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How to make you shopping easier at Divisoria

Since it’s just a few days before Christmas day and I know that everyone would be busy buying gifts from their loves and would prefer to go Divisoria to buy what they need.

Here are some tips that I hope would help you to have a more convenient shopping spree day at the famous Divisoria.

Tip #1
Do come early to be able to go around more in the area. It is wise to start early so that you could have ample time to go from one building to another.

Tip #2
When it comes to how you should go to Divisoria, here are some options

1. You can ride the PNR, there are several stations that you can choose from; all the way to Alabang, the fare would range from 10 up depends on how far you are.

2. If you are coming from Recto. Make sure to be ready to walk from Magsaysay Street going to Abad Santos. Please wear comfortable shoes. And use the road at the back of C.M. Recto.Pass through Lucky China Town.  It would lead you straight to the back of 999 (where there’s an entrance) and 888 and 666 and Juan Luna where you can buy lots of shirts.

3. From Abad Santos, there are lots of kuliglig or tricycle, Please avoid riding on them unless you are pretty sure of the price, you hear that it’s 20 per head but upon arriving at your destination, they would say it 220 and you just did not hear the 200 pesos because they said it a very soft voice

Tip # 3
Please don’t bring any gadgets or don’t even wear silver earrings, this would attract some Pitas gang and pick pocket gang. And don’t bring your children; if you need something for them, bring a sample shoes or dress that you could use to compare on.

Tip # 4
Bring Water, don’t rely on the store because they would definite charge you more and there would be lot of customer, mabuti Na ang girlscout

Tip #5
Bring your own big shopping bag where you put all your items; there is lot of sails gang in the house. 


For toys: there's a building near the place where Divisoria Mall was once located, there are lot of stores at the 2nd floor  where you can choose and the prices are affordable. Look for Adings Toys and Flowers at Sta. Elena St.

For polo shirt and T-shirt, Juan luna is the place to be

For hair accessories, there's a store along Antonio Rivera St, where you can buy by the dozen and it would be more affordable, there are lot of cute hair pins and accessories plus many many more

There's also a store along Antonio Rivera Street , where you can buy umbrellas of all sizes , they are good Christmas gifts as well

If you think you need more time to shop, there's Orion Hotel where you can stay overnight and finish all your shopping, less hassle to go back and forth

If you are looking for short , undershirt, do go to Baclaran because that is where you can buy by the dozen, the area is near the Baclaran station.

Divisoria has a lot to offer but this also the time of year where we need to be extra careful. We don’t want our hard earn money to go waste and leave us crying

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