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NSO, Fast & Hassle-Free Certificate Delivery

I just received a text from my daughter today, and it said “I need my NSO birth certificate ASAP, as in tomorrow. It’s for my entrance exams requirement”.

My daughter believes that I’m Super Mom, that I can do everything in a snap. What is she thinking? I’m working 8-5, Monday to Saturday; how am I supposed to do it? Meaning, get the NSO and bring it to her in Los Banos. Just for information, my daughter is a 4th year high school student of the Philippine High School for the Arts. The school is located at the top of Mt. Makiling, Los Banos.
Well, it seems that luck is on her side because I have that I can count on.  With, I don’t need to my office to get a copy of her birth certificate and bring it to Los Banos. I just need to have an internet to access the website and it’s ready to go. As in her birth certificate can find its way to her school. 

The procedure is really easy; it’s so end user friendly. Just the follow some simple steps and just like I did, you’re good to go.

Here are some slides that I think can help you along the way.
Introducing,, the new encompassing service established on the trusted nationwide door-to-door delivery of NSO certificates within 2-3 days. The service also stays true in helping Filipinos find answers and solutions for numerous NSO certificate related concerns, inquiries, and problems. It offers solutions with up-to-date information of NSO facts and consultation services for certificate problems like corrections and late registration. It also incorporates comprehensive coverage of the primary phone and chat channels and upcoming developments for SMS, social media, and mobile applications for improved convenience., fast and hassle-free certificate delivery. A citizen service of Pilipinas Teleserv, NSO’s partner since 2000. The new and comprehensive way of having your NSO certificates delivered to you promptly and hassle-free, getting answers to your inquiries, and finding solutions to your certificate concerns.
Pilipinas Teleserv Inc., the citizen service partner of the National Statistics Office since 2000, is the company behind the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery service. 

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery 737-1111 is where people can request for their NSO certificates and have it delivered right at their door step within 2-3 days anywhere in the country. Over time it has expanded with a chat channel at to support the helpline number along with more payment channels and online options for better accessibility. With all these improvements and further growth, Teleserv is now integrating all the service features to develop a one-stop shop for all NSO related services. This 2013, Teleserv embarks on a brand relaunch aimed at enhancing the current NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Service 737-1111. 

I think I can sleep soundly tonight knowing that my daughters birth certificate is on it's way.

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