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Papa John's Monster Match Champion

Last Oct. 26,2013, Papa John’s Pizza held it’s own way of celebrating Halloween Day. An event that was supposed to be held originally at their store was transfer to the Activity Center of Greenbelt 3 because of the huge number of interested participant.  Papa John’s Monster Match is a gastronomic way of enjoying the Halloween, no tricks just treats

Team 21 : Champion

Forty teams compete thru five rounds of elimination to determine the winner. Each team is compose of 3 member who paid P 100.00/per head to qualify to join. Paying the fee is nothing compared the items and food that they were able to enjoy during the event. Even the eliminated team got to win P 200 worth of GC’s while the winning team who made it won P 2,000.00 GC each plus the bragging rights of  being the champion of Papa John’s Monster Match.
Three members per team

Interesting competition

Registration area is full of avid contestant

all of these are give away for each of the contestant

Here is the full mechanics during the challenge

Papa John's: Monster Match!

1. Assemble your own team of three (3) members, & pay the pre-registration fee of P100 per member at Papa John’s Greenbelt.

2. All pre-registered teams will have to come to the event on Oct. 26, 2013 by 5:30 PM SHARP and sign-up at the registration booth at the Greenbelt Park. Here, teams will be assigned their monster team and be given their team name board.

3. All members of each team will have to drop by the “Monster Maker” station and undergo a monster makeover (basic face paint).

4. Teams will proceed to the “Monster Name Design” station where they will decide on their team name & design their team name boards.

5. Matches will be determined and the eating contest will start as soon as all teams are prepared. The eating contest will have five (5) rounds:
a. ROUND 1 – Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza
b. ROUND 2 – Potato Wedges
c. ROUND 3 – John’s Favorite Pizza
d. ROUND 4 – Three Cheese Pasta
e. ROUND 5 – Sundae Triple Scoop

6. Teams will be given three (3) glasses of water, & three (3) pcs pepperoncini at the start of each round. Teams will be given a 5 min. break after each round. 

7. Each round, the teams will battle it out in a 2 min. eating contest. Whoever finishes first OR finishes the most within the assigned time moves on to the next round and will be given their winner glowstick vouchers. The battles will continue, until only one (1) team remains, and shall therefore be crowned the “Monster Champions”!

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