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Marian Rivera Dantes and Baby Zia for the Johnson’s Milk + Oats

Marian Rivera Dantes and Baby Zia were unveiled as the new ambassadors for the  Johnson’s Milk  + Oats during the  Supermoms Transformation event that was held at the Market Market Activity center

During the launch event, Marian together with the guests, undertook the Supermoms Transformation, a Z shaped activity area designed to help them go from being a regular mom to being a Supermom. The first phase of the guest Supermom transformation informed them of the hazards posed by squeaky dry skin caused by using family bar soap, visualized by the rapid drop of moisture through the healthy sin meter with soap being cast aside afterwards.

 Next they were introduced to the super powers of milk and oats-two potent ingredients specifically formulated to restore soap damaged ski to its healthy moisturized state. Demonstrated through a fun, ingredient catching game, the healthy skin meter immediately filled up by the power of Milk + Oats.

Finally bedecked with several items ( armband, glove and cape) collected from the previous area, the last phase of the Supermoms transformation sees guests become Supermom transformed by the knowledge of harmful soap experience and the restorative power of Milk + Oats. After completing her own transformation into a Super mom. Marian congratulated all the moms for their super transformation and related her eye opening experience in the world of motherhood

The Supermom’s Transformation journey was made more super with milkshakes refreshments, oatmeal cookies and even a complete bath time set of  Johnson’s Milk + Oats that were given to the attendees to complete their  experience to a healthy and nourished skin transformation

Johnson’s Milk  + Oat baby bath and baby lotion are now available nationwide in leading supermarket, drug stores, and department stores nationwide for P 100.75 and 168.25 for 200ml respectively.

Marian and Johnson believes our babies deserved only the best kind  of care, which is why she and baby Zia are now the faces of Johnson’s Milk + Oat baby bath and lotion  to help mothers , first time or not become the Supermoms their babies deserved

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