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Singaporean Math: Do it the S.A.M Way

Let me tell you something about myself. I am a mom who believes that I have the answer for all my children’s need. Yup, I am not joking; I research far and wide as they say so that I could give the best to my children but then again ; we have our short comings as well
Hahahahha, I know that I have limitations especially when it comes to tutoring my kids. The education of today’s generation is so far different of what I am use too; not to mentions that subjects that they have.

For example, Math; just the word Math makes me sweat.

I just to share to you this scenario when my son came home from his first day in school. EJ was grade 6 then and he is studying in ATENEO.  He told me that they will now study Singaporean Math.

What is Singaporean Math, I had a hard time with Math alone and now here comes Singaporean Math

To cut the story short, I search for a tutorial center that could give lessons about Singaporean Math. We did find one, but it was not equip with the proper curriculum that I seek.

My son is now in Grade 11, we did manage to pass the subject but not with flying colors. I know that parents like me are looking as well for the perfect tutorial center for their children for this Singaporean Math.

I was able to meet the people behind S.A.M

S.A.M.’s Beginnings in Singapore

The people behind S.A.M are educators from the National Institute of Education in Singapore, led by Samuel Chia and Lau Chin Loong, not to mention a support team of Marshall Cavendish consultants. S.A.M. or Seriously Addictive Mathematics is an international Singapore Math enrichment program with over 100 centers in 16 countries around the world including USA, Australia and Canada. According to the TIMSS (Trends in International Math & Science Study) survey, Singapore Math has been recognized as one of the most successful national programs in the world since 1995. The S.A.M program follows the Singapore Math Curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education and can either be a stand-alone or supplementary math program suitable for children aged 4-12 years old. What makes the SAM approach different from the other Singapore math programs in Philippines is that it is the only international Singapore Math program from Singapore. Here in the Philippines, it was Enrich Asia which introduced S.A.M. to Filipino families. Enrich Asia is composed of professionals who actively scour the global education arena for new innovative approaches to engaging children and inspiring them to learn.

Marikina Branch

The Holistic Math Approach of S.A.M.

The S.A.M Approach to Mathematics combines the benefits of personalized coaching, which happens in the classroom in the company of other children with self-learning and self-discovery, which happens when work, is taken home. The S.A.M Approach is designed to introduce new concepts in incremental yet sure steps to make learning easier. I'd say more of "slow and steady wins the race" concepts. During class, the trainers of S.A.M. introduce and explain the concepts and the lesson objective. The child then reinforces and applies this knowledge on his own at home through daily worksheets planned and prepared by SAM. Corrections or clarifications, if any, are done during the session the following week. You can say holistic now!

More than just rote learning, drill and practice; SAM aims to develop math skills going into the 21st century. No old school (literally) mathematics here, boys! These skills revolve around heuristics (hands-on learning), logical reasoning, metacognitive (yes, that word exists, look it up!) understanding, modeling techniques and situational word problems. Rather than focusing on rote learning, quick fixes and maverick methods, the S.A.M program builds on kids’ foundation in Mathematics so that they can learn self-reliantly in their later years in school. The once a week teachings provided by S.A.M. is a well-thought of process that guides yet steers a child towards learning math independently yet effectively. S.A.M. programs start children with an assessment, so they start at a comfortable point. Here, both their strengths and weaknesses are identified so the mentors will know which to polish or focus on. There are also no memorizations involved in teaching kids how to answer math problems, ensuring that understanding is the essence of every learning objective. And because what they learn are the concepts, the greater benefit is that the skills taught through S.A.M. stays with a person well into adulthood, where math ceases to be just a subject, and already a way of life. That's how they do it. Analytical minds like math and an analytical mind must understand what it analyzes.

For free trial call please call the nearest S.A.M Branch:

San Juan – 0905 4476924 / 218 1118

Marikina – 0917 6563115 / 0932 8763115 / 209 7265

West Ave. QC – 0917 8933104 / 622 8234

Binangonan – 0998 5326357 / 0998 8663606 / 546 3448

Angeles City – 0926 3371571

Lipa – 0909 2705464 / 0997 1272094 / (043) 703 2304

Tanauan – 0955 1640525 / (043) 7069843

Rosario, Batangas – 0955 1640504 / (043) 706 9853/

Cebu – 0977 8137326 / (032) 415 1803

Davao – 0905 4671190 / (082) 284 4934

Macasandig, CDO – 0917 3034902

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