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Cheers to life. Cheers to everyday

Today, my 3rd daughter graduated with a Degree on Diplomatic Affairs from  College of Saint Benilde La Salle. The event was held at the PICC Convention Center. After the graduation rites, I hug her and  took a photo for souvenir .

Now I am here sitting in the living room, staring at the ceiling and couldn’t  thank enough the Lord for whatever happen to my life.
Life is not easy
But it if i had to go through it again
I would never change a single thing

For it made me the strong woman I am today

It was thirteen years ago when my marriage collapse, I was financially drain and no work, on top of that plus the bank is sequestering my home. It was a domes day, but as they say, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel just as long as your faith is strong.

With all what’s happening to my life,  I was able to get up and stand and the secret behind all of this are my children. Whenever I feel that I was about to give up, I  just look at my children and I find the strength to go on. Whenever I feel that I was tired, I look at my children and I feel refresh. They are my wing, so that I could soar up high and face all the challenges and have the courage to face the day.

Having five kids is not an easy task but I would not trade it even if it means working 8 to 5 in the corporate world and doing another trade in the evening, sleeping at 1 am and waking up at 5 am because the kids are going to school

After all what happen, I could say cheers to life because now everything has been settled. Cheer to everyday because now I see the fruits of what we had gone through.

Every moment I spent with my children are memories that are unforgettable, to see them who they are now was a precious momento that would be engrave forever in my heart

I am now smiling remembering the days when I need to prepare for their recital.  A one woman show where you need to organize everything; the venue, the photographer; videographer, flyers, souvenir programs and the food refreshment.

Speaking of food, it was a good thing that I always rely on trusted brand of tissue paper and other disposable products . I have cheers to help during this event,  from plastic utensil  to table napkins to wipe up some food in the mouth; to jumbo kitchen towels to clean up the dirt in the table, the trash bag for the clean up after the event. For 8 years;  they are with me in every event.


As of now, I am happy to update my life
1st daughter: UST: Bachelor in Architecture
2nd daughter : UST : Bachelor in Music ( cum laude)
3rd daughter: La Salle St. Benilde : Diplomatic Affairs
4th daughter: UP : 3rd year , Major in Dance ( College of Music) University Scholar
5th child : ATENEO de Manila : Grade 10

Never thought that I could see this day and say, we have survive

Every smile, every dance, every song, every moment that we could be together was a cherish moment. So, cheers to life, cheers to everyday that you could still have a moment with our children



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