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Have you Let Kids Play For Real………

 Have you remembered those days when we were young and use to play the patintero and the taguan?  Who hear did the Chinese garter and the tumbang preso, we are so care free and time seems to just pass by because we are  happy to just play. 

Now that we are parent, don’t you think that it’s time that our children also experience those moments? With all the gadgets and technology that keep out children busy, it seems that they will not truly know what childhood is all about. Those were the time, the great times………….
The good news is, there is a company that believes that there is real play for children and they make it a point to bring it back to us to enjoy. Johnson recently lets us experience how it is to be a child again, as in play with the sun on our back. It was truly a day to remember because we are enjoying the day together with our children

Honda lets the beat out with “Let Your Beat Out” Facebook promo

Honda Philippines Incorporated lets the beat go rockin’ with its latest promo on Facebook, the “Let Your Beat Out” video upload contest. 

The promo involves uploading of personal video entries from participants that state their life aspirations, particularly in the areas of Street Sports, Extreme Sports and even in Music. Videos should start with the participant stating his/her name, and the remaining portion should showcase how they do their beat


 I have attended t today’s presscon for Energizer Night Race Manila 2015, this fun run is for the benefit of the children Bantaybata 163. The event was held at Hotel Rembrant  and was attended by media, bloggers and guest that are supports the advocacy.


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