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How do you Prepare your Future

Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut graced Sunlife’s Live Brighter Session last May 24, 2017 at A Space Makati. Aspiring financial advisors and bloggers were present to meet and greet him and to learn as well from his inspiring story about his winning moments in life.
What really caught my attention were his details about preparations. He won not because he is smart but because he prepared for the audition.

Here's a video of the talk

Preparation plays a big part in every one’s life. Everything we do starts with preparation.  If we want something, we need to prepare for it now because what we do today will be the result of what we will be in 5 to 10 years in the future.

As a mom, I was blessed to have five wonderful kids who are excellent on their chosen field.  It would not have happen if I was not able to prepare them back then. They practice after school hours and it started during their kindergarten years. Just like Jonathan’s mom, I am a tiger mom myself. There are times that I doubt my decision because I felt that my kids were deprived of their youth. They are not allowed to go out and they do rehearsals till Sunday.  But seeing them now and on what they accomplish, I like to say that I have prepared them well for their future.

But it does not stop there, I still have a another preparation to make; and that is my peace of mind

My peace of mind is knowing that when something happens to me or to them unexpectedly; we are prepared.  My gift to my children when they graduate is a startup budget for them to get their own financial investment

I want them to have a brighter future ahead of them and its starts now.
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