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RCC Amazing Touch Offers Effective Treatment Removal for Moles and Warts

If you know me, you will probably remember me as the girl who has a mole on the left side of my nose.

Others are saying that I will be a widow and would have many husbands in my life because my tears will pass by my mole.

For 45 years, I have that trademark but today I’m happy to share to you that my mole no longer exist, it is all because of RCC Amazing Touch

Some people are born with it while other moles appear during childhood and adolescence. Although moles are generally harmless, some moles are cancerous. “If the mole is not symmetrical in shape, if it changes in color, size and shape, if it itches, painful and it bleeds, then the mole can be malignant or cancerous.

Even if the mole is not cancerous, some moles are located in parts of the body can draw attention and can affect the person’s self-esteem.Some clients who visited RCC Amazing Touch clinics have moles on their eyelids or near the eyes, tips of their nose, and lips; the location of the moles can affect the confidence since it can draw attention, just like my  case.

Even though how much you don’t want to stare at their moles, it is quite a challenge since they are located on the face. You don’t want to be rude, pero ang hirap iwasan ng tingin, and eventually you will hear remarks.

Removal of moles

For those who have moles or warts or any skin growth, I’m sharing you some good news
Great news! Enjoy up to 30% discounts in the treatment removal of moles, warts, milia, xanthelasma, skin tags, genital warts and other skin outgrowths. Simply follow these 4 easy steps to avail of the discount.
1.         Use this discount code.

2.         Email us at your full name, email address, mobile number, and the code. Indicate in your email the location of the branch where you want to get your treatment. Also indicate the skin condition e.g. moles, warts, etc.

3.         You will receive an email confirmation.

4.         Print the email confirmation and present it to the clinic to avail of the discount.
A client can use the discount code multiple times, but on different treatment dates; one discount code per treatment. The discount code couldn’t be combined with other RCC promos and discounts. The discount code can be used from September 1 until Sept. 30, 2015. 

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