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I was invited last week to watch new sports that taking the country by storm. It was introduces here four years ago, because of the passion of the Filipino with physical play.

Arena ball is a new sport to watch for. I was so amazed to find out that it’s a version of the American Football. Ages of the players ranges from 18 yrs. Old to 45 yrs. Players maybe student or professionals but the passions for this sport unite them. Practices are made and each one of them finds time to be available. According to the players, this game is a team effort game, everyone have to watch each others back. All safety measures are being followed to make sure that no one gets hurt even though the sport is a full body contact sports. Another amazing thing with this sport is the sizes of each player. I thought all along that size matters, but with these sports it’s a different thing. Each player is unique. Each player has a purpose. Size and ability goes together. One player might be small but then, he could be the fastest runner of the team. Other uses their size to be able to protect their teammates from enemy. The Four teams have initially been formed to join the tournament, which included founding member, the Juggernauts, Wolves, the Bandits and the Rebels.
With regards to the try-out, player is not expected to be an experienced one. Just as long as you show potential, the team will train you and place you in a position where you are best for.
The sport made me realize that if you very passionate with the sport that in to, you will make time and effort to be there every practice and game.

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  1. Aylin

  2. Clarissa Tubeo

  3. Mars Callo

  4. Monica Calangian

  5. Redg Candido

  6. Sef Gutierrez






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