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Elica : First line of Defense for Eczema

We mothers are the most affected when our children are suffering and we can’t do anything about it.
We do everything in our power to protect them, and yet there are thing that we can’t control.  Just like my daughter’s case; she is suffering from skin attack whenever the heat strikes or if there’s something that her skin is allergic of; like rushes and inflammation or other skin attacks

One of the samples of skin attack is eczema. Eczema is characterized by red, dry, itchy rashes on the skin. It is more common in children than in adults (. Yes, adult also suffers from these itches but if we can tolerate it; it’s not the same case when it comes to our children). It can also have a huge negative impact on a kid’s life, like sleep deprivation.

How to Protect your Children's Health ?

The health of my children is one of the most important things in my life.  With the weather that keeps changing in a snap and the  pollution situation, together with viruses and diseases that seem to be getting stronger and more aggressive, it’s important that my children have a strong immune system. As they say “ ang mga sakit, madaling makahawa, mabilis lumala, mas nagtatagal”, that is why I’m doing everything in my power to protect them.

TV5 Latest Offering: Kano Luvs Pinay

TV5 officially launched it latest offering; Kano Luvs Pinay to media and guest. . Lead by premier comedienne Tuesday Vargas as Cookie and American actor Lee O’Brien as Matthew, the romantic comedy and situational comedy show mixes Filipino humor, kilig, and family values while taking a look at the intricacies of interracial and intercultural relationships between a Filipina and her American fiancé.

Vitamin from Rebisco: Vita Cubes

 Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey……………….
Who would have thought that vitamins can be enjoyed through sweets and sugar. We were invited to get to know Vita Cubes. Vita Cubes is a delicious fruit-flavored jelly candy that is high in vitamins and minerals. The event was held at Fun Ranch  , together with our kids; we were informed that sweet is not  bad for our kids, just as long as it was taken in moderation and it was just a tool to make our kids enjoy their vitamins

Samsung Happy Home Upgrade Filipino Familie's Lifestyle

Samsung Happy Home roadshow featuring Samsung’s range of new products, including  television, Home Entertainment Solutions, and Digital Appliances kicked off today Aug. 18,015 in Mall of Asia and will continue in key cities like Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, Cebu, Pampanga, Naga and  Iloilo thorough out the year, letting more families and soon upgrade their dream home

Out with the Old

 In with the New
The Samsung Happy Home roadshow aims to show how families can enjoy the many conveniences and the possibilities made possible by Samsung products- all designed to meet the need of families at every life stage and celebrate with them in every success. Regardless of family size, age, interest or location, there’s always a Samsung product that is right for everyone with every unit designed to surpass expectations and delight users.

The Samsung Happy Home roadshow  showcase a lineup of products that will surely be the best upgrade every Filipino’s Home dream come true, smart innovative and happier home
Creating ones dream home doesn’t always mean major overhauls. By adding perfect home pieces and products from Samsung, build the dream home that will be filled with love, togetherness, convenience and entertainment

Visit the Samsung Philippines Facebook page or follow Samsung via twitter for more information

Full details and product images are available at

Jardine Home Pest Solution : The Best Defense Again Pest

This is my home and I will do everything in my power to protect this from intruders that would harm my family and my house.
Big words from a mom like me, but there are times that you can only do so much. There are just some intruders that manage to get inside our home to destroy it and worst; cause disease to our love ones.
There are ways and means for these intruders to be terminated but the problem would lie on how it can also affect our health
Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI), a leading multinational company distributing and marketing pest solutions products such as Solignum wood preservative has its line of home pest products called Home Pest Solutions by Jardine Distributions and recently invited us to get a glimpse of what are the other options that we can do to prevent this intruders from entering our home and our destroying our property and cause health problems to our family
 Pests in the home represent a threat to the health of the entire family. Some pests are carriers of serious diseases that can even be fatal, as in the case of dengue fever that is spread by the bite of the dengue virus-carrying mosquito. Exposure to mice and rats urine can cause leptospirosis.  Cockroaches bring with them bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasitic worms

Champion hosts “Tapatan” with Susan Roces

With the tagline, “Tapat po sa inyo,” Champion Detergent hopes to inspire every Filipino to perform every task with honesty and integrity. In the same way that the brand is constantly motivated by its belief in doing the right thing, thereby enabling Filipinas to have cleaner homes and better lives via products with uncompromised quality that they deserve.

TV5 acquires telecast rights for Japan’s phenomenal TV series Amachan

One of Japan’s highest-rating drama in 2013, Amachan, finds its way into Philippine television, after local channel TV5 signs an affiliation agreement with Japan Broadcasting Corporation, NHK, to telecast the said series.

