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Ventura’s Secret is Out in the Market

Ventura’s Secret is The Sauce

            If you go to a restaurant in the United States there is a good chance that you would be eating a Ventura foods product.

Ventura Foods is a leading manufacturer of custom and branded oil, shortening, margarine, mayonnaise, sauce and dressing in the United States. The company currently supplies many Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants in the United States and many other countries around the world.

Ventura Foods and Oleo-Fats Products : Now Available in the Philippines

US-Based Ventura Foods Expands to Philippines, Asia Pacific Region

            If you go to a restaurant in the United States there is a good chance that you would be eating a Ventura foods product.

            Ventura Foods is a leading manufacturer of custom and branded oil, shortening, margarine, mayonnaise, sauce and dressing in the United States. The company currently supplies many Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants in the United States and many other countries around the world. Ventura has since expanded to the Philippines to cater to the ever growing needs of the industry here and the rest of the Asia-Pacific Region. This is welcome news to the food service and restaurant industry, which is experiencing robust growth, and demands high quality products to offer a public with increasingly discriminating tastes. Ventura held a successful exhibit at the recently concluded WOFEX (World Food Expo) in August 2016 at the World Trade Center Manila where clients were able to sample the kind of products the company can offer.
Ribbon Cutting ceremony during the opening of WOFEX 2016 last August 3, 2016. (L-R) Anton de los Santos - Sales and Marketing Director – Export Division; Vincent Lao – Managing Director, Oleo Fats ; Yann Kervoern - President, International Ventura Foods; Glenn Lobo - Director of International Operations – Asia Pacific, Ventura Foods; Baven Chin – Sales Director – APAC; and Francis Tan – Director for Sales and Marketing, Local Division.

            What makes Ventura Foods different from other companies in the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) category is that customization is their specialization. “Two-thirds of our business is food service. We are first and foremost a food service organization. We do have a retail business and an industrial business as well, but food service is our primary focus,” says Yann Kervoern, President of Ventura International. “We don't make one product that we sell to everybody. We try to understand everybody's different needs and tailor to their requirements.”

            Asia-Pacific was a natural choice in deciding where to expand the company. "One reason why we're here is that our key clients have approached Ventura USA because we are the primary supplier of sauces and dressings for these major companies,” says Glenn Lobo, Director of International Operations for the Asia-Pacific region.“They reached out to us and said, ‘Hey, can you help us make sure our sauces are standardized across the globe?’” It has been the practice of QSR chains that expand globally to use local suppliers in many markets. They had to make do with what’s available because importing those same sauces from the US would be too costly, which would result in a less price competitive end product. 

            To be competitive in terms of pricing and quality, the company established a strong local partnership with Oleo-Fats Inc., which consists of the production and marketing of products not just for the Philippine market but also for export throughout the Asia Pacific region, and even the Middle East. “In the region we know we will be tariff and duty friendly and cost competitive, but the same time to be able to make our customer and their customers happy that what they're eating is something similar to what they'll be eating at when they're in the US or anywhere else,” explains Lobo.
            The high quality of their products is something the company banks on making them stand out. “The formulation of sauces, dressing and mayonnaise are based on the ones made in the United States,” informs Kervoern. For instance, Ventura makes their real mayonnaise with real eggs vs powdered eggs. This is an important detail because it is a signifier of the conditions of the manufacturing site. “If you only use powder, it could mean you are not able to handle fresh products and not handle them safely in your facility because it’s harder,” says Lobo.“Being able to process fresh ingredients means you have a quality environment. It’s more difficult operationally requiring more stringent conditions.” 
Already, this strict adherence to standards is getting an enthusiastic response from clients and potential customers. “Compared to other imported products from other countries, our quality is a lot better,” says Anton de los Santos, Sales and Marketing Director of Oleo-Fats.  “We've already received feedback from major QSR chains sourcing their products from Asia-Pacific producers and they're saying Ventura’s quality is very good. They are the gold standard.”

