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Being a mom of five kids, I can relate myself to Judy Ann, as well as to every other mom out there who constantly concerns herself over keeping their food healthy without disregarding the aspect of taste. I already find myself fortunate enough that my children aren’t as picky with food as others, but having two of my children as ballet dancers, I usually have to watch the food that I prepare, such that it will coincide with their diet that requires them to maintain their weight. More than anything, I feel fortunate to have Del Monte Pineapples, my personal ally in securing my children’s interests, health wise and taste wise.

My kids have recently become addicted to Del Monte Pineapples. They ate Pininyahang manok, adobo, they basically ate everything with them. They even pick on Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits to snack on! I have approved of their constant intake because I was well-aware that it is beneficial to their health, but it is only much more recently that I have learned of the more advantageous benefits of eating Del Monte Pineapples:
Del Monte Pineapples are NATURE’S MULTIVITAMINS. Aside from Vitamin C that is common in all citrus fruits, it also contains Manganese and Phytonutrients from nature that help boost the body’s overall health and immunity. The products are picked and packed on the same day, so the freshness and nutrients are retained from the fields to the cans. With my children’s current food preference along with Del Monte Pineapples’ health benefits, I decided to do a little research on what other dishes I could upgrade with it. Eventually, I found a site hosted by Del Monte where a number of dishes include Del Monte Pineapples. For those of you who wish to try the recipes, visit

Judy Ann Santos is not only a famous showbiz icon but also a mom with a culinary background. She is now the newest endorser for Del Monte Pineapples. With her experience, she describes the product as not only healthy but also delicious. As a patron of the said product, we can guarantee that her endorsement is the real deal. Judy Ann, after all, does not simply support goods that are alien to her daily lifestyle.

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