Reviving the Taka: Tesoros showcases Pinoy papier-mâché art

Remember those colorful papier-mâché pieces of horses, angels, and dolls that we would see during town fiestas and local celebrations?

These fanciful figures originated in Paete, Laguna and are called Taka – a Filipino art form that makes papier-mâché figures forms using hand-carved wooden molds.

During the 1970s and 1980s Taka entered the international market. There was a demand in Europe and North America for such angels and cherubs and even newer images of pop culture icons and even politicians.

 Since that time, with changes in trends and designs, this once popular local decoration has fallen into disuse, with a once-booming industry reduced to few workshops run by ageing craftsmen.

Enter Mary Velmonte, a rising talent in the Philippine advertising industry with a great passion for locally grown creations. In her own words, “My interest in Taka began with a trip to Paete. It was so sad to see that the art was dying. I felt like I just had to do something to help save the craft.” Together with friends and fellow creatives Missy Galang and Claude Rodrigo Canete, Mary founded Takatak Project, a Manila-based initiative established to breathe new life into the traditional way of making Taka.

Takatak Project’s line-up gives an interesting and modern take on a beloved art form. The group’s horses, owls, giraffe, antlers, bikes, and bird cages are molded and brightly painted with angles and geometric inputs inspired by Filipino indigenous culture. Mary and her team ensure that amazing attention to detail is given to each Taka. “There is a story in every Taka, and we show it through the most creative patterns and designs,” Mary shares.

Velmonte’s Taka pieces will be showcased as part of the TESOROS event series “Disenyo at Talento,” which aims to promote local talents who define Filipino-ness through new and revitalized forms of art. The first artisan featured by TESOROS through “Disenyo at Talento” was another Laguna based creator: corporate publishing executive An Mercado-Alcantara, who has become renowned for her Casa San Pablo Clay Storytellers.

“It is exciting to see so many new ideas in the Philippine craft and art scene,” says TESOROS Group CE, Maria Isabel “Beng” Tesoro. “We at TESOROS are eager to empower local artisans like Mary Velmonte and An Mercado-Alcantara, whose ideas bring fresh interpretations of our Filipino traditional arts, and in doing so provide livelihood to many.”

Mary and An are set to give a talk-around to guests invited from a variety of arts and cultural groups on their inspirations, and ideas, on how to innovate on traditional Filipino iconography. Takatak Project’s stable of Taka animal figures and Casa San Pablo Clay Storytellers will be available at all TESOROS branches starting August 2015.

TESOROS, the provider of quality Philippine cultural treasures and handicrafts, aims to feature more creative talent through the ”Disenyo At Talento” Artisanal Talks. To learn more about and become involved with this initiative, or to gain more information about other inventive handicrafts and artwork specially curated by TESOROS, email or, visit, or like the official Facebook page of TESOROS:

Rockwell Primaries Launches the Vantage at Kapitolyo

Rockwell Primaries continues to expand its property portfolio of well-designed living spaces where buyers can gain the best value for their money through The Vantage, its first high rise and integrated vertical village development in Kapitolyo Pasig City. Recently launched to the public and media friends, the Vantage Features easy and attainable, high quality living spaces for families and urban professionals.

The Vantage is situated  within the heart of the Metro Manila’s four major business district- Makati, Bonifacio, global City , Ortigas and Mandaluyong. . The Vantage sits in a prime location and caters to both the families, young professionals, and executives who will have easy access to the growing local food scene in the Kapitolyo area as well as key shopping malls, schools, offices and hospitals
The Vantage is the first high rise development that will answer the markets need for well-designed and spacious condo units in Pasig and all within a reasonable prize.

Regenestem Manila: The Center for Arthritis

Regenestem Manila offers the safest and most advance technology available today in the field of regenerative medicine, sports and molecular orthopedics, anti-ageing,  and cosmetic surgery

A core specialization  by the clinic is  Pain Management . Regenestem Manila provides highly effective and modern treatment of Arthritis in Asia. Joint inflammation or commonly known as Arthritis refers to inflammation in and around a joint area that causes pain, stiffness and sometimes difficulty in movement.. Long time inflammation and recurrence can lead to tissue damage. Some type of  Arthritis, if left untreated, may also affect the skin and internal organs. It is a  widely known condition that is most bothersome and painful that choose no age and gender.
The revolutionary , non-surgical cell based arthritis therapy offered by Regenestem Manila allows patients to drastically control and manage debilitating joint pains, which is considered as one of the top ailments that most Filipinos suffer from, most especially and specifically senior citizens. This treatment aids patients in achieving comfort and mobility via Tri Cell Growth Factor Therapy, Marrow Stimulation Technique Therapy, Joint Plasma Jelly, Cellular Scaffold Based Therapy and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy.