            Apart from bringing their obvious expertise to the Asia-Pacific market, Ventura recognizes that the region and the countries in it have their own unique flavor profile that may not always match those in the United States. “We have the ability to adjust tastes to consumer preferences for every country in the region,” says Kervoern.  The Ventura produced real mayonnaise for the Philippine market, for instance, is sweeter than mayonnaise they produce elsewhere because this is in line with consumer preference.  They plan to take the same approach to the rest of their market. “Taste is important, but in our market of sauces, dressings, mayonnaise and margarine, texture and mouthfeel are other components that are equally just as important,”Kervoern explains.The experience in the US means the company’s area of expertise in products that specialize in both taste and mouthfeel is vast. 
This combination makes them a formidable presence in the industry. “We have the know-how, technical capability, quality systems, the production capabilities to delight our customers, and we try to remain fleet-footed and agile in terms of being able to respond to market trends and customer demands,” says de los Santos. Ventura’s presence in the region is growing, and with local production capabilities, they can only expect continued momentum that’s set to match the booming growth in various related and complementary industries such as tourism and casual dining.
   Ventura Foods and Oleo-Fats, Inc. office address is at #5 Mercury Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City 1110 Philippines or visit the official website at You may contact them directly at (02) 709 6536 or (02) 635 0680.

About Ventura Foods:
Ventura Foods is the leading manufacturer of custom and branded dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, oils, shortenings, margarines, bases and pan coatings for the foodservice, retail and ingredient manufacturing industries in over 60 countries.  They offer customers a full-range of meal solutions including retail brands that benefit greatly from their culinary expertise and strength in foodservice. The privately owned company was formed in 1996 as a joint venture between Mitsui & Co. of Japan and CHS, a global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States with diversified interests energy, grain and food.

About Oleo-Fats:
Oleo-Fats, Inc. was established in 1987 and has since grown to become the leading manufacturer of specialty food oils and ingredients in the Philippines.  The company has a strong presence in various food industries – bakery & snack food, dairy, biscuits, confectionery, local and international restaurant chains, and catering services.
            Oleo-Fats, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly listed D&L Industries, Inc., a dynamic industrial group founded in 1963. Over the years, the group has evolved from a trader of chemicals into a diversified manufacturer and supplier of innovative products, growing successfully to become a market leader in the industries it serves.

Reason Why you should Attend the History Con 2016


HISTORY Con, A+E Networks®’ HISTORY® Asia’s very first-ever convention, opened in Manila starting 25 August till Aug 28. This can’t-miss event is jam-packed with activities and displays that will bring the channel to life and immerse visitors in the HISTORY® experience. Get ready for an epic event that covers a broad-range of genres and interests, with dedicated areas for the paranormal/sci-fi, survival and adventure, motoring, history and culture.  

Things You Should Know About PICC

For those who are always around the area of CCP complex, I would like to be believed that you have seen or noticed the grand structure that is near Star City that is the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). And just like you, you wonder what inside this building. I said wonder because I know that you are intimidated to enter this grand convention center.

There were few times that I have experience to visit the PICC, that’s during the event and when I watch the concert of David Bennot which is like 25 years ago. Situated at the heart of  Manila, PICC is few minutes away from the airport, close to major hotels and exciting nightlife, malls and interesting tourist spots.

Let me take you inside the PICC when I revisited it a day ago,
Love the thousand ceiling droplights in the main lobby

Thing you need to understand about Robotic Surgery

I remember watching Robocop and Total Recall years ago and it show how robotics has been part of the movie.

Technology has really gone a long way and it now not only part of the movies we watch but part of our everyday lives as well. There is robotics in semi-conductor companies and recently I had the opportunity to be able to experience to use one for surgery
It was really amazing on my part and it was actually hard at first and I was just doing some random stuff like picking up jackstone and putting it inside a container.But that just the tip of      the iceberg I may say because Robotic Surgery has help a lot for the benefit of the patients.

The Benefits of Using a Slow Juicer

They say that juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help remove toxins from your body, aid digestion and help you lose weight.

Juicing is also an alternative if you don't enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing may be a fun way to add them to your diet or to try fruits and vegetables you normally wouldn't eat. You can find many juicing recipes online or mix up your own combinations of fruits and vegetables to suit your taste.

 When you drink juice, highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes rapidly enter the bloodstream absorbing all of the nutritional benefits of the fruits and vegetables and giving your digestive organs a much-needed rest.

Remember to drink our juices the same day they are pressed. As soon as any juice meets the air it begins to oxidize, compromising its nutritional value. However, storing our full juices in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed glass jar slows this process. The best time to drink juice is on an empty stomach or at least an hour before eating a meal. This maximizes the amount of nutrients absorbed into the body. Of course, fresh pressed juice is still loaded with health benefits even if you can’t drink it during the recommended window.

