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Travel Tips: How to Commute Coming From Espana

Hi commuter  friends,

My daughter yesterday called and she was asking about directions on how she can commute going to Solaire.  She was at  UST at that moment.

And because of that incident, I want to share to you some commuters tips on how to commute if you are along Espana and trying to get out from that area.

If you are heading north; that is going to  EDSA, 

·         You can can take a bus or jeep with sign board of Fairview, it will pass Welcome Rotonda and then it will take the route of Quezon Ave that will pass EDSA.
·         With the same jeep , you can stop at Welcome Rotonda and you can transfer a jeep going to Cubao from that point ( there is a KFC in the corner)
·         With the same jeep, you can also stop at Fisher Mall where in you can transfer to a jeep with sign board of Proj 2-3, this jeep will take you to Timog and Tomas Morato, Kamuning , and all the way to Anonas (Aurora Blvd.)

·         You can also take an Fx or a Bus, this is advisable if you are heading straight to Fairview

If you are heading South;

There are jeep and  Fx you can choose from

·         If you are going to Solair or near that area, there is a Fx that would pass Espana

·         You can also take a jeep going to Manila City Hall, it will pass through Postal Office, where in an Fx with a Sign board of Sucat is located. You can transfer to it and it will  travel via Roxas Blvd.

·         From Manila City Hall, you can choose different jeepney that would take you to Baclaran via Taft or Mabini .

·         Other options would be to take a jeep going to Tayuman, where in an LRT is located and can take you to Baclaran or Monumento

·         You can also try the pedicab going to Legarda so that you can take the LRT going to Cubao all the way to Santolan

Well , that’s it for today

Hope I was able to help you commute, be practical and save in your transportation expenses

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