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Go Prepaid Kuryente Load : Go Meralco Kload for me

Apartment for rent is one of my businesses and tenant leaving their electrical bill unpaid after leaving the unit has been a problem of mine. As a landlady, it is my duty to settle the unpaid bills so that that Meralco will not disconnect it and it would entail another headache for me.

Thank God, this problem of mine was solved when I recently visited our Meralco Pasig branch to apply for a new Meralco connection to my new constructed unit.

I was introduced to Meralco Kuryente Load or K Load. . MERALCO KURYENTE LOAD or KLOAD, the first prepaid electricity service in the Philippines is now available in Manila and in some portions of Rizal, Pasig, San Juan, Cavite, Caloocan and Bulacan. It is the new convenient and more practical way to pay the electricity bill and it also aims to teach us the value of energy conservation and proper budgeting or more specially my tenant. Knowing that Meralco, as the Philippine’s biggest electricity Distribution Company; I believe that it’s better for me to have this service than the regular type where tenant can leave with unpaid bills. It would definitely be less hassle and less worries for me. My tenant can reload anytime and anywhere

MERALCO is committed to their promise of coming-out with innovative ideas that will provide more convenience to all their customers and most especially the Filipino households.  With this promise, I can now have a peace of mind that there will be no unpaid bills left behind by tenants. I now found a new and more practical alternative to my new tenants with regards on how to monitor their electricity bill consumption. They don’t need to rely on Meralco people to read and interpret their electricity consumption anymore. They can actually do it by themselves and with greater transparency too. Don’t be confused, The KLOAD prepaid electricity system is not meant to replace nor compete with the existing subscription and payment system of MERALCO, it is an alternative way of having an electricity connection with the hassle of paying deposit and other things that comes when you apply for the regular installation mode.

The new KLOAD system technically provides more peace of mind for both of us (lessors and tenants).  Tenants are now more secured, worrying about my over-charging for electricity consumption, it is now a thing of the past.  I (Lessors) on the other hand will not worry anymore about tenants leaving and not paying their electricity bills because it’s all prepaid!
I don’t advise this system to big establishments like mall and other resorts and hotels and other industrial corporations who are heavily dependent on a steady use of electricity 24/7.

, I now fully understand what Meralco KLoad features and this are

1.         Subscribers get a FREE Daily Balance Update via SMS.  They also receive RELOAD confirmations and LOW LOAD reminders so there’s no worry of not reloading before your load runs out.
2.         If in case your load runs out before you’re able to reload, MERALCO promises an automatic reconnection within 5 minutes after you reload.  No reconnection fees or visit to the MERALCO office needed!
3.         LOAD anytime and anywhere via Meralco Business Centers, Bayad Centers, and E-Load retailers in Sari-Sari Stores, Generika drugstores, Mini Stop outlets and Robinsons Malls.
4.         LOAD are available in 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1,000 denominations.
5.         No bill deposit, no installation fee and no load expiration date.  You absolutely don’t have to pay anything except for your electricity consumption


Applying for a MERALCO KLOAD Prepaid Electricity is also very easy, watch the video below:

For more information about Meralco KLOAD call 1622-7737

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