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Tambay Tambay Time at Tambayan Sa Kanto

When you say tambay, it means to relax and just enjoy the moment with your friends, families or love ones. 

Last week, I make tambay with a couple of my adopted kids at the Podium Mall. Dilemma, dilemma, where should I go that I would fit the kid’s taste especially if you have one picky eater in your hand. I would really be happy if I could just sit in one of the restaurant available and order everything that I think is there best seller, but no; it’s not that simple. Finally after making a few rounds around the mall, top to bottom, I finally convince them to join me to have our dinner at Tambayan SA Kanto.  Tambayan SA Kanto is located at the ground floor of the Podium Mall. The real deal with this restaurant is that they serve authentic Filipino foods.  Yes, I have tasted different cuisine, authentic and fusion dishes but nothing beats our own delicious cuisine. Iba pa din ang linamnam ng mga Pinoy foods that even the foreigners are looking forward on having for  their breakfast, lunch and dinner at Tambayan SA Kanto. For your information, Tambayan sa Kanto has been existing since 2011 and that means something. For a restaurant to stay that long, a customer has to keep coming back for more of it's delicious cuisine.

Tambayan sa Kanto gives the kids a chance to relax,  they felt at ease sitting on the elegant chair and set up without  being afraid of breaking anything since the chairs are made of plastic and yet give the elegance of fine dining. The set up was everything but simple and yet comfortable. Everything that was  placed and put in the wall plus the set up that was there , complement each other.

Check out the photos and you will be convience that Tambayan Sa Kanto is for you.

This photos shows the beautiful fixture that you will find at Tambayan sa Kanto
Tambayan sa Kanto have it's own place for the smoking clients, 
We started our dinner with the cooler, I had my mango shake will the kids had the vanilla and chocolate shake. Each of them say's that they had the best tasting shake on their hand.
We started our dinner in  slow motion , since Earnest is to picky when it comes to food. He doesn't eat meat and chicken but I was able to ask him to taste everything to find out what he would want to eat.
 This is Coconut Crusted Prawns served  chutney dip  which is homemade which make it more interesting. And because of this dishe, Earnest manage to finish 2-1/2 cup of rice. What a feat for a kid who is so choosy when it comes to the food he eat. Kudos to you Coconut Crusted Prawn, thank you Tambayan sa Kanto for this dish.
Coconut Crusted Prawn with homemade chutney dip

Clean Plate : Hooray to the Coconut Crusted Prawn
As for me, here are my favorites
This is KBL, as in Kadyos, Baboy and Langka all in one. The soup is a bit sour and just right for my taste.  The kadyos and the langka are cooked just right. Not too soggy and the meat are tender. This Ilonggo favorite is to die for and mind you, the kadyos are purchase directly from iloilo and there's no replacement for that like the other dishes that your can have a replacement. The taste would not be the same if it's not kadyos from iloilo.

Our appetizer, the ensaladang filipino can never go wrong, the bagoong is just right for the talong ang the manga. I'm a special fan of bagoong with manga so I know what I'm talking about

This is chicharon liempo, even Iyah says that  it's delicious. Coming from a girl who don't like meat, that would be a compliment
There's crispy tadyang ng baka , which was picked from selected part of of the beef ribs, the reason: para mas malaman at di puro buto ang makuha ng customer. Thank you for thinking about the customers satisfaction.
Next is the Crispy Bagnet, this dish went through a process. It's not thepakulo and deep fry kinda thing, kasi pag ganun na lang ang gagawin, eh di parang lechong kawali na lang sya.
I also want to recommend to you my favorite dip of the night, the chutney, as in ; it goes to everything that night.

Baked Tilapia with Laing
I had to say this, Iyah is already complaining that her tiyan is ready to burst and here is a dish that she's waiting for. What is she going to do; and I told her to just take off her belt and enjoy everything.Grabe, as in boneless kasi ang tilapia and the laing taste so good kaya di ko talaga sya masisi to eat some more.
Roasted Garlic Chicken with kamote chips
As in, di ko na kinaya ang food trip namin , the chicken is so tender and even the gravy is homemade. i love the potato chips as well, talagang pinoy ang dating kahit sa side dish

For the dessert, here the creamy leche plan and the turon halo halo.

Here I am telling you that busog ang mga kids and yet, they are fighting for a biggest part  of leche plan. 

Sige pagbigyan nyo na ko sa sauce na lang, at least natira naman ang turon halo halo

Turon Halo Halo

Ms.Margaret Streegan

I want to  introduce  to you the woman who is behind the success of Tambayan sa Kanto.  As in hand on talaga sya sa operation at pati sa pagluluto. So sexy na di mo sasabihin na sanay syang humawak ng kawali at kaldero at makikita mo din sya na na act as waitress serving the customer. How lucky the clients are pag nasa Tambayan Sa Kanto ang businesswoman na ito. She is really one great lady who values our own culture and sariling panlasa. Unlike other restaurant, di sya naniniwala sa mga fusion since hindi na authentic ang dating ng restaurant. The customers are coming because they want to taste authentic Filipino food and she's giving what they want. She loves to cook and she wants other to get a taste of  authentic  Pinoy food with out living the metro. She loves what she does and she know that she's doing the right thing since the customer are coming back. 

I say this again, there is more at Tambayan sa Kanto that you can see and taste, family bonding, night bonding or just make tambay and Tambayan sa Kanto is the place for you

Don't forget to order the chutney, you will surely love it.

Tambayan sa Kanto also does catering services, so if ever you have an occasion, Tambayan sa Kanto is just a call away.

Tambayan Sa Kanto
Address: G/F. The Podium Mall. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre. Mandaluyong City
Tel: 4779045 / 5461888 (For Reservation)
For Delivery: Call 2121212 (TwoAnyoneDelivery.) or text <ORDER> to 09182121212 & an agent will call you back.

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