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Safeguard Soap Alarm: My New Partner in Family Safety

My family’s health is and will forever be my priority. No amount of wealth could be compare to it, for money is useless if they are sick and won’t be able to enjoy life doing what they want. As a mom, I was always on the lookout for thing that could help my children be healthy. Whenever one of my kids is sick, the whole family is affected not only emotionally, physically but financially as well.  I always remind them that little things matter, just like hand washing is important because it will stop the spread of germs and diseases. But there are times that even though how many times I remind them to wash their hands, they seems to forget.

It was by chance that I discovered the Safeguard Soap Alarm. I was at McDonald’s and need to go the washroom and found this red soap dispenser installed on the wall. I was still washing my hand when someone went out, and all of the sudden; an alarm went on. The alarm was triggered once a person leaves a toilet cubicle and it only stop when the soap dispenser was pressed. 

Birthday Celebration :the Banzai Way

I am the eldest and the only girl in the family. I take my being a big sister seriously that even though my sibling are all grown up and other have their own family, I still make an effort to be part of their life, especially during their birthdays. I could still remember when I used to bring them to park like Nayong Pilipino to celebrate their big day.

April 9 was declared a holiday but not for me. As early as 5 am, I was already up and accompanying my brother Melvin to the NAIA1 going to Abu Dhabi. I went home around 8 am to get some sleep and meet our youngest Arnel, who will be celebrating his birthday on April 12. Since we are both working that on the day of his birthday, we decided to celebrate it on April 9.  We love to eat out and we particularly love Japanese food; the maki, the sushi, the tepanyaki, the ramen. What better way to celebrate his birthday but to dine at the BANZAI. It’s the newest Japanese Restaurant that recently opened and making a big buzz when it comes to buffet style.
 The good thing about that day was, even though it’s not yet Arnel birthday, Banzai has an ongoing promo for birthday celebrant. 3 days before or 3 days after the actual date (you have to present an ID for verification), the celebrant is free provided that he/she has 3 paying guest with him/her.

Arnel even had a mini birthday cake with matching birthday song

The Hunt for the Best Easter is at Marriott Manila!

It’s Easter and the good news is, you can celebrate  worry free

If you are on a quest for the most amusing and pleasurable Easter respite, then look no further. Marriott Hotel Manila is the perfect destination for those who are searching for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, or an ideal home away from home during the anticipated long weekend.

Sunday Brunch at Marriott Café is featuring a filling mix of zesty and delicious fare on April 20, 2014 at 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM at only P2450 nett. Families will be greeted by steaks from Cru Steakhouse, foie gras, fresh oysters, sea foods and sushi, decadent pastries, and an interactive martini bar. Who wouldn’t satiate on U.S. Prime Rib, bone in leg of lamb, Cajun spiced potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings, sure to bring a delicious hint of rich Western taste! The smiles of the little kids will continue to widen while participating in various entertaining activities such as a magic show, face painting, and egg hunt.  A loot bag full of treats awaits all children after having such a fun time! After literally indulging to a happy meal, the tasty confections will definitely bring anyone to the sweetest summer escape, starting off with saccharine desserts from Easter-inspired pies and cookies to strawberry cream puffs and gingerbead pudding, not to mention the all-time favorite chocolate fountain station with condiments, considered an enjoyable treat for anyone.


With the soaring heat of the sun, everyone knows that it’s summer time. Summer means fun in the sun and instead of complaining about the sun burn, why don’t we make it a day of health
Summer just got more awesome as Watsons Sun Up to Sun Down, an event presented by Women’s Health and, attracted sun worshippers of all persuasions on April 9, 2014, at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

Sam Concepcion is New Endorser of Chef’s Noodle

Sam Concepcion is New Endorser of Chef’s Noodle

Chef’s Noodle, the new favorite go-to restaurant for hearty Korean dishes, introduced its new endorser—actor, singer and dancer Sam Concepcion.

Sam is the newest addition to the roster of celebrity endorsers of Chef’s Noodle, including TV host Grace Lee and gorgeous couple Lloyd and Shamcey Supsup-Lee. One of the most in-demand teen actors today, Sam exudes a fresh and youthful vibe that is characteristic of Chef’s Noodle. The first international master franchise of the Chef’s Noodle brand from South Korea, the restaurant is fast becoming a diner’s haven for those who want a taste of the land of K-Pop and kimchi—and more.

