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Seven (7) Aspirants made it to the National National Training Camp of Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 presented by Alaska

“Follow your dream” that is what I always tell my children. As a parent ,  I was there to support them all the way; no dream is big or small just as long as you have the heart to follow what you desire.

This is what I felt when I saw a crowd of almost 3,000 young players from Benguet Province and nearby Pangasinan distinguished themselves at the Regional Selection Camp of the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 presented by Alaska held at the St. Louis University Laboratory High School in this city, March 15, 2015.

Together with their parents and coaches; they carry their dreams to be part of something they consider a big leap to their dream. Lining up as early as 8am; filling out forms; submitting their requirements and a heartful of hope that they could pass and achieve their dream; to be part of the region’s Jr. NBA representatives to the National Training Camp this coming April.

As I was waiting for the event to start, a couple of kids caught my attention and was happy that I was able to chat with them. It was inspiring to know that at their age, they are focus on their goal and ready to face the challenge head on.

This mom was there to support his child. A mother who is not after what is at stake but more concern on the journey that the training will do to her child. A mother who believes that dreams are achievable just as long as you prepare and hold on to it. 

First Day of Try-Out

The series of activities   that they have to perform with dedication and heart


An athlete is an athlete, there is no boundaries as who you are; this girls show that they can do well and have the ability to push themselves and learn new thing along the way. 

 At  the end of the game, sportmanship is still the name of the game. After the game, they are still your friends.

 They play hard and Alaska is there to make sure that they are nourish.

And finally after the series of activity, the results were announced. This is the moment that they are waiting for; to find out if they were chosen to come back for the second day of the training and be closer to their dream

Finally, the 24 girls and 40 boys that would advance to the second day of the try out. The thing that broke my heart was regarding the two player that was called but was not there or did not comeback to hear the result. Their loss was actually a blessing to the next two that was lined up and was included in the final group.
The group that will advance to the second day of the try out
Second Day 

I would like to share to you what happen during the 2nd day of the event, but I think you will be more excited if you watch the game that I have watch with your own eyes. I was really happy to see that height and age doesn’t matter when you are part of the team. Take a look at player No. 13 who was the youngest and smallest of them all and yet she did not felt abandoned and her team mates makes sure that she show her talent and ability. Thru this exercise, you can see the sportsmanship and the teamwork and how to be a team player in a game. You could hear their team mates cheering them up and I myself could not stop shouting and clapping

A special award was given to player no. 13 for her exceptional talent of character and sportsmanship. She is an epitome  of a JR WNBA champion in the making

Usually on events like this, we parents are the ones who are more nervous and anxious that those are kids are happy and were having fun doing the try out.  More than anything we want them to experience the joy of trying to reach for their dream. We want them to feel accomplish and are not bothered whether they are chosen or not. We just want them to try and just give their best and hope that they learn from activities from events like this. Being chosen is just a bonus, but the journey that they experience is far more important. Meeting new friends, bonding and learning about sportsmanship and the challenges that need to be face to be able to reach their dream is the goal for this event. 

I was move by the determination of the children that participated in the event, for they did not complain about the long line, the heat and the waiting. They are determined to reach their dream and thru hard work and patience; I believe that with this attitude; they will reach their dream.

With high spirit; the dreamer wait for their turn. Together with their parents and Alaska which fuel their body; they were able to pass thru each and every activity with high energy.
Re hydrate with Alaska Choco or Milk drink


The  2 day training  was a test of endurance and other physical attributes that a player must possess.  Height is not a guarantee to be qualified; there are lot of things to consider but mainly character play a big thing; this I learn when a coach told his player what it means to be an Alask Jr NBA

And finally, the result are out, and the names were announced, they are the ones who will be part of the National Training Camp on April.

Baguio and Dagupan players ran away with the slots for North Luzon in the National Training Camp of Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 presented by Alaska. (L-R) Magnus Gabriel Ines (Baguio), Manuel Andrey Ober (Dagupan), Christian Allen Magno (Dagupan), Jan Zyrus De Ayre (Baguio), Christine Angela Venetrez (Baguio), Kristine Cayabyab (Dagupan) and Rose Marie De Los Santos (Dagupan).
The seven finalists topped a field of 295 participants aged 10-14 years old from Baguio City and other parts of Benguet Province, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija and Isabela Province. The two-day selection camp subjected players to vitals tests, skills challenges and basketball drills on the first day. The Top 40 players with the highest vitals test and skills challenges scores on Day 1 were asked to return on Day 2 for more intense drills and basketball team exercises. A final scrimmage at the end of Day 2 selected the most skilled basketball players who also exemplified the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA core values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, a positive Attitude and Respect.

The NTC finalists from North Luzon were chosen by the Jr. NBA evaluation committee composed of Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA coaches Rodney Santos, John Ramirez, Christian Luanzon and Junjun Alas of Alaska, Louie Gonzalez and Ish Tiu, Melissa Jacob and Lhen Flormata of Perlas Pilipinas.

The next Regional Selection Camps will be held in Bacolod City at St. John Institute on March 21 and 22, Davao City at the University of the Immaculate Conception on March 28 and 29 and Manila at the PICC Forum on April 11 and 12. Qualified boys and girls who wish to join the selection camps may still register at The program is absolutely free.

At the National Training Camp ten Jr. NBA and five Jr. WNBA All-Stars will be selected and will embark on a unique, overseas NBA experience together with fellow Jr. NBA All-Stars from Southeast Asia. The Coach of the Year presented by Alaska will also be announced at the National Training Camp that will be attended by NBA talents.
Full program terms and conditions can be found in the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA event website. Fans can also follow Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA on Facebook at For all things NBA, fans may visit, and follow the NBA on Facebook

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