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ATAT MC Rule 2014 Philippine Superbikes Championship,

When you heard the term Superbikes, what comes on your mind? To tell you honestly, Superbike means prestige and power and pogi points on top of it. When you see a rider on a superbike, talagang mapapalingon ka. We knew some celebrities own a Superbike like Dingdong Dantes and Richard Gomez to name a few and at the back of our mind Superbike owners are big time in terms of power and money.

With this thing that comes to the owner of Superbike, everyone will think that they are ma-angas and mayabang.  From the outside, that was the impression that I and everyone has in mind, but we are dead wrong. 

We meet a group of ATAT rider, a group of motorcycle riders that uses Italian Superbike like DUCATI and APRILLIA (well, it just a coincidence although they use Japanese brand before but opt to switch to a more reliable quality). ATAT Riders passion for riding is the start that binds the group.  ATAT Riders embodied a silent code and that is responsible riding and the value of family.  ATAT Riders are not just a mere group of riders but a group that treat each one as part of their own family.

And you know what, this powerful people that we saw are the most down to earth guys that you can chat with. Don’t be intimidate with their hunky looks or high position on their company or society that they belong because, the bottom line is; they are human whom you can talk with everything under the sun.

Intimidation is the last thing that was there is, when I laugh and joke with the ATAT Riders.  ATAT Riders are open for membership, if you don’t own a high end bike, it’s fine as long as you can prove that your intention to be a member of ATAT is pure and you are have to present a resignation letter from your previous group, if ever you belong to one. 

Last weekend, a new breed of racers from ATAT MC commonly known as ANYTIME ALL THE TIME MOTORCYCLE CLUB with select members that belongs to ATAT RACING TEAM (ART) dominates 2014 Philippine Superbikes Championship, The Pirelli Cup and the Ducati Cup held at Clark International Speedway.

Here are the rundown of achievements: ATAT LAWRENCE MACALINAO - Nationals SBK Novice Champion, Pirelli Cup Open Division 1st runner up overall, Ducati Cup novice 1st runner up ATAT JVS AGUILA - Pirelli Cup Open Division overall Champion ATAT JAY CARRION RED RIDER - Ducati Cup Champion Intermediate ATAT MYKE TORRES - Pirelli Cup Class B Champion ATAT VINCE MERCADO  - Ducati Cup Open Division 1st runner up ATAT JC VILLANUEVA - Pirelli Cup Class A, 1st runner up ATAT RICHARD GUEVARA PANLILIO- Ducati Cup Intermediate - 2nd runner up
Jvs Aguila won race 1 by 6 seconds and race 2 was declared a wet race. He crashed on the 2nd lap of race 2 and willed to carry on. Race was red flagged and it was restarted. He finally crossed the finished line on 2nd place making him the overall champion!

The will to win... passion, hard work and determination with their all-Italian superbikes from Ducati and Aprilia

Thank you for a great racing season. Winning races is just a bonus but the camaraderie and brotherhood is what keeps them winning. Looking forward to the 2015 racing season!

Get the chance to meet and greet with the ATAT MOTORCYCLING TEAM On October 17, at MegaworldMcKinnley showroom. Simply like their page: and stay tuned on how to get an invitation

Sponsors: Technomarine, Megaworld, Assurant, Brickfire, ATAT Racing garnered 9 trophies and won in 3 classes. Thanks to all partners who supported us throughout the season of the 2014 Philippine Superbike Championship. TechnoMarine, IPM-CDC, Fila, Foil A Car, Megaworld & Brickfire.

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