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Catch Unimom at the Baby and Family Expo 2013

I value breastfeeding, that’s a fact. As a mom of five kids I wanted to give the best but I am also a career woman who goes to the office 8-5pm. In order for me to continue breastfeeding my children, I had sought some help from technology and that includes breast pump which is convenient and could adapt to my need and yet free from radicals and chemicals.
The good news to moms of this generation, there’s Unimom who understand a mother’s need  when it comes to breast pump.
Every mom has a very unique relationship with her baby. Breastfeeding has a special way of deepening this bond between mother and child.  It also provides a lot of health benefits for both mom and baby.
Unimom is every mom’s partner in her breastfeeding journey.  Unimom strives to provide safe, high quality breast pumps and accessories that are reasonably affordable to every mother. 
Unimom envision that every mother be given a chance to breastfeed their babies.  Unimom not only ensures that it provides performance but also safety.  All Unimom products are BPA free and have met FDA and European CE approval. Unimom understands that every mom is different and that each has their own needs; that is why  Unimom have specially designed pumps and accessories that will fit every mom’s lifestyle and make breastfeeding easy and hassle free. What is unique to Unimom is that Unimom tries to understand the needs of moms.  How? By providing not only high quality pumps, but also provides accessories that will make pumping convenient. Accessories like the switch kit that can convert electric pump into manual, or car charger for the Allegro, to make pumping worry-free, no need to look for outlets.
Unimom has 3 types of breast pumps.
Forte is a Dual Electric Hospital grade breast pump.  It includes 2 breast shields that moms can use at the same time.  Forte is designed for heavy users.  Moms who are pumping very frequently, who are highly dependent on expressing breast milk and who need power in their pumps would love Forte.

Allegro is a Single Electric Portable Breast pump. It includes one breast shield, but can be used as a double breast pump with the purchase of an extra breast shield.  Allegro is for the mom on-the-go.  It is a small compact pump which you can bring with you anywhere.  This pump is designed specifically for moms who want to breastfeed their babies, but need to constantly be on the go.

Mezzo is manual breast pump.  It allows mom to manually express milk anytime, anywhere. Unimom designed the pump to make “manual labor” a little bit lighter.  This pump is for moms who are dedicated into breastfeeding direct most of the time, but would need an occasional pumping session now and then.

Unimom is exclusively distributed by CKMJ Greenovation Inc. with contact number 559-5140.  Unimom is available at Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, Baby Company and major baby shops nationwide.

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