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Weight Management Towards Healthier Lifestyle

I have been thinking about my weight and Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres of the Zen institute recommend one of their popular program; the Weight Management

Currently, my measurement is 83-93-92 for my belly which I want to trim down. I'm doing the Ultralipo and had my 2 sessions already
Ultralipo is a body sculpting treatment included in our Weight Management Program. It’s a soothing massage-like treatment that reduces cellulite and body volume

Besides feeling beautiful, achieving a healthier body weight is good for my overall health and well being. At Zen Institute, a particular science based protocol is strictly in place. No short cuts, no fast remedies. Client like me are provided with individualized protocol and maintenance programs, overseen by doctors and wellness consultants.
Zen’s weight management programs are scientifically proven to be safe and effective. Take for example- colonics and IV Micro Nutrition

Colon Hydrotherapy aka colonics is a way to clean colon apart from the non-surgical way of flushing toxics out of the body.

Guided by the philosophy that holistic health is a harmonious combination of medical science, creativity and aesthetic sense, The Zen Institute employs a process that is done with the use of the top of the line hydrotherapy machine and license doctors. The therapy usually lasts from 50 up to 60 minutes. On a long term basis, Colonics can reach an even deeper layer of body/mind connections, emotional/mental baggage and energetic re-patterning.

Part of the program is a coffee cocktail to enhance the metabolism and improve better absorption of the nutrients need by the body.  Colonics should employed at least four time a year to facilitate the accumulation of the toxins in the body, however it can be done weekly specially by those who don’t eat much vegetable, drink alcohol a lot, and have unhealthy diet and lifestyle. A patient who has undergone colonics should maintain a good healthy diet as this encourages the growth of good bacteria in the body.

At a certain age, people start to feel that their liver is taking too much from the drugs they use; this is what leads many to consider IV Micronutrition.

Intravenous (IV) Micronutrition is a procedure that delivers micronutrients straight to the veins- no need to pass through the gastrointestinal problem system and liver enzymes. Hence, it spares the liver and gastrointestinal tract from further expose to drugs. And nothing is lost in the process; all the nutrients in the right amounts get absorbed directly and become ready for the body to use.

At Zen Institute, they offer four types of IV Micronutrients: Immune booster (consist of vitamin B-complex and thymus extract, which work together to improve T-cells, Revitalize ( Vitamin B-Complex, electrolytes, antioxidants, and amino acids), Rejuvenate ( vitamin B-complex, electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids t enhance cell regeneration from within), and Weight Management ( amino acids, L-carnatine, electrolytes, and Vitamin C, to speed up metabolism and fat mobilization)

Overall, weight management, to make it effective, safe and precise, should observe a strict science based protocol, in a holistic approach. And only in a true medical spa, can professionally give you the result I am for.

See you after my sessions.

The Zen Institute is located at 69 Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato Quezon City (02-441-1712/02-412-2528)
Ground Floor Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st cor 2nd Ave Bonifacio Global City (02-856-2027)
St Frances Cabrini Medical Center, Maharlika Highway, Brg 2 Sto Tomas Batangas (43-778-4811)

For more information about Zen Institute and its weight management program, visit. and like them on Facebook at

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