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Julia Barreto : Her Journey continue with Palmolive Naturals Beautifully Long Shampoo and Conditioner

With four daughters, whom are ballerinas; I knew the value of their long hair. You cannot see a ballerina who got a short hair, but having a long hair means maintenance as well.  I got to get products that would benefits and takes care of their hair.
Just like Julia Barreto who values her hair and maintained it for a long time since she first made her commercial with Palmolive shampoo and now her journey continues with the new variant of Palmolive Natural Beautifully Long Shampoo and Conditioner.

“This is the shampoo brand that I trust and I’ve grown up with. I started out with them when I was only 10, and now that I’ve come of age, with a new outlook, a new style perspective, and with longer, more beautiful hair, I’m just so thrilled and really pleased that Palmolive Naturals sees me fit to be the new endorser of their Beautifully Long Shampoo and Conditioner.” happily shares Julia.


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