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Aussie Fresh Fest at Rustan's and Shopwise

Fresh and juicy and they are here for us to enjoy

I’m talking about the famous oranges that would be available for the whole month of August at Rustan’s Supermarket, Marketplace by Rustan’s and Shopwise.

Smart Enterprise and PLDT SME Nation unveil first ever Bozz Awards

Everyone deserves to be a boss, an entrepreneur in his chosen field and that is what this post is all about.

This is to inform everyone that you don’t need to be someone big to be a boss. If you know anyone who fits the criteria, please inform them about the ongoing search by PLDT SME Nation.

Via Mare: Celebrate 40 years of serving the Living Legacy of Filipino Food

Let me tell you some facts which I read about our food, our Philippine cuisine or our Filipino cuisine
Philippine cuisine consists of the food, preparation methods and eating customs found in the Philippines. The style of cooking and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries.
Our dish ranges from very simple to elaborate mixes of ingredients. Filipino cuisine is distinguished by its bold combination of sweet (tamis), sour (asim), and salty (alat) flavors.

I am sharing this information to you to let get a better understanding why Via Mare has been in the business for 40 years.

It was on September 1975 when Via Mare Seafood Specialty Restaurant opened its doors to the public and from the moment it serve its first dish; it had made a mark when it comes to Filipino food

I consider myself as a soup person and when it comes to viands, my favorite would be sinigang. Imagine my happiness upon smelling the asim that Via Mare Sinigang na Hipon has. It was love at first smell, I want my sinigang to be sobrang maasim and for the sinigang to be perfect, it has to have the complete ingredients from the pa asim to the vegetable. 

Transform to a New You by Ultherapy

There are lot things that we have to consider as we aged. We can’t stop the changes but we can age gracefully and still maintain the self-esteem and confidence that goes with it.

In particular, it is the face that really shows how we age and the effects are noticeable. As we aged, the years will noticeably, inevitably show on our faces. Skin sags, cheeks sink and chin lines widen. Laxity commonly first occurs on the forehead, which leads to eyebrow descent, excess skin or hooding on the eye lids, and a less open-eyed appearance. Meanwhile, cheek and neck tissue laxity can lead to flattening of the mid-cheek, nasolabial folds, "marionette" lines surrounding chin or downturned mouth, the loss of jawline angularity or jowls, and sagging under the chin. Fortunately, there is an effective, non-invasive, and sound solution for these effects.

Now let’s go back as to how we can help ourselves as to how we can aged gracefully. We may have done so many rituals in our life to make sure that we stay as young and fresh as we used to be, but there is another way if all fails. Ultherapy is a non-surgical skin lifting procedure that uses tried and true ultrasound energy. It's the ONLY non-invasive, US FDA cleared procedure that's to lift the skin on the neck, brown and the chin.Cosmetic procedures typically involve improving superficial layers of the skin's imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles and pigment changes. On the other hand, Ultherapy addresses deeper skin layer where weak collagen is reorganized and strengthened by the growth of the new collagen leading to cosmetic enhancement that lends support to the skin.

Avida Land x Rags2Riches: collaboration on sustainable and inspired living

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz is like a breath of sunshine in a rainy day as I once again met her at Avida Showroom in Glorietta. Reese is the woman behind the Rags2Riches and had paved the way to many women from Payatas. It has been seven years since a new business partnership and innovative business model rose out of the fringes of Metro Manila’s underprivileged communities in Payatas, Quezon City.

As Avida Land celebrates 25 years of inspired living, one of its highlights is a partnership with globally renowned artisanal brand Rags2Riches in creating a specially designed line of home accessories, which will be showcased at the Avida Land showroom in Glorietta starting August 12, 2015. Dubbed as the Live Inspired Collection, the line evokes the various lifestyles inspired by Avida Land showcasing stylish mats, coasters and throw pillows

Bosch Launch the Bosch Series 8 Oven

As purchasing officer for so many years, there are just certain brands that you need not question when it comes to their quality.  If sales people mention Hafele and Bosch, which to me means quality and a name you can trust.  And now Bosch is not just for construction equipment because Bosch, today, unveiled its latest built-in cooking series at WOFEX 2015. The new Bosch Series 8, which was granted the 2015 German Design Award, features 21 new technologies that will make hosting your next dinner party a breeze. With its intuitive and sophisticated sensors, a kitchen novice or even a seasoned cook will be able to serve up a lavish spread with guaranteed perfect results. It will take the guesswork out of creating delectable dishes, with minimal effort needed.

Let's bring back the Manila Bay Glory

 I can’t remember the last time that I had visited the Manila Bay.  During my younger years, whenever we are suffering from cough; Manila Bay is the place to go to have that fresh air that we needed. It was sad that Manila Bay is not what it was used to be.

It was the tons of garbage along the strip where Manila Bay sunset is best viewed that distract us from enjoying the experience that our childhood memory has once had.

I was glad that there is a consortium, the Manila Bay Sunset Group, composed of 16 member companies, that has adopted the waste problem in this area as their advocacy and has been working passionately to ensure and sustain a clean Manila Bay.

Denim Reinvented by Uniqlo

Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces the familiar diagonal ribbing of the denim that distinguishes it from cotton duck(a linen canvas).

Demin has always been our everyday  wear and now it been reinvented to suit not just our everyday need but to showcase the fashion that only denim can possess

UNIQLO unfolds a new era in denim history as it unveils its four new innovative and reinvented jeans. Jeans will never look and feel the same as the new UNIQLO denim jeans perfectly mix aesthetic quality with advanced clothing technology to give consumers their best pair yet.
“UNIQLO continues to innovate and develop high-quality products which are focused on our consumers’ everyday needs,” said Katsumi Kubota, UNIQLO’s Chief Operating Officer. “Today, we are excited to showcase our four newest and most advanced denim jeans.”

Friso Camp Experience: A camp like no other

And because he misses the first 2 Friso Camp Adventures, I made sure that he doesn’t miss this one. Friso once again made host a Friso Camp Adventure at Alabang Town Center last July 25, 2015. It may be far from home but I made sure that Dandrew would be there. nThere were lot of surprise and new adventure in store for all the kids who attended.

Excited and ready to have his own gear

Century Tuna's Newest Endorser : Derek Ramsay

I just meet Derek Ramsay today and oh boy, he is sure as healthy as a man you want to be. With exercise and good sense on diet is the secret of this hunk. And I’m right because , he admit it to the media and guest who are present at the Makati Shangrila when he was officially presented as the Century Tuna’s brand endorser

“Century Tuna has always been with you on your road to fitness and we are very happy to share with you the right combination in achieving a healthier and sexier body,” says Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Corporation.


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