filed in congress to declare Adobo as our National dish, but to this day, the bill is still up for final deliberation.

And to start, I attended an event held at Romulo’s Café in Jupiter that showcase how versatile our Adobo is

Making Baon is a Piece of Cake

Hay, pasukan na naman and just like every mom; I’m busy in listing down the baon that my kid would bring to school.  It really is a problem because we don’t want our kids to suffer from taste fatigue or getting the same baon over and over again every day.

It was a relief actually that I was able to attend the first ever Big Baon Blow Out by Yummy Magazine.  I was really tired that day, hahaha; tired of tasting all the food sample because they were so many of them

Yummy Magazine, the country’s number 1 food magazine, gave everyone a delightful whole day food affair with Yummy approved concessionaires at the Trinoma Activity Center in Q.C.


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