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Banana Boat and Futkal: Join forces for the Banana Boat Family Futbol Festival

It was hot but it doesn’t stop the Futkal and Banana Boat for giving a group of families a reason to play under the sun.

We all know that whenever our kids are at home, it seems their eyes are all glued in their gadgets, but last Sunday (April 26, 2016); it was a different story.

It was a day of bonding and Banana Boat make sure that the families are protected from sun’s harmful rays during the event.
Banana Boat Sunscreen includes Ultra Protect, Sports, Kids and Baby Lines. It also has an after sun aloe Vera eGel to help cool skin after sun exposure.

The Futkaleros in action

The best thing that happened to me that day was to be able to talk to the Futkaleros. These children are just like me; we are from Tondo.  I was able to hear their stories and their thoughts about them being a Futkaleros. These children have dreams and being able to join the group was an honor and a responsibility. 

Families shared a whole day of fun-filled games that include a friendly competition where family members had to work as a team in order to win a football cup. The activities also helped promote camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants. Each team was joined by a Futkalero member to make the competition more fun and engaging

A free Futkal clinic was also given the entire day during the event to promote interest in the sports among the participants, particularly the children. There were also other activities like face painting and photo booth

Banana Boat sunscreen is just like a mother’s love to her children It provides a broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays with AvoTriplex Technolog that helps protect against the sun’s harmful rays. 

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