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World Vision Run 2014

It’s just plain and simple, World Vision is hosting once again a fun run for the benefit of the children. This
coming June, with Runrio as it race organizer, World Vision Run 2014 will happen . We all know that World Vision is an international charity institution for the children and the benefits that would come from the fun run will go directly to them. Sponsors are giving their all for the support of this endeavor. It was my honor to be part of the media who will dissimminate this information. A presscon was held so that we would get a more information what this fun run is all about. No one is excuse with regards to the supporting of this vision.
World Vision Run 2014

Alaska Celebrates World Milk Day on June 1

Just like the previous years, Alaska once again will hold a World Milk Day celebration. This year event would be bigger and it will happen on June 1. This year, Alaska will make World Milk Day Celebration much bigger. There will be simultaneous events in Baguio, Cebu, and Davao which will encourage fitness enthusiasts and their families to join fitness classes in the morning (between 6:30-8:00 am).

Keeping Children and Teens Safe Online : Online Best Practices by Trend Micro

The power of the Internet is measured by its ability to allow users to exchange valuable information and connect people from all over the world. Through simple search engines, users can easily access the content they need. On the other hand, social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, enable users to communicate, meet new friends, and share information with others locally and across the globe.

Although these sites have their advantages, they also expose users—including more than half of all Filipino kids and teens who own their own computers and mobile devices—to several risks. According to a recent Trend Micro poll conducted among Filipino parents, most if not all of them acknowledge the importance of online security. However, less than half (44%) of the respondents are confident in their ability to secure their families from online threats.

The online poll, which surveyed 442 respondents from the Philippines, further revealed that parents’ top online safety concerns are computer viruses and malware (92%), malicious websites (90%), and sites with inappropriate content like graphic violence and pornography (84%). As precautions, Filipino parents said that they protect their kids and families by installing antivirus software on their computers and mobile devices as well as regularly updating their security software.

Filipina bags Global Educator’s Award of UN affiliated body

They that we Filipinos strike everywhere because there is no small or large deed that we can if we put our hearts into it. Filipinos and Filipinas always makes a mark on whatever endeavor we do and Ms. Rayla Melchor Santos proud this. Filipina educator and international lecturer Rayla Melchor Santos received the prestigious Global Education Motivators (GEM) Award for 2013-2014 for her advocacy on the empowerment of children in schools under the I Am SAM Foundation.

Rayla Melchor Santos, of Muntinlupa, Philippines, accepts the GEM Global Educator Award at the 9th Annual United Nations Conference on Teaching Peace and Human Rights on Saturday morning, April 4, 2014. Wayne Jacoby, President of Global Education Motivators looks on as Santos thanks the people and organizations who helped make her, I AM S.A.M Foundation, successful. 

Santos co-founded the I am SAM foundation in 2010 following her mother Merci Melchor’s long years of advocacy to help abused women and children to be aware of their rights  and be able to rebuild lives after suffering from various forms of abuse.


Owning your dream house proves to be a challenge these days. Several factors like location, affordable financing and environment play important roles in determining whether a house can be turned into a home. Fortunately for prospective homeowners, these elements are exactly what property developer and game changer Property Company of Friends, Inc., or simply PRO-FRIENDS, strategically consider in creating residential communities in providing quality homes to Filipino families.

To support this mission, PRO-FRIENDS’ 87 hectare development Carmona Estates recently launched its newest campaign aptly called, “We’re Home.” Held at the posh Blue Leaf Filipinas in Parañaque City, privileged media friends and special guests were among those who have been given a virtual walkthrough of the different offerings of Carmona Estates.


As we adapt to current lifestyle and societal changes, our behavior has become one that’s always “on-the-go”, results are often expected to be instantaneous. But one brand sees things differently going against quick fixes and sought a different route to provide a long lasting sustainable beauty. It goes back to where beauty began to promote a new kind of beauty called Healthy Beauty.

Hana is a new beauty care brand by Japanese brand Shokubutsu. It recently entered the Philippine market and offers hair and body care that provides natural solutions.

Marian Rivera, the New Face of HANA Shampoo

Hana Shampoo from the Japanese brand Shokubutsu; entered the Philippine hair care category late in 2013. The brand promotes healthy beauty and advocates that healthy hair is naturally beautiful hair. Harnessed from nature Hana believes that to achieve naturally beautiful hair one forgoes the use of products that provide quick fixes or artificial solutions.
Ms. Marian Rivera , for HANA Shampoo

TV5’s ‘Jasmine’ Goes Beyond Television

The highly-anticipated TV5 series, ‘Jasmine’, is ready to give audiences an exciting new way to enjoy TV. It premieres on Sunday, June 1, at 9:15PM.