And speaking of juicing, why not check out Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer.  Matsone Horizontal Slow Juicer was featured at the World Food Expo 2016 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Because of its unique design, juicing is easy and more effective since the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer retains most of the needed nutrients from the ingredients. Even tough, leafy vegetables like malunggay – from the leaves down to the stem – can easily be made into a healthy and delicious juice that the whole family will enjoy.  The design also guarantees that whatever you put into the juicer won’t get stuck there. With just a few quick twists and turns, you can change the attachments easily and perform eight other functions in a snap. Using the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer, you can slice and mince ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes, make perfect pasta, shave ice and create sorbets for awesome desserts, as well as grind, milk, and extract oils from tough beans and seeds.

Present during the event was Oriental medicine expert Dr. Andrew S.H. Kim who demonstrated how the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer can be used to prepare delicious fruit juices and meals to invigorate the mind and body, and keep users healthy.

To know more, visit and for healthy juicing recipes, and like its official Facebook page at

#WeAreHomeMade. : No to Parent Judging Campaign

There’s no place like home. Just like what Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said.

So many things happen in our life, in our career and whether it’s good or bad, going back to the roots; our home is there to share these moments. We learn the basic from our home, first of everything and whatever we may have become; it’s our home that first taught us all of this.

My Future Goal: To be a Reliable Financial Advisor

Sunlife’s 3rd topic: Finding the right financial advisor

Hello Dolly Launch at Canadian Trade Fair 2016

New Creation Manufacturing, which began the manufacturing of bed sheets and comforters ,pillowcases and towel host a fashion show to showcase their  newest collection for Hello Dolly, Canadian Hotel Line and Lifestyle Canadian. The event was held at Valkeyrie, The Fort last Aug. 15,2015

Meet Dr. Ron Samaniego : Practicing Doctor of Physical Theraphy

We meet practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy from Chicago last week at Zuellig Bldg in Makati last Aug. 15,2015.

I was quite interested to meet the Doc since I got 4 children who are always in need of physical therapist. The problem I’m encountering is that, the pain keeps coming back and we need to start all over again with a new therapist. I was looking forward on meeting the Doc to learn new facts and information about his therapy specialization

Personal Interview with Dr. Ron Samaniego

PLDT Home The Regine Series at Megamall

After taking over Cebu and Davao, the sensational singer comes back to Manila! Asia’s one and only songbird moved the hearts of hundreds in SM Megamall during the Manila Leg of the Regine Series Nationwide Tour last August 14, 2016. ! She sang her greatest hits and captivated the crowd with her fantastic performances. Regine Velasquez performed at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall for the Manila leg of PLDT Home The Regine Series Nationwide Tour 


Meet and Greet with Aga Mulach: 4th Judge of Pinoy Boyband Superstar

The Philippines’ original heartthrob, ultimate leading man, and award-winning actor Aga Muhlach has finally returned to his home, ABS-CBN, after signing a contract with the network as one of the superstar judges in the newest search for the biggest Pinoy boyband, “Pinoy Boyband Superstar.”

It will be Aga’s first-ever stint as a judge in a talent competition. In the program, he will join phenomenal box-office superstar Vice Ganda, international K-pop sensation Sandara Park, and pop rock superstar Yeng Constantino in evaluating aspiring band members.

Meet and Greet  Full Video Coverage

Start your Investment Plan with Prosperity Card

Thinking of giving a gift to someone for their birthday, wedding or any occasion, why not give them something more important than cash it self or material things.

Why don’t you try giving a bigger value then, just like the one that Matteo Guidicelli gives to his friends and love ones. Matteo discuss the benefit of Sun Life Prosperity Card during the official launch of the product last August 19,2016 at B Hotel in Quezon City.

How to Age Well: Sign up now

Question: Takot ka ba tumanda?

Sabi nila, lahat naman tayo tatanda, it’s just how you embrance this phase of our life ang medyo iba iba na ang sagot.
I am on my 40’s already, late 40’s na nga eh, and now I have learned to change some habits about my health. Sabi nga, di na tayo  bumabata, madami na bawal, but then again, why do we restrict ourselves when we can enjoy life to the fullest and yet take care ourselves as well.

There are a lot of senior citizen associations where we can join or our parents are members but medyo limited kasi ung mga activities nila. My father in particular has no other activity than going to and from my brother’s house and mine. I don’t restrict him sa mga gawaing bahay, kasi parang exercise na nya eh, kaso medyo minsan parang boring na din, kasi yun at yun na lang ang ginagawa nya.


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