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For many of us, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge. Because it is usually equated with diets and exercises that are seen as difficult to maintain and unenjoyable, it just becomes a seasonal endeavor pursued mainly because we want to look good for a particular event or occasion. When summer rolls in, people begin to diet and exercise to get the perfect swimsuit body. When there’s an occasion to prepare for, some would resort to crash dieting and frantic exercising to look great into their outfits. However, these efforts are quickly forgotten once the event is over and there’s no more solid reason to look good. Most people don’t realize that living a healthy life is something we should place importance on all-year round.

NESTLÉ FITNESSE is here to help you make living a healthy lifestyle an easy AND enjoyable feat, promoting a wellness philosophy that we can ingrain into our daily lives. To give a concrete definition to this concept, NESTLÉ FITNESSE held the “Living the Health & FITNESSE Philosophy,” an event dedicated to nourishing one’s wellness in an exciting and fun manner. Guests were treated to a series of engaging activities that created a holistic experience, engaging not just the body but the mind as well. 
The day began with the most important meal of the day – a delicious bowl of NESTLÉ FITNESSE. By partaking in a hearty and healthy breakfast, participants got the boost of energy that they would need throughout the day. Eating breakfast increases one’s metabolism which gives the right amount of energy for the day, making weight management easier. To achieve necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, make sure to incorporate whole grains into your daily diet through NESTLÉ FITNESSE Cereals which are made with whole grain – proven to be high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and low in fat.

After breakfast, participants were invited to learn the Greet the Morning yoga which included proper breathing exercise and meditation. Combining physical and mental disciplines to unify mind and body, it emphasized the synchronization of the breath and movement and modification of postures to meet an individual’s physical condition needs. Through the yoga session, participants learned a fun, calming alternative to physical fitness.
Afterwards, participants headed to the Julius Maggi Kitchen, where Chef Tess Sutilo taught them to prepare healthy yet delicious meals. Chef Tess prepared a total of 3 dishes infused with NESTLÉ FITNESSE: Summer Crunchy Salad, Burger Patties, and Baked Pancake and Fruit Trifle. After the cooking demo, the guests were able to try all of the dishes that specially were cooked for them.  Since the dishes are easy to prepare, the guests were highly encouraged to try the recipes at home as part of their daily meals.

The afternoon was dedicated to nourishing the mind and spirit, as participants were treated to an afternoon painting workshop. Each of the participants had the chance to let their creativity flow through expressionist paintings that showcase the meaning of a holistic lifestyle.

Indeed, maintaining a healthy body and mind need not be a burden. The importance of fitness and health are not seasonal, hence, it could be easily integrated in our day-to-day activities. And as NESTLÉ FITNESSE showed us, we can easily incorporate this healthy living philosophy in all aspects of our lives, in order to achieve holistic wellness.

ABOUT THE NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-DAY PROGRAM: The NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program is recommended if the individual is between 18-50 years of age with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25, and without any medical condition. For individuals with medical condition or want to lose substantial weight, consultation with a doctor is recommended before beginning the program. The success of the program will depend on how strictly an individual will follow the meal plan.

It is specially designed to help individuals manage their weight in just 14 days without undertaking drastic diet changes. You just need to pair NESTLÉ FITNESSE with a fruit plus your usual coffee or tea during breakfast, eat a healthy balanced meal for lunch, enjoy a piece of fruit or low-fat yogurt for snack, eat one bowl of NESTLÉ FITNESSE for dinner and you are on your way to having a healthier and fitter self in just two weeks.

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