Cafe Via Mare's All Time Favorite Merienda : Showcase Real Pinoy Taste

Just where can you find the happiest place on earth?
For me, it’s when everyone is gathered around a dining table; happily chatting and eating our favorite food
It is when you are eating that sweet memories are once told; rediscover our old soul as they say.
And speaking of old soul;  my old soul brought me back to my old self and my old all-time favorite merienda last Aug. 13, 2015 when we had a get together at the Café Via Mare located at Landmark Trinoma
Yes, there is a Café Via Mare inside Landmark, more specifically at the woman’s section located at the second floor.
Who would have thought that inside Landmark, you could find the coziest place to have your merienda.
The place was simply , the merienda is simple but the feeling  was not. This Merienda foods are what our taste buds is familiar with and there is no better place to have it but at Café Via Mare.

We Filipinos eat three times a day but there is what we called merienda that we also enjoy during the day. 
Merienda – a meal that is served in between the main meals of the day. Pan de sal is a breakfast staple among Filipinos and Via Mare serves it fresh every day, grilled with sides of corned beef, Vigan longganisa, Laguna cheese, and queso de bola; as well as comfort food like arroz caldo and tokwa’t baboy.

Merienda, or light snacks, are as important as main meals for Filipinos. At Via Mare, diners can choose from well-loved Filipino fare such as puto bumbong, palitaw, and guinataang halo-halo.
Ending scrumptious feasts on a sweet note are iced deserts such as halo-halo and guinomis.

Dinuguan at Puto : 205.00

Lugaw Toppings : 225.00

Arroz Caldo
Chicken : 205.00
Goto: 185.00

Lomi : 190.00

Bam -I Guisado : 240.00
Tokwat Baboy : 172.00

Pancit Luglug : 228.00

Bibingka Casava 70.00

Puto Maya : 165.00 

Ginataang Halo Halo : 98.00

Shooters : 98.00

True to its Filipino heritage, Via Mare serves Filipino cuisine that matches the eating pattern of Filipinos.

For 40 years, Via Mare have shown the world and most especially our fellow Filipinos, what Filipino cuisine is all about – it is about the freshest of ingredients cooked in influences of our ancestors and the rich heritage of the Filipino nation, sprinkled with the love and affection of a Filipino chef.

Via Mare Corporation is a duly registered company backed by 40 solid years of experience. It opened its very first Via Mare Seafood Specialty Restaurant on September 5, 1975 and has since grew and continue to be a frontrunner in the restaurant and catering industry. The brand has become synonymous to the phrase “of splendid cuisine and fond memories” as it has been part of the most historic moments in the country – from state visit of presidents to the Miss Universe pageant. It could very well be said that Via Mare is a part of this country's history and culture—a distinction solely enjoyed by the Philippine's premier restaurant and catering company.

Via Mare’s corporate strength lies in its core product: the food. With its dynamic food offerings, Via Mare ensures that every dish served conforms to the highest standards of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) to meet the discriminating taste and preference of its clientele.

Yellow Cab Antipolo: Now Open to Serve You

What’s your favorite color? Yellow
What’s your favorite pizza? Yellow Cab

And that’s it……………
Jessa celebrated her 18th birthday at the Yellow Cab Pizza located near CCP with her friends and classmates last June (while I had my mother's day celebration at Yellow Cab Megamall branch). They had so much fun eating that it was almost 12 midnight when they decided that they had enough. I was thankful to the staff that they waited for the children to finish the celebration before they clean up and close the store (it was actually past the closing time when we end the party).
I have my own favorite at Yellow Cab; the DD and the Chicken Chan Pasta (to be honest I don’t remember the names but I could describe it well enough that my daughter knows what I would like to have at Yellow Cab)

Yellow Cab recently opens a new branch in Antipolo and I was so excited to be able to visit it together with some friends.

Lily’s Handog Pabaon Activity with Day Daniel Padilla

Lily’s Peanut Butter launched its first formal Corporate Social Responsibility Activities together with Daniel Padilla last August 15, 2015, 1:00PM at Brgy. Old Balara Covered Court, Brgy. Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

Robinsons Townsville Meycauayan : Now Open to Serve You

What do you look for when you are looking for a place to live? What are the things that you need so that you could live conveniently every day?

I am asking you this because I would like to inform you that if you are living in Sto Nino Meycauayan or any area nearby; you will be happy to know that almost everything you need will be within your reach because Robinsons Townsville Meycauayan was officially opened last Aug. 14, 2015.

Robinsons Townville connotes a sense of belongingness, of being family-oriented, fun and friendly. It is convenient to go to. It offers goods and services that reasonably meet the expectations of households,


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