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Sharing to you my Ginataang Pinakbet : The PorkSavor Way

Being a mom of five kids, I do all research for all sort of thing that  might help me with regards to financial budgeting.  I mean, you do understand me that when you rely mainly on your salary and  all of the expenses are keep on  coming and yet you  want to provide the best  for you children.

I am happy to tell that my children are not the type na magastos, they just ask for the basic and are contented to what I can provide when it comes to their need.  I have to be practical and they understand  but when it comes to their food, I make sure that even though it’s simple ; it has to be delicious and would satisfy the taste of my children.

Just imagine my panic ng pati bawang eh tumaas ang presyo,  imagine mo na ung pinakamadalas na gamitin sa pagluluto eh ang taas , panu na un. My children love vegetables but I make sure to put meat on it, but purchasing meat still make a large cut in my budget. Hahahaha, ang dami kong complains but try to understand my reason, five kids.

Well, to make the story short;  I’m just too happy to find out that PORKSAVOR All –in-One-Seasoning Mix was out in the market. Since PORKSAVOR All-in-One Seasoning Mix is made from natural pork meat extract and bone broth, complete with spices and seasoning to bring out the deliciousness of my dishes.

I want to share to you, one of the dishes that my children love. The dishes would only take 15 minutes or less of your time especially with the help of PORKSAVOR.  Sobrang daming bawas ang makukuha, bawas sa hiwa, bawas sa gisa and especially bawas sa gastos and yet it still got the same taste and more of their favourite Ginataang Pinakbet.
Porksavor only cost P 2.00 per sachet , what a deal

Before, this are all what I need when I cook their favorite Ginataang Pinakbet

Now, This are just what I need

1 tsp  oil

150g Sitaw
150g Kalabasa, sliced
100g Okra, cut in half
150g Talong, sliced
1 1/2 can Gata
2 tbsp Bagoong Isda

Here is the video, para mas makita nyo ung procedure


For veggies:
1. Heat the oil
2. Stir in the Vegetable, and sauté, add some bagoong isda. Season with PORKSAVOR ALL IN ONE SEASONING
3. Simmer for few minutes
4. Mix the gata and the bagoong isda and seasone with PORKSAVOR ALL IN ONE SEASONING
5. Pour into the vegetable,let it simmer just until the vegetable is half cook


The Finish Product, My Ginataang Pinakbet: The Porksavor Way
Thank you PORKSAVOR ALL IN ONE SEASONING. Now, my children will have their favorite  gulay at ako naman, di na iiyak ang wallet ko everytime magluluto.

PORKSAVOR ALL IN ONE SEASONING IS AVAILABLE in all leading supermarket at sa inyong  pinakamalapit na tindahan, so I suggest you stock some and see what happen to your budget. Ang laking bawas talaga sa pamimili natin. Gisa-gisa lang and PORKSAVO, and happy smile na ang kapalit from my children.


  1. Looks yummy! :) My kids love this dish as well! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing dear, miss you! =D

  3. OOOHHH!! gotta try this one out! thanks for sharing, looks yum!



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