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Father and Son Bonding : Mister Donut newest TVC

I attended a presscon yesterday and it was about a super dad. What’s so touching about the whole presscon was when each of the cast of the teleserye was asked why their dads are super dads. As each one of them answered, I could not help but ended up teary eye with as each one of them share their memories with their dad.
I then concluded that there is no exception when it comes with our love to our dad, whether you are a celebrity, a politician, a high ranking official; father and child bonding is memory that we cannot forget. There is so much warmth and full of emotions when our dad is the topic

And speaking of father and son, a real-life father and son tandem on-screen creates a familial nostalgia is now the newest TVC of Mister Donut

Mister Donut highlights fatherly bonding moment in their newest TVC.

It’s been a long time since Mister Donut centered on very familial moments using real people in their ad campaign, and their newest TVC did just that.  Watching it creates a warm invitation to bond with the ones we are closest to and most familiar with. 

The nostalgia in all of us kicks in when we find the very relatable “Papa” excited to bring his Mister Donut “pasalubong” to his real-life “Bunso” that includes the all-time bestseller Classic Bavarian Donut. When we see that Bunso was almost about to put aside the treat he just got, we automatically and silently celebrated when we realized that Bunso actually took the time to enjoy what his Papa got him, and the child in him is instantly awakened.
These fatherly bonding moments remind us of what it feels like to be a child again. Those instances when you get to celebrate the seemingly trivial things with your parent, like sharing a simple snack together after a grueling long exam, are really the ones that matter the most.

Mister Donut describes these moments as “punong-puno ng fillings”, just like the brand’s bestseller, the Bavarian Donut that now has 24% more filling, and their newest additions to their variety of products; the Filled Twist and XL Rolls. These give us more reasons to cherish the togetherness with a loved one while enjoying either a sweet or a savory treat.
The Bavarian Donuts with 24% more filling, Filled Twist and XL Rolls are now available at the nearest Mister Donut shop. Grab these good stuffs and enjoy them with your son, parent or siblings for moments “na puno ng fillings.”

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