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Letting Kids be Kids with the Help of Mom's Co-Protector

As a mom, I want my kids to explore and learn new things on their own and on their own capacity.  I want my children to curious and explore the world around them but kids will be kids and as they become older, their curiosity increase, more explorative and impulsive. Outdoor plays entail more interaction with people, animals and other things, exposing them to possible sicknesses. This causes so much anxiety to moms like me, who always want their kids protected but who also know that they cannot always be there for that. This is where NIDO® 3+, developed with the best of Nestlé Research, comes in.
Last January 15, NIDO 3+ held an intimate press event for the 2014 campaign of NIDO 3+. Representing the younger generation of moms, new NIDO 3+ brand ambassador Barbie Almalbis-Honasan attended the event alongside child expert and Associate Professor at the Family Life and Child Development Department of the College of Home Economics of UP Diliman, Dr. Lilian Leynes-Juadiong. Guests were among the first to hear the parenting experiences and expert insights on the different factors first-time moms worry about, including what can help moms in building their child’s body defenses while allowing them to explore the world on their own.

The Hub at Rizal Park: Open Bar and Cafe

There’s another place you have to check out when you are in Rizal Park. The Hub at Kilometer Zero recently officially opens its door to public. Serve’s as a lounge, café, bar, restaurant and a convenient ticketing office for 2GO travelers and to all those who want to take a break. 

The Hub’s bar and café has a list of exciting food and drinks on its menu. From the freshly brewed Batangas coffee to deep and complexed-flavoured espresso blends, its café is being run by expert baristas trained by British Daniel Slakmon who worked in famous international cruise ships. Prior to Slakmon’s work in Princess Cruises, he’s also employed in private members bars, clubs and restaurants.

Goodah Now Opens at Metrowalk

If you are working in Ortigas area just like, I bet that you too are having a hard time looking for a place to dine that’s affordable and delicious. With all the fast food sprouting in the area it’s a nice  to find a new food joint that caters to what we really need, the oldl fashion home cooked meal. Goodah has been has finally opens its additional branch in Metrowalk, and what a breath of fresh air it brought to people like us who wants a value for our money spent.

Goodah has undergo a massive make over and it defintely fit for all the types of class. Goodah Metrowalk can cater to all , whether your alone or in a group. The area is spacious and had enough space for private functions as well. The best part is, it got a wifi connection as well. 


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