“I am truly honored to be part of the Chef’s Noodle team,” says Sam. “The restaurant has been known for its delectable dishes and high culinary quality.  Who would not want to be associated with that?”

Zumba and Pure Jus: The Perfect Combination

I say health is wealth, sweat it out and replenish myself with natural juice drink. And that’s what exactly what happen last April 1. I thought that they are just fooling around when they said that the Zumba session would last for almost 3 hours. Normally, a Zumba session last for just 1 hour but since they enjoy doing the Zumba and with the help of Pure Jus; they did it.

Pure Jus host an event for the those who love to sweat it out and get to taste the juice made only from finest organic produce
Enjoying the Pure Jus during breaks


Mother and Daughter Bonding Time at the Bloosom Floral Spa

I promise my girls that after their recitals and show, I would definitely pamper them and will have our mother and daughter bonding on a spa. We are a regular customer at a water spa but I choose to give them a different type of pampering this time.  I have been a spaholic lately and was always on a look out for a new spa from time to time. Last week, we choose to go to Blossom Floral Spa (it’s not a flower shop) in Quezon City. 

Philips and Disney work together to light your child’s imagination

Discover a whole new world of inspiration, enchantment and magic through light!

Is reading time the same every night? Do you sometimes find your children restless and unable to sleep come bedtime?

Parents know how active their children’s imaginations are and how important it is to create an environment that helps them feel safe and comforted while stimulating their minds. That’s why Philips and Disney have teamed up to develop a range of inspiring, magical, and playful lighting products for children, parents, and everybody young-at-heart. The new Philips and Disney range of lighting products combines Philips’ groundbreaking innovation in lighting with the magic of Disney characters and story telling to transform a child’s bedroom into a more imaginative place for them to read, play, and sleep.

At Philips, we know that light can help enhance people’s mood, wake them more naturally, help them concentrate and perform better*, or simply make them feel happier. The new Philips and Disney lighting range has been created to inspire children’s play and magical family moments as well as provide comfort to kids through Disney characters they know and love. Whether it’s helping little ones’ sleeping and waking rituals, making playtime as vivid as their imagination, or making story time more enchanted and immersive, there is a Philips and Disney solution for every moment or stage of their day.


My sister-in-law just given birth to a bouncy baby boy and as an Aunt, it’s now time  to think what things should I bought for him. The baby was the fifth child and since they promise that this would be the last (promises are made to be broken, cause they had said this same line when they had their second child)
Babies need a lot of things and these things should be safe and BabyWorld answers my needs.

For 20 years a local company, Hilton International Philippines, had been providing a complete line of baby products that is both of excellent quality yet very affordable. Hilton International Philippines started in 1993, and since has continued to provide the best of products for your baby’s needs. Some of the baby products include:

• Baby Bibs

Breeze urges moms to join the Sige Sabado movement and say Yes to Learning!

Mommies play the important role of being their children’s first and foremost teacher. They have the power to ensure their children grow up to be well rounded and happy kids. However, moms, by nature, have the tendency to be over protective of their children especially with regards to being messy. They often associate getting dirty and stained with something negative such as being irresponsible as well as hard work for them in terms of cleaning. This is the kind of mindset that Breeze, one of the country’s leading detergent brands, would want moms to change. Since Breeze strongly believes that life’s lessons are best learned through experience, the brand strongly encourages moms to adopt the Sige sa Mantsa philosophy which is all about allowing their kids to be kids and explore and learn positive values even at the expense of getting dirty and stained. 

Saturdays are for the family

To further forward the advocacy of child learning and development, Breeze launched the Sige Sabado Movement which calls on moms to dedicate Saturdays to their kids. Sige Sabado hopes to encourage moms to spend their Saturdays creating lasting memories with their children by doing fun bonding activities together. Even if this means often getting dirty and stained, it’s okay since Sige Moms know that what matters most are the values learned, memories created and fun enjoyed in the process. Because of its strong stain removal power, Breeze is mom’s number one partner in encouraging active play and experiential learning since mom doesn't need to worry about the mess this often brings.


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