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Panatag Moms with Panatag Mom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

Whether you are famous or a star; nothing is compare if you are a mom.  We all want the best for our child. Just like Judy Ann Santos whom we were able to meet in different occasions because we are both Panatag Moms.

For two consecutive Sundays, I was able to be a star and meet the star because of Lactum.  I was able to watch ASAP Live and meet Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo at Eat Bulaga together with Lucho and Yohan.  I was able to understand more what it takes to be a Panatag Mom as shared by Judy Ann during the chit chat.  Judy Ann is just like every mom, worrying about her kids and their health and how to be able to provide all the necessary nutrients that her child needs. Mead Johnson  Lactum 6+ was her companion during those times of need.


At Eat Bulaga, we were able to bond with them and it was also in Eat Bulaga that we were able to watch the new TV ads of Lactum 3+ commercial of Ms. Judy Ann and Lucho

Eat Bulaga


Lactum has been firmly grounded in helping provide 100% nourishment* to Filipino children for over 25 years.

To partner with Filipino moms in providing only 100% nourishment* to their children – this is the commitment of Lactum.  At the heart of Lactum 3+ & 6+ is the understanding of the fears and concerns of the Filipino mom on her child’s nutrition. Complete nutrition is her foremost priority, and she fears that her child might not develop properly without it.

Lactum understands that ensuring her child’s proper nutrition is never easy. She encounters a lot of feeding problems and difficulties at every stage of her child’s life. That’s why throughout the years, Lactum 3+ & 6+ strives to forge a deep partnering relationship with Filipino moms, giving her the reassurance that at every stage, Lactum is with her, committed to help in providing 100% nourishment* for her child. This goes without saying that this is with three balanced meals a day

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