Breaking away from the traditional romance/drama genre, ‘Jasmine’ is a show full of mystery and suspense that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. It stars Jasmine Curtis Smith, who plays a fictional version of herself: an indie actress who is on the verge of becoming a mainstream celebrity. She faces the usual challenges in the show biz industry: failed relationships, rivalries, the pressure to win awards, and unsuccessful auditions. Amidst all this, Jasmine begins to receive mysterious messages from Maskara, an obsessed fan who is willing to do anything to make her happy—even if it means hurting everyone around her.
A creation of award-winning advertising agency Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, in partnership with Unitel and TV5,‘Jasmine’ brings the story to life 24/7 by also making its characters exist online—and in person.
One example is how supporting character Wendell Bautista, a famous entertainment blogger and friend of Jasmine’s on the show, has an actual blogFacebook Page, and Twitter and Instagram accounts—all of which are regularly updated. Wendell has even appeared in blogger and fan events to support Jasmine’s endeavors.

Fun With Philip, now in GMA 7

Lifestyle is simply a life lived in style. There are many styles, choices and preferences. Philip Abadicio wants to make sure that we all have fun while living our different lifestyles in his latest TV show, “Fun with Philip,” on GMA News TV every Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. starting on June 14, 2014. 

He was meant to be a lifestyler. After finishing college in U.P. Diliman, Philip and his pals setup Wild Life, a clothing store catering to cool high school and college kids. They used the heartthrobs and sweethearts of the top schools and this marketing strategy gave them sales beyond their expectations. The lifestyle editor of the Manila Times took notice of Wild Life and invited Philip to be a contributor.

The initial half page that he had to fill up would eventually be extended into 2 pages with various lifestyle news—food, fashion, parties, beautiful people, travel. The job opened doors and several lifestyle experiences for Philip. “My network expanded and I realized I really loved lifestyle news and coverage,” he shares.

Philip also interacted closely with the PR’s and publicity industry. He learned how PR is done effectively and opened RPA & Communicate, a PR agency specializing in lifestyle and society clients. “In the 90s and 2000’s lifestyle was mostly for the affluent, done in English and always featuring high-end products and services,” he relates. Things have changed since then.

In the age of reality TV, lifestyle is no longer just for the rich and those who can afford it. “I’ve always maintained that lifestyle should not just be aspirational but more importantly, it should inspire people to live their lives in style, no matter what circumstance you are in,” he explains.

After 2 seasons each of “It’s More Fun with Philip” and “Philip Lifestyle Guy,” the objective of making sure lifestyle is understood and appreciated by a wider audience has been started. In the latest offering, “Fun with Philip,” the agenda to help and entertain is pushed even further. Chosen letter senders will experience the food, beauty treatments, fitness regimen, etc. that are featured on the show. More than this, contests both on-air and online via will give viewers more chances of enjoying the lifestyle features on the show.

“Fun with Philip” is a show made for lifestylers. As they say on the show, “mga Kapusong Lifestylers, we will give you the surprises for you to win the prizes!” A segment called Kwentuhang Kumot, where Philip interviews a celebrity under the sheets as he or she reveals untold secrets, will be there. Philip will also bring the occasional American tourist, Jeffrey Whitney, around the Philippines so he will be obliged to speak Filipino and try the various food, culture and lifestyles.

Philip will be joined by his FunKicks, the sidekicks who will help provide more fun. They are Lucky Mercado as the arrogant, macho man in “Lucky Strikes”, Madam Venus roaming the streets of Metro Manila and letting people try various lifestyle elements as she suddenly reads their fortunes in “Larangan ng Kapalaran”, Bryan Santos is a real fitness coach and will be the conscience of the show after too much eating as the “Exercise Expert”, and Hilda Ehrenberg will be  the ditzy female model “Bru-Hilda”.

“The show will be a lot of fun while you learn something new and you can apply it in your lives plus, you just might win prizes too,” Philip says. “Fun with Philip” will not have a formula, so expect the unexpected.

“Fun with Philip” is produced by The Lifestylers Media, directed by Tootoots Leyesa and written by Rod Divinagracia. It will air on GMA News TV every Saturday and Sunday, from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. starting on June 14, 2014.

Grab Car is now in the Philippines

GrabTaxi, the largest Southeast Asian taxi-booking mobile app, is launching GrabCar on the existing mobile app. GrabCar is a brand new service that provides an authorized on-demand private driver for anyone without the hassle of owning a private car.

This new service provides a new option for passengers and also expands the benefits of GrabTaxi to a new network of drivers. Like GrabTaxi, GrabCar offers private car drivers the opportunity to build on their income by providing them with a much wider user-base and an efficient driver-to-passenger matching.
My GrabCar , waiting for me just outside our office. My service from Quezon City to Makati where the lauch of the GrabCar would take place


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