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Valenza : A Crown Asia's Prime Property in Tagaytay

While on the way to vacant lots for future house and lot owners, I noticed the difference between a regular subdivision and Valenza. The lots have ample space compared to the regular subdivision. They also have better and more recreational facilities aside from the usual clubhouse.

One of my visit's the highlight was taking photos up at Valenza’s Winter Tales Castle. The impressive structure stood majestically near the entrance of Valenza, Sta. Rosa along the main road. The Christmas-themed castle changed into different colors to the awed delight of the visitors. The display was lit up at sundown, but dozens of people lined up at all hours to have their photos taken. Definitely, a wonderful souvenier.

I hope that the time comes when going to Valenza won't be just for a visit, but to go home. You see, if you ask me, Tagaytay is a different kind of home altogether.It's a place where people want to retire to, to spend the rest of their lives with. Cool and fresh air, spacious grounds, natural aesthetics accompanied by modern shops and malls similar to Manila's. A Yin and Yang kind of balance that I suggest you take for yourself. I'm sure if you get your own lot at Valenza, you'll feel that a piece of paradise is now and forever yours.

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